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DSV 78 Hannover, founded as ''DFV Hannover'' in 1878, is Germany's oldest rugby club. The club played in the 2nd Rugby-Bundesliga under the name DSV 78/08 Ricklingen, having formed an on-the-field union with SV 08 Ricklingen, another club from
Hannover Hanover (; german: Hannover ; nds, Hannober) is the capital and largest city of the German state of Lower Saxony. Its 535,932 (2021) inhabitants make it the 13th-largest city in Germany as well as the fourth-largest city in Northern German ...
. At the end of the 2008–09 season, ''SV 08'' declared, it would leave the union with ''DSV 78'', leaving the latter to field its own team from 2009–10 onwards.



The club was formed on 14 September 1878 as Deutschen Fußball-Verein Hannover gegründet 1878. Under the leadership of Ferdinand-Wilhelm Fricke, then only 15 years old, 24 young men formed the first football or rugby club in the country, a distinction was not made in Germany back then. The move was inspired by watching, and occasionally joining the players of the ''English Hannover Football-Club''. The first proper game of rugby however was not played until 1883, when "England" played "Germany" in Hannover on 17 October. In 1899, Fricke discovered an ideal spot for the club to play at, ''Am Schnellen Graben'', still the home of ''DFV'' today. A year later, the ''Verband Hannoverscher Fußball-Vereine'' (''Association of Hanover football clubs'') was formed and ''DFV'' won its first championship. In 1909, the club adopted
field hockey Field hockey is a team sport structured in standard hockey format, in which each team plays with ten outfield players and a goalkeeper. Teams must drive a round hockey ball by hitting it with a hockey stick towards the rival team's shooting ci ...
as another sport. In 1913, the ''DFV'' reached its first German championship final but lost to SC 1880 Frankfurt. Shortly after, the events of the First World War bring the activities of the club almost to a halt. Of the club members to lose their live in the war, Hermann Löns, "The Poet of the Heath", is the best known. On 17 January 1927, the founding father of the club, F.W. Fricke, died. A year later, the club played in its second German final, and lost once more. In 1929, the club changed its name to Deutscher Sportverein Hannover gegründet 1878 e.V., reflecting the fact that it didn't play football but rugby. During the Second World War, the clubs facilities suffered heavily from allied bombing raids and in 1945, the club house was in ruins. In the post-war years, the ''DSV'' managed to rebuild its facilities and in 1949 it reopened its club house. On 7 June 1964, Germany's oldest rugby club finally earned its first German championship, beating FC St. Pauli 11–0 in Offenbach am Main. ''78'' won two more championships, in 1968 and 1970, before the
Rugby-Bundesliga The Rugby-Bundesliga is the highest level of the league system for rugby union in Germany, organised by the German Rugby Federation. The league is predominantly amateur, with only one club in the league being officially a professional outfit, ...
was established in 1971. The club was part of the new league but did not achieve highly in its first ten years. Its fourth national championship came in 1982, when
RG Heidelberg The RG Heidelberg (''german: Rudergesellschaft Heidelberg'', literally "Heidelberg Rowing Club") is a German rugby union club from Heidelberg, currently playing in the Rugby-Bundesliga. Apart from rugby, the club also offers the sport of rowing. ...
was beaten 15–6. The club was to play in seven championship finals in a row from then on, winning the first four and then losing three. With a years interruption in 1989, the team returned for another championship in 1990. After another championship in 1991, ''DSV'' reached the final for a last time in 1993. In the German Cup, the club continued to be successful, winning it in 1996 and 1998 and making final appearances in the two years after. Up until the merger with SV 08 Ricklingen, the ''DSV 78'' continued to be a top side in German rugby. DSV 78 finished first in their group in the 2012–13 season and qualified for the north/east division of the championship round, where it also came first. The club was knocked out in the quarter finals of the play-offs after a 7–13 loss to
RG Heidelberg The RG Heidelberg (''german: Rudergesellschaft Heidelberg'', literally "Heidelberg Rowing Club") is a German rugby union club from Heidelberg, currently playing in the Rugby-Bundesliga. Apart from rugby, the club also offers the sport of rowing. ...
. The club finished first in the north-east championship round again in 2013–14, received a bye for the first round of the play-offs and, after defeating SC Neuenheim in the quarter finals, lost to TV Pforzheim in the semi finals. In the 2014–15 season the club finished first in the north-east championship group but was knocked out by SC Neuenheim in the quarter finals of the play-offs, losing 42–21.

DSV 78/08 Ricklingen

In 2003, the club decided to join up with SV 08 Ricklingen to form an on-the-field union and play under the name DSV 78/08 Ricklingen. Both clubs however continue to exist as separate entities. In 2009, ''SV 08'' decided to leave this joint venture.

Club honours

DSV 78 Hannover

* German rugby union championship ** Champions: 1964, 1968, 1970, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1990, 1991 ** Runners up: 1913, 1928, 1966, 1971, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1993 * German rugby union cup ** Winner: 1969, 1972, 1974, 1979, 1981, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1990, 1996, 1998 ** Runners up: 1970, 1973, 1993, 1999, 2000

DSV 78/08 Ricklingen

* 2nd Bundesliga ** Runners-up: 2005, 2009 ** Division champions: 2005, 2009

Recent seasons

DSV 78 Hannover

Recent seasons of the club:

DSV 78/08 Ricklingen

* Until 2001, when the single-division Bundesliga was established, the season was divided in autumn and spring, a ''Vorrunde'' and ''Endrunde'', whereby the top teams of the Rugby-Bundesliga would play out the championship while the bottom teams together with the autumn 2nd Bundesliga champion would play for Bundesliga qualification. The remainder of the 2nd Bundesliga teams would play a spring round to determine the relegated clubs. Where two placing's are shown, the first is autumn, the second spring. In 2012 the Bundesliga was expanded from ten to 24 teams and the 2nd Bundesliga from 20 to 24 with the leagues divided into four regional divisions.

Rugby internationals

In Germany's 2006–08 European Nations Cup campaign, Raphael Pyrasch,
Benjamin Krause Benjamin Krause (born 15 November 1982)
accessed: 2 March 2010
is a German
and Benjamin Simm were called up for the national team. In the 2008–10 campaign, all three appeared for ''78'' and Germany again. In the 2010–12 campaign, Benjamin Simm and Benjamin Krause were both selected for Germany again while Mika Tyumenev was a new selection. For the opening match of the 2012–14 edition of the ENC against the Ukraine the club had Benjamin Simm and Benjamin Krause selected for the team. The club had four players selected for the German under-18 team at the 2009 European Under-18 Rugby Union Championship, these being Michail Tyumenev, Nicolas Müller, Dennis Denzin and Phil Szczesny. Of these, Phil Szczesny and Nicolas Müller also played at the
2010 File:2010 Events Collage New.png, From top left, clockwise: The 2010 Chile earthquake was one of the strongest recorded in history; The Eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland disrupts air travel in Europe; A scene from the opening ceremony of ...
tournament, while Adrian de Riz and Pascal Fischer were new additions.U18 in Bestbesetzung zur EM nach Italien
totalrugby.de, published: 23 March 2010, accessed: 30 April 2010

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