The Calamba Premiere International Park or CPIP is one of the pioneer industrial parks in the Philippines established in the year 1999. It is a comprehensively-planned industrial estate located at Batino, Barandal and Prinza in Calamba, Laguna and it provides a workplace for technology-based, light and medium industries.

Industrial Park Locators

One of the most important of the industrial parks here in the Philippines, component into four in one province in this region of CALABARZON in Laguna, a Calamba Premiere International Park (formerly known as Calamba Premiere Industrial Park) or CPIP, Carmelray Industrial Park 1 in Canlubang, Carmelray Industrial Park 2 in barangay Punta and the Light Industry and Science Park of the Philippines II located at barangay Real.[1]


Companies Partnership companies
Avon Products Mfg; Inc. United States U. S. A
Calamba Shinei Industry Philippines, Inc. Japan Japan & Philippines Philippines
Cerelion, Inc. Philippines Philippines
Frescano Food Int'l, Inc.
L & K Industries Philippines, Inc.
Lux Manufacturing, Inc.
Milo - Nestlé Switzerland Switzerland
Mold Parts Manufacturing Asia Inc. South Korea South Korea
Nanax Philippines, Inc.
Shin Heung Electro Digital, Inc. Japan Japan
Yeon Ho Philippines, Inc.
Sampo Molding and Assembly Industry Corp. South Korea South Korea
Samsung Electro-Mechanics Philippines Corp. Japan Japan
THN, Inc. Taiwan Taiwan


  • 3 km to Barangay 1
  • Industrial Redevelopment Zone
  • (CPIP Calamba)

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