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AN GOF was a militant Cornish nationalist group. The organisation takes its name from the trade of Michael Joseph (Cornish name Myghal Josef), An Gof
An Gof
(pronounced Angove), being Cornish for 'The Smith', a leader of the Cornish Rebellion of 1497
Cornish Rebellion of 1497

The extent to which this organisation was exaggerated by media or police is unknown. In one attack, a politician's letterbox was blown up with a bomb. It is uncertain whether other attacks were carried out by the same organisation.

In December 1980, a group calling itself An Gof
An Gof
1980 exploded a bomb at the courthouse in St Austell
St Austell
. In January 1981, they claimed responsibility for a fire at a Penzance
hairdressers (the business was mistaken for the Bristol and West Building Society). Later in the decade, An Gof
An Gof
claimed responsibility for a number of fires, including one at the Zodiac Bingo Hall in Redruth
. They also claimed responsibility for an attempted explosion at Beacon Village Hall in Camborne
and placing broken glass under the sand at Portreath
Beach in 1984, "to deter tourists". Although some commenators believe they were just claiming random acts as their own.

A group claiming to be An Gof
An Gof
stated on 12 March 2007 that it wanted to destroy all English flags in Cornwall
. A statement made by a spokesman for the group was faxed to the Cornish Branch of the Celtic League by an unknown person who withheld his or her telephone number and reads as follows:

Out of respect for many of the decent and honourable Cornish people present today, we have asked our membership to remain inactive. We are aware that reputations were placed on the line by moderate Cornish Nationals who have been subject of death threats from the far right as well as threats of action by the police. However, we wish to make this point very clear: any attempts from hereon to fly the hated and oppressive Flag of St. George
Flag of St. George
of England which we know as the blood banner in this our Country will result in direct action by our organization. For those who question our motives, we refer them to the events of 1497 and 1549 and the years of English Imperialistic repression which has followed. We shall not show the tolerance of those standing Vigil today and our action will be to remove and burn the flags of the English which may cause peripheral damage. An Gof 1497.

In March 2007 a group claiming to be the resurrected "An Gof" committed several acts of vandalism.

This was followed on 13 June 2007 with a declaration by a previously unheard of group called the Cornish National Liberation Army which claimed to have formed due to a merger of An Gof
An Gof
and the Cornish Liberation Army and declared the restaurants owned by Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver
and Rick Stein
Rick Stein
to be enemies of the Cornish people. A number of arrests were made.

On 8 July 2017, the Daily Mail reported that the Cornish Republican Army (CRA) 'formerly known as 'An Gof' had 'claimed responsibility' for fire damage at Rick Stein's restaurant in Porthleven, in the early hours of 12 June 2017.


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