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ESP Eclipse is an electric guitar model distributed by ESP. There are many different variations of the Eclipse, including the Eclipse-I, Eclipse-I CTM, Eclipse-I CTM (full thickness), Eclipse-II, (USA)Eclipse-II, and Eclipse Custom. ESP also makes several models under its LTD brand that are based on the Eclipse. These include the EC-1000, EC-401, EC-330, EC-256, EC-200, EC-100, EC-50, and EC-10. The Eclipse is a solid body, single cutaway, 24.75 inch scale guitar similar in shape to a Gibson Les Paul although the body of the Eclipse is significantly thinner and lighter. Common features are Mahogany body, set neck, 24.75" scale, EMG pickups (typically the EMG 81/60 combo), 3-way toggle, TonePros locking bridge and tailpiece, and locking tuners. Some models come equipped with Seymour Duncan pickups and there are a variety of finishes. Some of the lower level LTD EC models have different hardware. The EC-200, EC-100, and EC-50 have a different body contour. And the EC-100, EC-50, and EC-10 have bolt-on necks. The (USA)Eclipse-II (just called the Eclipse-II in the US), Eclipse Custom, and the LTD EC line all feature two volume, one tone control, and a wider cutaway with a shorter lower horn. The Eclipse-I and Eclipse-II (outside US) features two tone and two volume controls, and a longer "Les Paul style" horn. There is also a full-thickness version of the Eclipse-I which has a body width of 55mm. In the United States only the Eclipse-II and Eclipse Custom along with the LTD EC line are available. The first Eclipses produced were actually made in a Telecaster shape with an arched top.[1] They were discontinued sometimes in the late 80's, then reintroduced in 1995 in their modern-day Les Paul shape. The shape was once again changed in the North American market due to a lawsuit made by Gibson Guitars, and now have a wider cutaway and only 3 knobs: 1 bridge pickup volume knob, 1 neck pickup volume knob, and 1 tone control knob. This model is also available in the Asian market, being called the ESP MA. References[edit]

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