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Yellow-shouldered Amazon
The YELLOW-SHOULDERED AMAZON (Amazona barbadensis) also known as YELLOW-SHOULDERED PARROT is a parrot of the genus Amazona that is found in the arid areas of northern Venezuela
, the Venezuelan islands of Margarita and La Blanquilla , and the island of Bonaire
(Caribbean Netherlands ). It has been extirpated from Aruba
and possibly also Curaçao
. CONTENTS * 1 Description * 2 Behavior * 2.1 Diet and feeding * 2.2 Breeding * 3 Status * 4 References * 5 External links DESCRIPTION Front view The yellow-shouldered amazon is mainly green and about 33 cm long. It has a whitish forehead and lores, and a yellow crown, ocular region and - often - ear coverts and chin. The bare eye-ring is white. The thighs and the bend of the wing ("shoulder") are yellow, but both can be difficult to see. The throat, cheeks and belly often have a bluish tinge

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