The Info List - Civic Liberal Alliance

The Civic Liberal Alliance (Croatian: Građansko-liberalni savez, abbr. Glas - lit. Voice/Vote) is a liberal political party in Croatia.[2][3] The party was founded by four former Croatian People's Party (HNS) MP's led by Anka Mrak Taritaš who were dissatisfied with HNS entering a coalition with the conservative Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) in June 2017.


The Party's founding congress was held on 9 July 2017, while it was officially registered with the Ministry of Public Administration on 26 July 2017.[4]

Glas automatically became a parliamentary party with four MP's, making it the fifth largest party in the country in terms of parliamentary representation. In addition, Jozo Radoš also left HNS and joined Glas, so the party also has one MEP. Radoš sits in the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe group.

Another notable member is Vesna Pusić.

On 1 December 2017 the party was admitted into the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party as an affiliate member.[5]


Party president Mrak-Taritaš described Glas as "a modern, progressive, trans-ideological party in the left center, acceptable to people who are liberal, social-liberal and social-democratic." Party's emphasis will be placed on individual freedoms and rights, stable institutions and diversity as a comparative advantage.[6]

Party stands for:[7][8]

  • extension of LGBT rights and civil rights protections,
  • the right to vote at the local elections at the age of 16,
  • comprehensive curriculum reform,
  • public administration reform,
  • a stable judiciary,
  • decentralization.