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Duas Caras
Duas Caras
(English: Two Faces)[1] is a Brazilian telenovela produced and broadcast by Rede Globo
Rede Globo
from 1 October 2007 to 31 May 2008, replacing Paraíso Tropical
Paraíso Tropical
and followed by A Favorita. It is created by Aguinaldo Silva and directed by Wolf Maya. Starring Dalton Vigh, Marjorie Estiano, Alinne Moraes, Débora Falabella, Lázaro Ramos, Letícia Spiller, Betty Faria, Flávia Alessandra, Renata Sorrah, Suzana Vieira, and Antônio Fagundes.[2][3][4][5] It is the first telenovelas to be produced on High-definition by Rede Globo at the 8 pm timeslot. The telenovela spans through Maria Paula's revenge against Marconi Ferraço, her ex-husband that robbed her of all her inheritance.


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Premise[edit] In the past, as Adalberto Rangel, he met and seduced Maria Paula. With a calculated coldheart, he married her, stole her fortune, then abandoned her, unaware she was pregnant at the time. Ten years later, accompanied by her son Renato, Maria Paula plots to recover her dignity and to find justice by getting revenge against the indignities done to her. Plot[edit] Adalberto Rangel, born Juvenaldo, lived with his poor father and siblings in a favela. Having no way to sustain the family, his father sold him (a boy) to Hermógenes Rangel, a thief. Some time later, Adalberto decides to make his own fortune without depending on his mentor. He steals all of Hermógenes' money, and flees. During the escape, a serious car accident occurs, killing a couple. While searching the dead couple's car, Adalberto discovers a suitcase containing money, pictures and personal effects of their daughter. He proceeds to the fictitious city of Passaredo (adapted from São Bento do Sul, Santa Catarina) to meet the orphaned Maria Paula. Adalberto lies to Maria, telling her that he was asked by her parents to care for her. The heiress's friends try to alert her, but she won't listen. Adalberto asks Maria Paula to marry him. She is swept off her feet by the con man. Not long after the wedding, Adalberto disappears.[6] He leaves Maria absolutely nothing. Adalberto changes his entire life, including his name, home (in Rio de Janeiro) and lifestyle. He even has plastic surgery to change his face. The only person he shares his secret with is Bárbara Carreira – a prostitute to whom he lost his virginity. Adalberto, or Dr. Marconi Ferraço, makes his name as a respectable construction entrepreneur.[7][8] Some years later, Maria Paula relocates in Rio de Janeiro. She sees a news report about Ferraço, and recognizes him as her husband. She starts to track him down. With a new identity and a lot of money in his pocket, Ferraço decides to conquer the beautiful Sílvia. She falls in love with the man she knows as Ferraço and accepts his offer of marriage. Maria Paula gatecrashes the engagement party and makes a big scene. Silvia remains engaged to him, and he becomes her first great love. Sílvia and Maria Paula both vie for Marconi Ferraço's attention. It remains unknown whether Maria Paula is interested in love or in revenge. Sílvia is slowly revealed as a psychopath, willing to go to extremes to stay with Ferraço.[9] Branca, Silvia's mother, discovers on the day following her husband João Pedro's death that he had an extra-marital affair for over twenty years with Célia Mara. Branca assumes her husband's place as the president of the Universidade Pessoa de Moraes. She transforms it in an institution of excellence. Branca's brother is Paulo Barreto (Barretão), a human rights activist. He is married to Gioconda, a great lady of the carioca society, who is a snob and a gossip. The two are parents of Júlia, a very intelligent and active girl, who fell in love with Evilásio Caó, a black man from the Portelinha favela. Thus, race and class prejudices were revealed in the family. Portelinha was created from the determination of Juvenal Antena, born leader, smart and compassionate. Juvenal was the head of a builders' union, the GPN, who brought workers from the Northeast. The workers were told that they would receive their fees from the failed company. When the claim proved to be false, they rioted at the injustice. Juvenal resigned his position and joined the workers in their fight. He dreamt of joining those families without a home and creating a community. Though his dream was a big stretch of the imagination, Juvenal met with other demonstrators respected by the group: the Lady Setembrina, the evangelical shepherd Inácio Lisboa, the carpenter Misael Caó, the father of Evilásio and a van owner Geraldo Peixeiro. With the help of Narciso Tellerman, the secretary of State of Social Service and the future deputy, Juvenal organized an invasion of the land owned by the GPN. Fired up by Juvenal's gift for words, they took over the land they wanted. There, the community of their dreams grew: the favela of Portelinha, where there are neither drugs nor violence, and a place where people will never be without. Marconi Ferraço bought the land of GPN, and he enters into a judicial and moral battle against Juvenal Antena. In the last few episodes, an alliance between Ferraco and Juvenal begins. Ferraco aids Juvenal in his suit against his godson. Juvenal's opinion of Ferraco changes.[10] He advises Maria Paula to marry Ferraco to recover her money, and for the sake of her and Ferraco's son Renato.[11][12] Renato adores his father, and knows nothing of his dark past.[13] Hoping to separate Ferraco and Maria Paula, Silvia sends an article concerning Ferraco's fraud to Renato. She starts to lose her mind. The boy fight with Ferraço, but soon forgives her father.[14] Silvia escapes the mental hospital where she was locked up and kidnaps Renato. She tries to kill Maria Paula and Ferraco, but Ferraço defends his wife. He is reached in place of Maria Paula and the two are reconciled. Silvia escapes without killing anyone, and while she is fleeing she is hit by a car driven by a handsome millionaire. He takes her to live in Paris with him. She contacts her accomplice, Joao Batista, who goes to Paris to work as her driver. Ferraco confesses his crimes as part of the prenuptial agreement he signs in order to get Maria Paula to marry him again, and he goes to jail for two years. He tells Maria Paula that the only thing he hopes in exchange for his change of heart is to have her and their son waiting for him when he gets out of jail.[15] Two years later, he gets out and finds that Maria Paula stole all his money and went away with Renato. While he is sitting on a beach, asking himself why would she do that to him after all the proofs he gave of his love for her, he receives a phone call from Maria Paula. She asks him what it feels like to be betrayed. He answers that he never would have believed it of her. She interrupts him and tells him where his plane ticket is, because she is waiting for him with his son.[16] Ferraco arrives on a beautiful island, and finds Renato walking on the beach. He runs up to him and hugs him. Then, he sees Maria Paula, and asks her what the status is of their relationship. She tells him to stop wasting time and kiss her. Ferraco smiles and kisses her passionately.[17] Cast[edit]

