Barangay Diezmo also known as Science Park (PSGC: 043404006) is one of the eighteen (18) urbanized[1] barangays comprising the City of Cabuyao in the province of Laguna, Philippines. It lies for about seventeen (17) kilometers away from the city proper of Cabuyao and is situated at the western and high elevation portion of the city. According to the 2010 Census,[2] it has a population of 2,681 inhabitants (from 2,689 in Census 2007[3]).


Barangay Diezmo is the home of Cabuyao's numerous companies and factories. It is the site of the first Light Industry and Science Park of the Philippines called LISP 1 while the others are in Calamba City (LISP 2) and Santo Tomas, Batangas (LISP 3).Barangay Diezmo is also divided into several sitios/Purok.


The Barangay Proper, where the Elementary and High school, Health Center and Barangay Hall were located.

St. Felixville, popularly known as "Tulay na Bakal"(Steel Bridge) and "Riverside". Reason for being called as "Tulay na Bakal" is because of the Pittland-Canlubang Bridge seen on the road heading to St. Felixville from the Barangay proper.

Ilaya, The next Purok after St. Felixville from the Barangay proper. Located on the side of Nutri-Asia Corporation.

Pinaglayo, Pinagtagpo, and Ibayo, these are the three small communities inside the vicinity of Light Industry and Science Park I. Pinaglayo is popularly known also as "Sitio Balutoy", named after the Former Barangay Councilor Onofre "Balut" "Tutoy" Llanto.


According to 2010 Census,[2] it has a population of 2,681 inhabitants, from 2,689 in Census 2007.[3]

No. Barangay Rank Population (2007) Population (2010) Population Density (2010) Annual Growth Rate (Average)
1 Baclaran 9th 12,683 12,192 6,985/km2 Decrease-0.43%
2 Banay-Banay 4th 17,419 21,934 7.073/km2 Increase2.88%
3 Banlic 7th 9,707 12,675 5,511/km2 Increase3.4%
4 Bigaa 10th 8,649 10,051 4,807/km2 Increase1.8%
5 Butong 8th 12,274 12,360 7,630/km2 Increase0.07%
6 Casile 16th 1,555 2,128 669/km2 Increase4.09%
7 Diezmo 15th 2,689 2,681 1,686/km2 Decrease-.1%
8 Gulod 11th 10,127 9,417 2,304/km2 Decrease-0.78%
9 Mamatid 1st 37,166 50,213 19,313/km2 Increase3.9%
10 Marinig 2nd 25,619 37,169 9,494/km2 Increase5.01%
11 Niugan 3rd 21,993 26,807 7,615/km2 Increase2.43%
12 Pittland 18th 1,627 1,740 598/km2 Increase0.77%
13 Pulo 6th 13,193 15,124 5,041/km2 Increase1.63%
14 Sala 12th 7,491 8,275 5,353/km2 Increase1.16%
15 San Isidro 5th 15,495 18,145 5,767/km2 Increase1.9%
16 Barangay I Poblacion 14th 2,589 2,839 12,334/km2 Increase1.07%
17 Barangay II Poblacion 17th 1,947 1,840 7,886/km2 Decrease-0.61%
18 Barangay III Poblacion 13th 3,153 2,846 12,034/km2 Decrease-1.08%
TOTAL 6th 205,376 248,436 5,700/km2 Increase6.34%

Barangay Officials (2013-2016)

Barangay Captain: Alfredo M. Malabanan

Sangguniang Barangay Members:

  • Nolasco A. Manimtim
  • Suzenne M. Malabo
  • Edilberto C. Javier
  • Roilan M. Matampale
  • Franco C. Manahan
  • Pedro V. Llanto
  • Danilo M. Delfin

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