The DF8 (Chinese: 东风8; translation: East Wind) is a type of diesel locomotive used in China. It was in production from 1984 until the middle of the 1990s, with batch production starting in 1989. The revised DF8B is still in production today. DF8 are almost exclusively used for freight services.



The first generation DF8 was powered by the original 3,310 kW (4,440 hp) 16V280ZJ engine.


The second generation DF8, the DF8B, is powered by an updated 16V280ZJA engine with 3,680 kW (4,930 hp). Production started in 1997 and lasts until today. Qishuyan, Dalian and Ziyang manufacture 0, 3000, 5000, 7000 and 9000 series of DF8B respectively.

Venezuela version

12 DF8Bs were exported to Venezuela and are called DF8Bven, however they are identical to the domestically used DF8B.[1]

7000 Series version

In 2000, Qishuyan Locomotive and Rolling Stock Works made two radial bogies and equipment in a DF8B Diesel Locomotive. The locomotive and was numbered DF8B-7001. But because only experimental, locomotive produced only one. It's belongs to Liuzhou Locomotive Depot, Nanning Railway Bureau now.[2]

9000 Series version

Qishuyan Locomotive and Rolling Stock Works made DF8B 9000 Series version which was originally intended to be used on the Qingzang Railway and numbered DF8B-9001 and DF8B-9002.[3]

Jamaica version

CRRC Qishuyan will supply a variant of the DF8B to Alpart for use in Jamaica.[4]


The DF8BJ, which uses the 16V280ZJG engine (4,000 kW or 5,400 hp), GTO VVVF inverter and AC traction motors, is produced by Ziyang.[5] It was designed for Qingzang Railway.


The DF8CJ version is produced by Qishuyan Locomotive and Rolling Stock Works and has a 16V280ZJB engine (maximum power 4.4 MW or 5,900 hp) and AC inverter traction drive.[6]


Ziyang made a special DF8B which was originally intended to be used on the Qingzang line and was numbered DF8DJ-0001. The DF8DJ version has a Caterpillar 3516 engine of rated power 5.08 MW (6,810 hp) and AC asynchronous traction motors.[7]Rated power of this locomotive is 4.8 MW (6,400 hp). The Chinese Ministry of Railways rejected the proposal and it was renamed DF8B-5672. It's now running on Xiyan Line in Shaanxi.


The original DF8 was manufactured by Qishuyan Locomotive and Rolling Stock Works, the DF8B is also manufactured in Qishuyan by Qishuyan Locomotive and Rolling Stock Works and in Ziyang by CSR Ziyang Locomotive Works.


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