Marjorie Estiano
Marjorie Estiano
- Maria Paula Fonseca do Nascimento Ferreira Dalton Vigh
Dalton Vigh
- Marconi Ferraço (Adalberto Rangel / Juvenaldo Ferreira) Alinne Moraes - Maria Sílvia Barreto Pessoa de Moraes Main Villain Antônio Fagundes
Antônio Fagundes
- Juvenal Antena (Juvenal Ferreira dos Santos) Susana Vieira
Susana Vieira
- Branca Maria Barreto Pessoa de Moraes José Wilker
José Wilker
- Francisco Macieira Renata Sorrah
Renata Sorrah
- Célia Mara de Andrade Couto Melgaço Lázaro Ramos
Lázaro Ramos
- Evilásio Caó dos Santos Débora Falabella
Débora Falabella
- Júlia de Queiroz Barreto Caó dos Santos Marília Pêra
Marília Pêra
- Gioconda de Queiroz Barreto Stênio Garcia
Stênio Garcia
- Barretão (Paulo de Queiroz Barreto) Flávia Alessandra
Flávia Alessandra
- Alzira de Andrade Correia Betty Faria
Betty Faria
- Bárbara Carreira Marília Gabriela
Marília Gabriela
- Guigui (Margarida McKenzie Salles Prado) Caco Ciocler
Caco Ciocler
- Claudius Maciel Marcos Winter
Marcos Winter
- Mr. Narciso Tellerman Letícia Spiller
Letícia Spiller
- Maria Eva Monteiro Duarte Oscar Magrini - Gabriel Duarte Juliana Knust
Juliana Knust
- Débora Vieira Melgaço Otávio Augusto - Antônio José Melgaço Sheron Menezes - Solange Couto Ferreira dos Santos Maciel Thiago Mendonça - Bernardinho (Bernardo da Conceição Júnior) Leona Cavalli
Leona Cavalli
- Dália Mendes Alexandre Slaviero - Heraldo Carreira Júlia Almeida - Fernanda Carreira da Conceição Armando Babaioff - Benoliel da Conceição Júlio Rocha
Júlio Rocha
- JB (João Batista da Conceição) Nuno Leal Maia - Bernardo da Conceição Mara Manzan - Amara Rodrigo Hilbert
Rodrigo Hilbert
- Ronildo (Guilherme McKenzie Salles Prado) Bárbara Borges - Clarissa de Andrade Couto Melgaço Guilherme Gorski - Duda (Eduardo Monteiro, son of sister of Maria Eva) Juliana Alves
Juliana Alves
- Gislaine Caó dos Santos Ângelo Antônio
Ângelo Antônio
- Dorgival Correia Paulo Goulart - Heriberto Gonçalves Viviane Victorette - Nadir Ivan de Almeida - Misael Carpinteiro (Misael Caó dos Santos) Wolf Maya - Geraldo Peixeiro Eri Johnson - Zé da Feira (José Carlos Caó dos Santos) Flávio Bauraqui - Ezequiel Caó dos Santos Susana Ribeiro - Edivânia Mariana Ribeiro - Vilma Wilson de Santos - Jojô (Josélio) Dudu Azevedo - Barretinho (Paulo de Queiroz Barreto Filho) Cris Vianna - Sabrina Soares da Costa de Queiroz Barreto Adriana Alves - Condessa de Finzi-Contini (Morena) Débora Nascimento - Andréia Bijou Marcela Barrozo
Marcela Barrozo
- Ramona Monteiro Duarte Diogo Almeida - Rudolf Stenzel Sérgio Vieira - Petrus Monteiro Duarte Natasha Stransky - Bijouzinha (sister of Andréia Bijou) Guida Viana - Lenir (Elenir) Guilherme Duarte - Zidane Alexandre Liuzzi - Dagmar Adriano Dória - Marcha Lenta Antônio Firmino - Apolo Lugui Palhares - Carlão (big Carlos) (Carlos Augusto Palhares) Marilice Cosenza - Socorro Laura Proença - Vesga (Salete Costa) Luciana Pacheco - Denise Cristina Galvão - Lucimar Josie Antello - Amélia Caó dos Santos Thaís de Campos - Claudine Bel-Lac Fafy Siqueira - Madame Amora Jackson Costa - Waterloo de Sousa Débora Olivieri - Adelaide Roberto Lopes - Gilmar Paulo Serra - Ignácio Güevara Sylvia Massari - Graça Lagoa Gottsha - Eunice / Diva (Wife of Jojô) Raquel Fiuna - Victória (Dóris) Luciana Barbosa - Priscila Adriano Garib
Adriano Garib
