Honeymoons (Serbian: Medeni mesec; Albanian: Muaj mjalti) is a 2009 Serbian-Albanian drama film directed by Goran Paskaljević.[1][2]


Hoping for a better life, two young couples leave their respective countries. Maylinda and Nik leave Albania by boat to Italy, to live their forbidden love. Meanwhile, Vera and Marko leave Serbia by train for Austria, through Hungary. Marko, a talented cellist, is lucky enough to enter the famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. But when they arrive at the border, although they have visas in order, their problems begin.


  • Nebojša Milovanović as Marko
  • Jelena Trkulja as Vera
  • Jozef Shiroka as Nik
  • Mirela Naska as Maylinda
  • Lazar Ristovski as Vera's Uncle
  • Petar Božović as Vera's Father
  • Bujar Lako as Nik's Father
  • Yllka Mujo as Nik's Mother
  • Aron Balazs as Hungarian Cop
  • Mira Banjac as Stana
  • Klodian Hoxha as Ilir
  • Zinaida Dedakin as Vera's Aunt


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