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Amauroascus is a genus of fungi in the family Onygenaceae.[1] The genus was described by German mycologist Joseph Schröter in 1893, with Amauroascus verrucosus as the type species.[2] Species[edit]

Amauroascus albicans Amauroascus aureus Amauroascus burundensis Amauroascus cubensis Amauroascus desertorum Amauroascus javanicus Amauroascus kuehnii Amauroascus malaysianus Amauroascus mutatus Amauroascus niger Amauroascus oblatus Amauroascus purpureus Amauroascus tropicalis Amauroascus verrucosus Amauroascus volatilis-patellis


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Amauroascus in Index Fungorum

Taxon identifiers

Wd: Q4740661 EoL: 16339 Fungorum: 152 GBIF: 2595949 IRMNG: 1033972 MycoBank: 152

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