- Silvano Humberto Guerra - Feliz Tina Kara - Lavínia Gilberto Miranda - Divaldo Teca Pereira - Nanã Prazeres Barbosa - Shirley Isabela Lobato - Heloísa Munir Kanaan - Mosquito Raphael Rodrigues - Brucely Gisele Werneck - Aurora Bia Mussi - Janete (Secretary of Ferraço) Beto Quirino - Mestre Leandro Lamas - Atchim Marcos Holanda - Dunga César Amorim - Soneca Sérgio Monte - Dengoso André Luiz Lima - Zangado Zé Luiz Perez - Zé da Preguiça Edmo Luís - Gavião Sereno Eduardo Lara - Frango Veloz (office-boy of Ferraço's company) Leandro Ribeiro - Osvaldo (Branca's driver) Hugo Resende - Matheus Cristiane Machado - Maria Helena Tathiane Manzan - Ruth Raphael Martinez - Elvis Simone Debet - Nelly Miguel Andrade - Rui Ronna Dias - Ednéia Álvaro Abrão - Henrique Branca Feres - Luli Bianca Feres - Lucinha Babú Santana
Babú Santana
- Montanha Felippe Sanches - Bené Mariana Xavier - Verinha Aline Pyrrho - Dancer of "uisqueria" (bar of jojô) Bruna Guerin - Dancer of "uisqueria" (bar of jojô) Jaqueline Farias - Dancer of "uisqueria" (bar of jojô) Flávia Santana - Dancer of "uisqueria" (bar of jojô) André Pellegrino - Student from UPM (University Pessoa de Moraes) Carla Zanetti - Student from UPM (University Pessoa de Moraes) Átila Veiga - Student from UPM (University Pessoa de Moraes) Júlia Stockler - Student from UPM (University Pessoa de Moraes) Derlan Rodrigues - Student from UPM (University Pessoa de Moraes) Sofia Portto - Student from UPM (University Pessoa de Moraes) Mauricio Cunha - Porter Gabriel Sequeira - Renato Fonseca do Nascimento "Rangel" Ferreira Luana Dandara - Manuela de Andrade Correia Lucas Barros - Dorginho (Dorgival Correia Júnior) Tarcísio Meira
Tarcísio Meira
- Hermógenes Rangel Alexandre Piccini - Rodrigo Laura Cardoso
Laura Cardoso
- Alice de Souza (Ferraço's mother) Herson Capri - João Pedro Pessoa de Moraes (Joca) Fúlvio Stefanini - Waldemar do Nascimento Bia Seidl
Bia Seidl
- Gabriela Fonseca do Nascimento Vanessa Giácomo
Vanessa Giácomo
- Luciana Alves Negroponte Totia Meireles - Jandira Alves Eriberto Leão
Eriberto Leão
- Ítalo Negroponte Chica Xavier
Chica Xavier
- Mãe Bina (Mother Bina) (Setembrina Caó dos Santos) Ricardo Blat - Inácio Lisboa Paola Crosara - Rebeca Lisboa Werner Schünemann
Werner Schünemann
- Humberto Silveira Vera Fischer - Dolores Rogéria - Astolfo Juan Alba - Delegate Raposo Neto Ilva Niño - Risoleta Luíza Brunet
Luíza Brunet
- Herself Martinho da Vila - Himself Tony Ramos
Tony Ramos
- Himself Lidiane Barbosa - Herself Juliana Paes
Juliana Paes
- Herself Francisco Cuoco
Francisco Cuoco
- Himself Jean Wyllys
Jean Wyllys
- Himself Sérgio Viotti - Manuel de Andrade Couto Paulo César Pereio - Lobato (José Gregório dos Santos Lobato) Carlos Vereza
Carlos Vereza
- Helmut Erdmann Ida Gomes - Dona Frida (Mrs. Frida) (Mother of the wife of Helmut) Betty Lago - Soraya Matheus Costa - Leone Alves Negroponte Ana Karolina Lannes - Sofia Alves Negroponte Carol Holanda - Bárbara (Young) Bernardo Mesquita - Adalberto (Young) Everaldo Pontes - Gilvan Ferreira (Ferraço's father) Victor Pecoraro - Marcello Rafaela Victor - Míriam Lisboa Javier Gomez - Dr. Hidalgo Carlos Machado - Siqueira Gláucio Gomes - Mariozinho Pedreira Wendell Bendelack - João Fuleiro Selma Egrei - Buyer of the house of Maria Paula Bruna Brignol - Nurse Adalberto Paulo Vespúcio - Employee of Lobato Harley Vas - "Magrinho" Kelly Jabour - Architect Lady Francisco - Odete Elizabeth Gasper - Beatriz Monique Lafond - Celinha Jackson Antunes - Minister of Education Hada Luz - Friend of Clarissa Larissa Machado - Friend of Clarissa Luciana Pontes - Friend of Clarissa Cláudia Borioni - Mother of Débora Alexandre da Costa - Mysterious Man Taiguara Nazareth - Miguel da Silva dos Anjos Maurício Gonçalves - Lima Barreto Pietro Mário - Fernando Pereira Salles Prado Lionel Fischer - Mr. Arnaldo Denis Derkian - Carvalho Delano Avelar - Police Airport Leandro Luiz Thassi - Medical Angelo Antonio - Dorgival Chico Tenreiro - Customer

