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Crain Communications
Crain Communications
Inc is an American publishing conglomerate based in Detroit, Michigan.[1] The company publishes a variety of trade newspapers, Internet
versions of these papers, and e-mail news briefs free of charge. Its portfolio includes some city-based business newspapers, such as Crain's Cleveland Business, Crain's Chicago Business, Crain's Detroit Business, and Crain's New York Business. These weeklies follow the same formula, including finance, manufacturing, health care, real estate, technology, and government sections, as well as an "in-depth" section. Crain also produces a number of major industry/trade periodicals, including Advertising Age, TelevisionWeek, Creativity, Automobilwoche (in German), Automotive News , European Rubber Journal, Investment News, Modern Healthcare, Pensions & Investments, Plastics News, Rubber & Plastics News, Tire Business, Urethanes Technology, Waste and Recycling News, and Workforce Management. It also has a few lifestyle magazines, such as Autoweek. Crain Communications
Crain Communications
has 13 subsidiaries in other countries.


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2.1 Advertising Age 2.2 Automotive News 2.3 Autoweek 2.4 Crain's Chicago Business 2.5 Crain's New York Business 2.6 Modern Healthcare

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History[edit] G. D. Crain, previously the city editor of the Louisville Herald newspaper, founded Crain Communications
Crain Communications
in Louisville, Kentucky
Louisville, Kentucky
in 1916, with only three staff members publishing two papers: Class (which later became Industrial Marketing, among other names and is now called BtoB[2]) and Hospital Management (sold in 1952).[3] The staff moved to Chicago later in 1916.[4] Advertising Age was founded in 1930.[3] The company changed its name to Crain Communications
Crain Communications
in 1969.[4] G D. Crain died in 1973 and was succeeded by his widow, Gertrude Crain, who chaired the company until 1996. Under her watch, the company grew to have 27 newspapers and magazines.[5] Son Keith Crain replaced her as chairman in 1997. Following his father's death, Rance Crain became president of Crain Communications
Crain Communications
in 1974.[4] Crain now has about 30 business, trade and consumer publications and related Web sites in North America, Europe and Asia.[6] The company currently has over 850 employees in 14 locations spanning the United States, Europe and Asia. In 2001 the company relocated its corporate headquarters to the Brewery Park complex on Gratiot Avenue in downtown Detroit, as part of a move to consolidate its Detroit-based employees into one facility.[7] Notable publications[edit] Advertising Age[edit] Advertising Age is a magazine delivering advertising, marketing, and media news. Founded in 1930, AdAge is found on many platforms, including a weekly newspaper, website, electronic newsletters, audio podcasts, and blogs. Advertising Age is based in New York, New York. In 2013, Crain's BtoB magazine for business marketers was absorbed by Advertising Age.[8] [9] Automotive News[edit] Detroit-based Automotive News was founded in 1925 by Slocum Publishing, later bought by Crain Communications
Crain Communications
in 1971. The weekly magazine covers local automotive business news, including engineering, design, production and suppliers.[10] The trade magazine also covers international automotive news with Automotive News Europe, Automobilwoche (a German magazine for automotive executives), and Automotive News China. The audience of Automotive News primarily consists of automobile dealers.[11] Autoweek[edit] Autoweek, originally a bi-weekly motorsports newsletter, was purchased by Crain Communications
Crain Communications
in 1977 and eventually became an auto enthusiast magazine in 1986.[12] The magazine covers vehicle reviews, trends, new products, racing, personalities, auto show coverage and more. Its website provides breaking news, spy photos, photo galleries, and podcasts.[13] Crain's Chicago Business[edit] First published in 1978, Crain's Chicago Business
Crain's Chicago Business
is a weekly newspaper that provides local business news and information to Chicago's business executives.[14] The publication's website has over 175,000 registered users, and print circulation is over 50,000.[15] Crain's New York Business[edit] Crain's New York Business publishes daily and weekly digital and print editions of local business news. It provides news on each week's issues, top stories, advertising and marketing, banking, economy, education, health care, hospitality and tourism, human resources, media and entertainment, politics, real estate, restaurants, retail/apparel, small business, insider, health pulse, and corrections.[16] Modern Healthcare[edit] Crain Communications
Crain Communications
acquired Modern Healthcare from McGraw-Hill in 1976.[12] Modern Healthcare offers a weekly print magazine, website, three daily e-newsletters (" Modern Healthcare AM", "Daily Dose", and "Health IT Strategist"), and emails that report on healthcare business news and trends. Modern Healthcare also publishes Modern Physician which covers news and trends on practice management via daily e-newsletter, email, and website.[17] Management and ownership[edit] Rance E. Crain is the company's president and serves as editor-in-chief of Advertising Age, Crain's Chicago Business, Crain's New York Business, and TelevisionWeek.[citation needed] Keith Crain is chairman of the board. He serves as editor-in-chief of Automotive News, Automotive News Europe, and Crain's Detroit Business.[citation needed] Other members of the Crain family are also on the board.[citation needed] References[edit]

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