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The Collège Sainte-Barbe
Collège Sainte-Barbe
is a former school in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, France. The Collège Sainte-Barbe
Collège Sainte-Barbe
was founded in 1460 on Montagne Sainte-Geneviève (Latin Quarter, Paris) by Pierre Antoine Victor de Lanneau, teacher of religious studies. It was until June 1999 the "oldest" college of Paris. The Barbiste Spirit is kept alive through the Friendly Association of Old Barbistes, founded in 1820, recognized a public society since 1880, which is the oldest association of alumni of France, "l'Association Amicale des Anciens Barbistes". Former barbists (ordered by date of birth) include:

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Diogo de Gouveia (1471–1557) Ignace de Loyola (1491–1556) André de Gouveia (1497–1548) St. François-Xavier (1506–1552) Pierre Lefevre
Pierre Lefevre
(1506–1546) Guillaume Postel
Guillaume Postel
(1510–1581) Achilles Statius (1524–1581) Michel Adanson
Michel Adanson
(1727–1806),naturalist) Jean Baptiste Louis Romé de Lisle (1736–1790), founder of crystallography Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier
Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier
(1745–1799)[1] Felix Dupanloup
Felix Dupanloup
(1802–1878), bishop James Manby Gully
James Manby Gully
(1808–1883), pioneer of hydrotherapy Gustave Eiffel
Gustave Eiffel
(1832–1923), engineer [2] Arsène d'Arsonval
Arsène d'Arsonval
(1851–1940), physicist and doctor Constantin Costa-Foru (October 26, 1856 - August 15, 1935) Alfred Dreyfus
Alfred Dreyfus
(1859–1939) Jean Jaurès
Jean Jaurès
(1859–1914) Charles Péguy
Charles Péguy
(1873–1914) Louis Blériot
Louis Blériot
(1872–1936) Engineer and pioneer aviator [1] Henri-George Clouzot
Henri-George Clouzot
(1907–1977), scenario writer the actors Michel Piccoli
Michel Piccoli
(born 1925) Claude Lelouch
Claude Lelouch
(born 1937), scenario writers Bernard Kouchner
Bernard Kouchner
(born 1939) François Berléand
François Berléand
(born 1952)

Among the former professors are the historian Jules Michelet (1798–1874) and the journalist Serge July
Serge July
(born 1942). The buildings of the college have undergone numerous modifications since its establishment in 1460. A university library, the Sainte-Barbe Library, has opened to the public in March 2009. Notes[edit]

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