Soundtrack[edit] Soundtrack With Brazilian Songs[edit] The album containing the Portuguese songs that are part of the soundtrack:

Tá Perdoado - Maria Rita
Maria Rita
( Music theme of Maria Eva) Trabalhador - Seu Jorge
Seu Jorge
(Music theme of Juvenal Antena) Delírio dos Mortais - Djavan
(Music theme: City of Rio de Janeiro) Oração ao Tempo - Caetano Veloso
Caetano Veloso
( Music theme of Maria Paula) E Vamos á Luta - Gonzaguinha
(Opening) Canto de Oxum - Maria Bethânia
Maria Bethânia
(Music theme of Setembrina) Ela Une Todas as Coisas - Jorge Vercilo (Track general Romantic) Geraldinos e Arquibaldos - Chicas (Music theme of Bernardinho) Negro Gato - MC Leozinho (Music theme of Evilásio) Be Myself
Be Myself
- Charlie Brown Jr.
Charlie Brown Jr.
(Music theme of Marconi Ferraço) Ternura - Isabella Taviani (Music theme of Célia Mara) Toda Vez que Eu Digo Adeus - Cássia Eller
Cássia Eller
( Music theme of Sílvia) Você não Entende Nada - Celso Fonseca (Music theme of Dália, Bernardinho and Heraldo) Folhetim - Luiza Possi
Luiza Possi
(Music theme of Alzira) Coisas que Eu Sei - Danni Carlos (Music theme of Júlia) Quem Toma Conta de Mim - Paula Toller Recomeçar - Aline Barros
Aline Barros
(the core issue of Evangelicals) Call Me (Instrumental) - Victor Pozas (Music theme of Branca) The Look of Love (Instrumental) (from Casino Royale) - Victor Pozas (Music theme of Gioconda) Amores Cruzados - Ksis
(Music theme of Débora)

