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Benaadir (Somali: Banaadir, Arabic: بنادر‎) is an administrative region (gobol) in southeastern Somalia.[1] It covers the same area as the city of Mogadishu, Somalia's capital. Although by far the smallest administrative region in Somalia, it has the largest population, estimated at 1,650,227 (including 369,288 internally displaced persons) in 2014.[2]


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Overview[edit] Benaadir is bordered by the Middle Shebelle
Middle Shebelle
(Shabeellaha Dhexe) and Lower Shebelle
Lower Shebelle
(Shabeellaha Hoose), as well as the Indian Ocean. "Benaadir" is derived from the Somali banaadir, which means "coast", in reference to the southern Somali coastal cities of Mogadishu, Merka and Barawa. The place name reflects the region's medieval position as a key trade center with Persia, Arabian peninsula
Arabian peninsula
and far east.[3] Its capital is Mogadishu, although the administrative region itself is coextensive with the city. Benaadir is much smaller than the historical region of Benadir, which covers most of the country's central and southern seaboard opposite the Indian Ocean
Indian Ocean
and up to the Juba River, including Mogadishu.[citation needed] Thabit Abdi Mohammed serves as the current Governor of Benaadir and Mayor of Mogadishu. He was appointed by Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed to replace Yusuf Hussein Jimaale. Population[edit] The 1,650,227 residents of Benaadir are 50.7% female and come from 303,021 households.[2] It has the highest percentage of residents who are internally displaced persons among the regions of Somalia, because of its relative safety and availability of resources.[2] Districts[edit] The Benaadir region consists of seventeen districts.[4] Warta Nabada District was previously known as Wardhigley District until it was officially renamed in 2012.[5] Kadha District was formed in 2013 and is still absent from most maps.[6]

Abdiaziz District Bondhere District Daynile District Dharkenley District Hamar-Jajab District Hamar-Weyne District Hodan District Howl-Wadag District Huriwa District Kaxda District[7] Karan District Shangani District Shibis District Waberi District Wadajir District Warta Nabada District Yaqshid District Gubta District


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