Enterprise application software providers CDC Software Corporation and Consona Corporation, with a total of 1,500 employees and 5,000 customers, merged in August 2012 to form Aptean Corporation.[1]

Aptean sells software for the financial, manufacturing and other markets integrating customer relationship management (CRM), customer experience management (CEM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), and knowledge management (KM).[2]


Consona Corporation completed its initial public offering (IPO) in 1997.[3]

In 2003, the venture capital firm Battery Ventures acquired Made2Manage Systems for $30 million in cash.[4]

Originally named China.com when founded in 1997, CDC corporation was based in Hong Kong.[5] On August 6, 2009 CDC Software Corporation completed its IPO on the NASDAQ exchange under the symbol CDCS.[6] In November 2009, Consona Corporation acquired Canadian-based Activplant Corporation (formerly Executive Manufacturing Technologies, Inc.), a provider of manufacturing business intelligence software for manufacturing operations management.[7]

In July 2010, Consona acquired open source ERP software provider Compiere with 130 customers.[8]

The CDC-Consona merger was billed as a merger, although most of the management team of the surviving company was connected with CDC.[9]

The owner of Aptean, Vista Equity Partners, tends to take a hands-on approach to management and implements standardized business processes and standard systems and tools.[10] Aptean named Kim Eaton as its CEO. Aptean acquired Verdiem Corporation in January 2015.


Many products are marketed, including Pivotal CRM.

In 2011 Aptean predecessor company Consona announced its knowledge management program targeted largely at high tech company’s support groups and customer support organizations that need to capture user manuals, technical diagrams, marketing material and web content.[11]

At the time of its formation, Aptean’s most prominent product offerings include Ross Enterprise for process management, CDC Factory for manufacturing intelligence, Pivotal CRM, Catalyst for warehouse management and Made2Manage for manufacturing ERP.[12]

Aptean announced version 6.8.1 of its customer relationship management product Saratoga in August 2013.[13]

Aptean reported Yaskawa America as a customer for its knowledge management platform.[14]

Aptean announced a complaint management system for financial institutions to help banks address customer service issues and identify business opportunities using customer data.[15]


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