International songs[edit] The album containing the English songs that are part of the soundtrack:[18]

No One - Alicia Keys Let Me Out - Ben's Brother (Music theme of Benoliel) Same Mistake
Same Mistake
- James Blunt
James Blunt
( Music theme of Maria Paula and Ferraço) Scared - Tiago Lorc (Music theme of Sílvia and Ferraço) Lost Without You - Robin Thicke (Music theme of Sílvia) Kiss Kiss - Chris Brown feat. T-Pain
( Music theme of Zidane e Gyslaine) So Much for You
So Much for You
- Ashley Tisdale
Ashley Tisdale
(Music theme of Alzira) Gimme More
Gimme More
- Britney Spears
Britney Spears
(Music theme of Texas Bar) 2 Hearts - Kylie Minogue
Kylie Minogue
(Music theme of Débora) How Deep Is Your Love - The Bird and the Bee
The Bird and the Bee
(Music theme of Dália, Bernadinho e Heraldo) You Are So Beautiful - Ivo Pessoa (Music theme of Júlia and Evilásio) I'm All Right - Madeleine Peyroux
Madeleine Peyroux
(Music theme of Branca and Macieira) The Look of Love (From Casino Royale) - Diana Krall
Diana Krall
( Music theme of Célia Mara) Yesterday - Liverpool Kids (Music theme of Gioconda) All She Wants (O Xote das Meninas) - Marina Elali
Marina Elali
( Music theme of Solange and Claudius) You my Love - Double You ( Music theme of Clarissa and Duda)

