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Department may refer to:

Departmentalization, division of a larger organization into parts with specific responsibility

Government and military[edit]

Department (country subdivision), a geographical and administrative division within a country

Departments of Colombia, a grouping of municipalities Departments of France, administrative divisions three levels below the national government Departments of Honduras Departments of Peru, name given to the subdivisions of Peru until 2002

Department (United States Army), corps areas of the U.S. Army prior to World War I Fire department, a public or private organization that provides emergency firefighting and rescue services Ministry (government department), a specialized division of a government Police department, a body empowered by the state to enforce the law Department (naval) administrative/functional sub-unit of a ship's company.

Other uses[edit]

Department (film), a 2012 Bollywood action film about police taking on Mumbai criminals The Department (film), a 2015 Nigerian action film, about two lovers undermining dodgy business dealings The Department, a satirical comedy on BBC Radio 4 The Department (play), a 1975 play by David Williamson

The Department, a 1980 TV film based on the play

Academic department, a division of a university or school faculty devoted to a particular academic discipline Department head, a management position Department store, a retail store that includes many specialized departments such as clothing or household items

See also[edit]

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