Vietnam War

The 22nd Division of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) was part of the II Corps that oversaw the region of the central highlands north of the capital Saigon. The 22nd Division was based in Ba Gi near the south central coast. The Division was raised initially as the 2nd Light and 4th Light Divisions in 1955. The 4th Light Division was renamed the 14th Light Division in 1956. Both were combined to become the 4th Infantry Division, which was later renamed the 22nd Division in 1959.[1][2]

The Division comprised the following:

  • Division HQ
  • 40th Regiment
  • 42nd Regiment
  • 43rd Regiment
  • 47th Regiment
  • 1 Battalion of 155mm artillery
  • 3 Battalions of 105mm artillery
  • 1 Battalion of Sapper/Engineers

North Vietnamese armoured units equipped with T-54 tanks achieved one of their most notable victories in April 1972[citation needed] when the PAVN 203rd Armored Regiment attacked the ARVN 22nd Infantry Division at Tân Cảnh, which dominated a main route into the city of Kontum. After a two-day artillery barrage, eighteen T-54 tanks from the 203rd regiment attacked the 22nd Division at dawn from two directions, breaking the ARVN unit, which quickly abandoned its positions.[3]


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