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Chandannagore subdivision is an administrative subdivision of the Hooghly district in the state of West Bengal, India.


1 Overview 2 Subdivisions 3 Administrative units 4 Kolkata Urban Agglomeration 5 Police stations 6 Blocks 7 Gram panchayats 8 Economy

8.1 Industry 8.2 Handloom weaving 8.3 Agriculture 8.4 Poverty

9 Education 10 Healthcare 11 Electoral constituencies 12 References

Overview[edit] A major portion of Chandannagore subdivion is part of the Hooghly-Damodar Plain, the agriculturally rich alluvial plains lying between the Hooghly and the Damodar. The narrow strip of land along the Hooghly is part of the Hooghly Flats. The entire area is a part of the Gangetic Delta. The Hooghly is a tidal river and has a high west bank. The Portuguese, the Dutch, the French, the Danes and the British dominated industry, trade and commerce in this area for more than two centuries, and as a result the Hooghly Flats is highly industrialised.[1] Subdivisions[edit] The Hooghly district is divided into the following administrative subdivisions:[2]

Subdivision Headquarters

Area km2 Population (2011) Rural Population % (2011) Urban Population % (2011)

Chinsurah Hugli-Chuchura 1,148.15 1,657,518 68.63 31.37

Chandannagore Chandannagar 508.08 1,127,176 58.52 41.48

Srirampore Serampore 422.45 1,469,849 26.88 73.12

Arambag Arambag 1,058.87 1,264,602 94.77 5.23

Hooghly district Chinsurah 3,149.00 5,519,145 61.43 38.57

Administrative units[edit] Chandannagore subdivision has 5 police stations, 3 community development blocks, 3 panchayat samitis, 41 gram panchayats, 352 mouzas, 339 inhabited villages, 1 municipal corporation, 3 municipalities and 7 census towns. The single municipal corporation is Chandernagore Municipal Corporation. The municipalities are Tarakeswar Municipality, Bhadreswar Municipality and Champdany Municipality. The census towns are: Bargachhia, Balarambati, Singur, Nasibpur, Jagatnagar, Baruipara and Borai. The subdivision has its headquarters at Chandannagar.[3][4] Kolkata Urban Agglomeration[edit] The following Municipal Corporation and Municipalities in Chandannagore subdivision were part of Kolkata Urban Agglomeration in the 2011 census: Chandannagar (M Corp.), Bhadreswar (M) and Champdani (M).[5] Police stations[edit] Police stations in Chandannagore subdivision have the following features and jurisdiction:[6][7]

Police station Area covered km2 Municipal town CD Block

Tarakeswar n/a Tarakeswar Tarakeswar

Haripal n/a - Haripal

Singur n/a - Singur

Bhadreswar n/a Bhadreswar, Champdani, Chandannagar (partly) Singur

Chandannagar n/a Chandannagar -

Blocks[edit] Community development blocks in Chandannagore subdivision are:[2][8]

CD Block Headquarters

Area km2 Population (2011) SC % ST % Hindus % Muslims % Literacy Rate % Census Towns

Tarakeswar Tarakeswar 119.93 179,148 23.63 5.04 88.94 10.20 79.96 -

Haripal Khamarchandi 184.42 261,073 28.03 6.70 78.42 20.39 78.59 1

Singur Singur 164.85 276,413 17.02 1.47 90.72 8.92 84.07 6

Gram panchayats[edit] The subdivision contains 41 gram panchayats under 3 community development blocks:[9]

Haripal block consists of 15 gram panchayats, viz. Alipur Kashipur, Haripal Kingkarbati, Nalikul Purba, Pyantra, Bandipur, Haripal Sahadev, Narayanpur Bahirkhanda, Sripatipur Ilipur, Chandanpur, Jejur, Dwarhatta, Kaikala, Paschim Gopinathpur, Haripal Ashutosh and Nalikul Paschim.

Singur block consists of 16 gram panchayats, viz. Anandanagar, Basubati, Gopalnagar, Singur–I, Bagdanga Chinamore, Beraberi, Kamarkundu Gopalnagar Daluigachha, Singur–II, Bainchipota, Bighati, Mirzapur Bankipur, Balarambati, Bora, Baruipara Paltagarh, Borai Pahalampur and Nasibpur.

Tarakeswar block consists of ten gram panchayats, viz. Ashtara Dattapur, Bhanjipur, Naita Malpaharpur, Talpur, Baligori–I, Champadanga, Purba Ramnagar, Baligori–II, Kesabchak and Santoshpur.