Instrumental Music[edit] The album containing the original score written by Victor Pozas and instrumental versions of the soundtrack:

Tema de Maria Paula (Music theme of Maria Paula) - Victor Pozas E Vamos à Luta - Gonzaguinha Tá Perdoado - Arlindo Cruz Tema de Claudius (Music theme of Claudius) - Victor Pozas Coisas que eu Sei - Dudu Falcão O Trem Parte - Victor Pozas Delírio dos Mortais - Djavan Oração ao Tempo - Caetano Veloso A Obra - Victor Pozas Geraldinos e Arquibaldos - Gonzaguinha A Descoberta - Victor Pozas Tema de Hermógenes, Adalberto e Marconi (Music theme of Hermógenes, Adalberto and Marconi) - Victor Pozas Folhetim - Chico Buarque A Espera - Victor Pozas Vida Alegre - Victor Pozas Pot-Pourri: Sambas da Portelinha (Bônus Track) - Victor Pozas

Brazil audience[edit]

Timeslot # Eps. Premiere Finale Rank Season Average viewership

Date Viewers (in points) Date Viewers (in points)

Monday—Saturday 9:15 pm


October 1, 2007


May 31, 2008

— #1 2007-08 41.1[20][21]

See also[edit]

Rede Globo


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Duas Caras
Duas Caras
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Duas Caras
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Ti Ti Ti
(2010) Araguaia (2010) Insensato Coração
Insensato Coração
(2011) Morde & Assopra (2011) Cordel Encantado
Cordel Encantado
(2011) O Astro (2011) Fina Estampa
Fina Estampa
(2011) A Vida da Gente
A Vida da Gente
(2011) Aquele Beijo
Aquele Beijo
(2011) Amor Eterno Amor (2012) Avenida Brasil (2012) Cheias de Charme
Cheias de Charme
(2012) Gabriela (2012) Lado a Lado
Lado a Lado
(2012) Guerra dos Sexos
Guerra dos Sexos
(2012) Salve Jorge
Salve Jorge
(2012) Flor do Caribe
Flor do Caribe
(2013) Sangue Bom
Sangue Bom
(2013) Amor à Vida
Amor à Vida
(2013) Saramandaia (2013) Joia Rara
Joia Rara
(2013) Além do Horizonte
Além do Horizonte
(2013) Em Família (2014) Meu Pedacinho de Chão (2014) Geração Brasil (2014) O Rebu
O Rebu
(2014) Império
(2014) Boogie Oogie
Boogie Oogie
(2014) Alto Astral
Alto Astral
(2014) Sete Vidas
Sete Vidas
(2015) Babilônia (2015) I Love Paraisópolis
I Love Paraisópolis
(2015) Verdades Secretas
Verdades Secretas
(2015) Além do Tempo
Além do Tempo
(2015) A Regra do Jogo
A Regra do Jogo
(2015) Totalmente Demais
Totalmente Demais
(2015) Êta Mundo Bom!
Êta Mundo Bom!
(2016) Velho Chico
Velho Chico
(2016) Liberdade, Liberdade
Liberdade, Liberdade
(2016) Haja Coração
Haja Coração
(2016) Sol Nascente
Sol Nascente
(2016) A Lei do Amor
A Lei do Amor
(2016) Rock Story
Rock Story
(2016) Os Dias Eram Assim
Os Dias Eram Assim
(2017) Novo Mundo (2017) A Força do Querer
A Força do Querer
(2017) Pega Pega
Pega Pega
(2017) Tempo de Amar
Tempo de Amar


O Outro Lado do Paraíso (since 2017) Deus Salve o Rei
Deus Salve o Rei
(since 2018) Orgulho e Paixão
Orgulho e Paixão
(since 2018)