The Shaoshan 4 (Chinese: 韶山4) is a type of electric locomotive used on the People's Republic of China's national railway system. This locomotive was built by the Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Works. The power supply was industrial-frequency single-phase AC, and the axle arrangement Bo'Bo'+Bo'Bo'.[1]

In 1993, Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Works produced SS4G(Chinese: 韶4改). SS4G are very similar to standard SS4, apart from an improved electrical technology.[2]

SS4 Electric Locomotive is an eight shaft fixing reconnection heavy freight electric locomotive which based on two four-axle locomotives connected.


SS4s have been manufactured by several companies:

  • Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Works (0001~0158;[3] 0159~1175; 1886[4])
  • Datong Electric Locomotive Works (6001~6168)
  • Ziyang Locomotive Works (3001~3002)
  • Dalian locomotive works (7001~7110; 7121~7241)

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