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Astega Enderlein, 1930

Cnephia is a genus of 9 species of black flies, They are distributed in scattered locations across the Northern Hemisphere, from Ukraine
to Eastern Siberia, and some parts of North America.[1] Species[edit]

C. angarensis Rubtsov, 1956 C. chaurensis Yankovsky, 2000 C. dacotensis (Dyar & Shannon, 1927) C. eremites Shewell, 1952 C. intermedia Rubtsov, 1956 C. ornithophilia Davies, Peterson & Wood, 1962 C. pallipes (Fries, 1824) C. pecuarum (Riley, 1887) C. toptchievi Yankovsky, 1996

Literature cited[edit]

^ Peter H. Adler & Roger W. Crosskey (2009). "World Blackflies (Diptera: Simuliidae): A Comprehensive Revision of the Taxonomic and Geographical Inventory": 109. 

Taxon identifiers

Wd: Q5137350 BugGuide: 253375 EoL: 54764 EPPO: 1CNEHG Fauna Europaea: 219353 GBIF: 1643466 iNaturalist: 174281 ITIS: 126649 NCBI: 13438

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