Economy[edit] Industry[edit] Chandannagore subdivision has five jute mills – Northbrook Jute Mill, Dalhousie Jute Mill, Angus Jute Works (all at Champdani under Bhadreswar police station), Victoria Jute Mill (at Telinipara) and Gondalpara Jute Works (at Gondalpara) – all along the Hooghly.[10]Jute mills drew in a large labour force from the neighbouring states of Bihar and Orissa, as well as eastern Uttar Pradesh, quite often forming an overwhelming majority of the population in the area, living in shanty towns and bustees dotting the mill area. The proportion of migrants in the population was 80% in Bhadreswar.[11] The entire jute industry is in a bad shape.[12][13] See also – Victoria Jute Mill, a part of Indian heritage Amongst the other well-known industrial units in Chandannagore subdivision are: Lagan Engineering and Braithwaite. Lagan Engineering is a jute machinery manufacturing company set up in 1955 in Angus in Champdani. The machinery it has manufactured has been functioning well in numerous jute mills. It has been modernising to keep abreast with the latest technological developments. It was initially set up by the Northern Ireland based-James Mackie & Sons, run for a short period by the Government of India, which subsequently divested its shares to Murlidhar Ratanlal Exports Ltd.[14]Braithwaite’s Angus Works was set up at Champdani in 1960 for manufacturing cranes, foundry products and machinery components etc. In 2010, the administrative control of Braithwaite & Co. was taken over by the Ministry of Railways.[15] Singur gained international media attention since Tata Motors started constructing a factory to manufacture their $2,500 car, the Tata Nano at Singur. The small car was scheduled to roll out of the factory by 2008.[16] In October 2008 Tatas announced withdrawal from the project.[17] In 2016, the Supreme Court quashed the West Bengal government’s acquisition of 997 acres of agricultural land for Tata Motors and ordered its return to 9,117 landowners.[18][19] Handloom weaving[edit] The handloom sarees of Dhaniakhali, Begampur, Jangipara, Rajbalhat areas and dhutis of Haripal, Rajbalhat, Khanakul areas of Hooghly district are widely familiar. [20] Agriculture[edit] Hooghly is an agriculturally prosperous district of West Bengal. Alhough the economy has been shifting away from agriculture, it is still the pre-dominant economic activity and the main source of livelihood for the rural people of the district. One third of the district income comes from agriculture.[21]Given below is an overview of the agricultural production (all data in tonnes) for Chandannagore subdivision, other subdivisions and the Hooghly district, with data for the year 2013-14.[22]

CD Block/ Subdivision Rice Wheat Jute Pulses Oil seeds Potatoes Sugarcane

Tarakeswar 86,418 - 58,340 - 3,421 81,573 -

Haripal 49,443 - 24,593 - 1,965 173,968 -

Singur 53,930 12 53,343 - 1,136 58,151 -

Chandannagore subdivision 189,791 12 136,276 - 6,522 313,692 -

Chinsurah subdivision 235,561 92 111,218 4 10,362 812,808 162

Srirampore subdivision 126,852 11 39,820 12 8,058 436,111 2,437

Arambag subdivision 255,011 75 134,541 30 19,477 514,903 123,934

Hooghly district 807,215 190 421,855 46 44,419 2,077,514 126,533

Poverty[edit] The information given above leads us on to a comment in the District Human Development Report for Hooghly district: In the sub-division wise comparison of the levels of poverty in Hooghly district, Srirampur and Chandannagore share the lowest incidence of poverty.[23] Education[edit] Hooghly district had a literacy rate of 81.80% as per the provisional figures of the census of India 2011. Chinsurah subdivision had a literacy rate of 79.17%, Chandannagore subdivision 83.01%, Srirampore subdivision 86.13% and Arambag subdivision 79.05. [24] Given in the table below (data in numbers) is a comprehensive picture of the education scenario in Hooghly district for the year 2013-14:[24]

Subdivision Primary School Middle School High School Higher Secondary School General College, Univ Technical / Professional Instt Non-formal Education

Institution Student Institution Student Institution Student Institution Student Institution Student Institution Student Institution Student

Chinsurah 899 85,213 46 3,885 98 48,722 109 124,068 7 16,342 26 10,564 2,413 45,289

Chandannagore 606 53,382 32 3,312 46 22,000 77 89,132 6 20,450 6 778 1,297 29,127

Srirampore 577 64,207 25 3,611 65 37,997 97 108,199 8 16,631 3 793 1,337 33,060

Arambag 935 80,705 49 5,462 83 48,513 76 91,911 7 16,950 3 228 1,838 57,383

Hooghly district 3,013 283,407 152 16,270 292 157,232 359 413,310 28 70,373 38 12,363 6,885 164,859

Note: Primary schools include junior basic schools; middle schools, high schools and higher secondary schools include madrasahs; technical schools include junior technical schools, junior government polytechnics, industrial technical institutes, industrial training centres, nursing training institutes etc.; technical and professional colleges include engineering colleges, medical colleges, para-medical institutes, management colleges, teachers training and nursing training colleges, law colleges, art colleges, music colleges etc. Special and non-formal education centres include sishu siksha kendras, madhyamik siksha kendras, centres of Rabindra mukta vidyalaya, recognised Sanskrit tols, institutions for the blind and other handicapped persons, Anganwadi centres, reformatory schools etc.[24] The following institutions are located in Chandannagore subdivision:

Chandernagore College, is a general degree college at Chandannagar. It was established as St. Mary’s Institution in 1862, raised to a First Arts level college in 1891, renamed College Dupleix in 1901. It was closed down in 1908 and reopened in 1931. In 1945, the college section was separated from the school section and renamed College de Bussy. It was renamed Chandernagore College in 1948. Chandannagar came under Indian Union on 2 May 1950 and was integrated with the state of West Bengal on 2 October 1954. The college was directly administered by the Government of West Bengal.[25][26] Sir J. C. Bose School of Engineering, an engineering college, established at Mankundu, Chandannagar in 2009.[27] Tarakeswar Degree College was established at Tarakeswar in 1986.[28][29] Vivekananda Mahavidyalaya, Haripal, a general degree college, established at Haripal in 1966.[30][31] Singur Government College, a general degree college, was established at Singur in 2013.[32][33] Kabi Sukanta Mahavidyalaya, a general degree college, was established at Bhadreswar in 1986.[34][35] Rabindra Mahavidyalaya, a general degree college, was established at Champadanga in 1971.[36] Khalisani Mahavidyalaya, a general degree college, as established at Khalisani, Chandannagar, in 1970.[37]

Healthcare[edit] The table below (all data in numbers) presents an overview of the medical facilities available and patients treated in the hospitals, health centres and sub-centres in 2014 in Hooghly district.[38]

Subdivision Health & Family Welfare Deptt, WB Other State Govt Deptts Local bodies Central Govt Deptts / PSUs NGO / Private Nursing Homes Total Total Number of Beds Total Number of Doctors* Indoor Patients Outdoor Patients

Hospitals Rural Hospitals Block Primary Health Centres Primary Health Centres

Chinsurah 1 2 3 24 - - - 31 61 1,091 108 94,213 1,830,358

Chandannagore 1 3 - 8 - - - 41 53 828 56 70,724 1,105,060

Srirampore 3 2 2 12 - - - 80 99 1,894 85 63,619 1,252,941

Arambag 1 1 5 16 - - - 35 58 919 57 83,469 1,743,719

Hooghly district 6 8 10 60 - - - 187 271 4,732 306 312,025 5,932,078

.* Excluding nursing homes Medical institutions in Chandannagore subdivision are as follows: Hospitals: (Name, location, beds)[39] Chandannagar Subvisional Hospital, Chandernagore Municipal Corporation, 250 beds Rupali Nandi Cancer Research Centre, Chandernagore Municipal Corporation, 30 beds Gourhati ESI Hospital, Champdany Municipality, 216 beds Rural Hospitals: (Name, block, location, beds) [39] Tarakeswar Rural Hospital, Tarakeswar CD Block, Tarakeswar, 60 beds Haripal Rural Hospital, Haripal CD Block, PO Khamarchandi, 30 beds Singur Rural Hospital, Singur CD Block, Singur, 60 beds Primary Health Centres: (CD Block-wise)(CD Block, PHC location, beds)[39] Tarakeswar CD Block: Duttapur (4 beds), Talpur (10 beds). Haripal CD Block: Bandipur (10 beds), Olipur (6 beds), Chapsara, Hurat (6 beds). Singur CD Block: Bajemelia, PO Gopalnagar (10 beds), Balarambati (10 beds), Bora (10 beds). Private Hospitals:* (Name, location, beds)[40] Bhadreswar Municipal Hospital, Telenipara, Bhadreswar, 100 beds .* Excluding nursing homes Electoral constituencies[edit] Lok Sabha (parliamentary) and Vidhan Sabha (state assembly) constituencies in Chandannagore subdivision were as follows: [41]

Lok Sabha constituency Reservation Vidhan Sabha constituency Reservation CD Block and/or Gram panchayats and/or municipal areas

Hooghly None Singur None Anandanagore, Bagdanga Chinamore, Baruipara Paltagarh, Beraberi, Bighati, Bouichipota, Bora, Borai Pahalampur, Gopalnagore, Mirzapur-Bankipur, Nasibpur, Singur I and Singur II gram panchayats of Singur community development block and Begampur, Kapasaria and Panchghara gram panchayats of Chanditala II CD Block

- - Chandannagar None Chandannagar municipal corporation and Bhadreswar municipality

- - Other five assembly segments in Chinsurah subdivision - -

Arambagh Reserved for SC Haripal None Haripal CD Block and Balarambati, Basubati and Kamarkundu Gopalnagar, Daluigachha GPs of Singur CD Block

- - Tarakeswar None Tarakeswar municipality, Tarakeswar CD Block, and Bhanderhati I, Bhanderhati II, Gopinathpur I, Gopinathpur II and Perambua Sahabazar GPs of Dhaniakhali CD Block

- - Other four assembly segments in Arambagh subdivision and one assembly segment in Paschim Medinipur district - -


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