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Diver or divers may refer to:

Diving, the sport of performing acrobatics while jumping or falling into water


Underwater diving

Category:Underwater divers Scuba diving, in which a diver uses a scuba set to breathe underwater Surface-supplied diving, in which a diver uses an umbilical to breathe


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Loons, or divers, a group of aquatic birds found in parts of North America and northern Eurasia One of two New Zealand fish:

New Zealand sand diver Long-finned sand diver


An English spelling of an Irish surname prevalent in Northern County Donegal, Ireland Alfred Diver (1823–1876), English cricketer Bridget Diver (died 1915), watch guard in the American Civil War Colin Diver, president of Reed College in Portland, Oregon, USA Danny Diver (born 1956), former manager of East Stirlingshire Football Club Edwin Diver (1861–1924), English cricketer Joe Diver, Irish Gaelic footballer who plays for Derry Stuart Diver (born 1970), ski instructor, sole survivor of the 1997 Thredbo landslide William Diver (1921–1995), founder of the Columbia School of Linguistics Edward Divers (1837–1912), British chemist


V-1 flying bomb, code named "diver" by the British World War II armed forces

Operation Diver, the British countermeasures against the German V-1 flying bomb campaign

AUM-N-4 Diver, a proposed U.S. Navy torpedo-carrying missile of the late 1940s.

Other uses[edit]

Diver (Transformers), several characters in the Transformers universe Diver (EP), a 2006 EP by A Wilhelm Scream "Diver" (Nico Touches the Walls song), 2011 Divers (Joanna Newsom album), a 2015 album by Joanna Newsom Divers hands, an archaic phrase used to say that a project has been contributed to by many people A translation of Dutch duiker, the small antelope duiker The Diver, a 2000 sculpture by John Kaufman Piers Plowman, used in the William Langland poem "Piers Plowman" The Diver (film), 1911 short film

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