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The BAY DE VERDE PENINSULA is the largest peninsula that makes up part of the Avalon Peninsula , of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador , Canada
. The peninsula separates both Trinity and Conception Bay .


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Starting from the Conception Bay side it commences at the bottom of Conception Bay at Holyrood and continues north to Bay de Verde and Split Point the boundary for Conception Bay. Continuing around the tip of the peninsula to Breakheart Point the boundary point for Trinity Bay and continue in a southerly direction to South Dildo .

The highways servicing the Bay de Verde Peninsula
Bay de Verde Peninsula
are Route 60 , Route 70 , Route 80 , and many local roads.


This peninsula contains the oldest settlements on the island of Newfoundland .


The communities and towns on the Bay de Verde Peninsula
Bay de Verde Peninsula
have grown due to the fishing grounds in its proximity and its closeness to the rich fishing grounds of the Grand Banks
Grand Banks


* Bay de Verde * Burnt Point * Caplin Cove * Carbonear * Chaples Cove * Daniel\'s Cove * Grate\'s Cove * Gull Island * Holyrood * Job\'s Cove * Lakeview * Low Point * Lower Island Cove * Northern Bay * Old Perlican * Red Head Cove * Salmon Cove * Victoria * Woodford


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Coordinates : 47°48′N 53°19′W / 47.80°N 53.31°W / 47.80; -53.31

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