A cookhouse is a small building where cooking takes place. Often found at remote work camps, they complemented the and were usually found on es that employed s, or in a . Prior to the 20th century, cookhouses were a feature of some private residences where the kitchen was a separate building so the heat and smoke from cooking was kept away from the main residential building.

Types of cookhouses

In North America, cookhouses were a standard feature of remote work sites, as the working men (e.g. s, , , etc.) needed large amounts of food for the strenuous work they performed. In logging camps, were important to the morale of the workers. In some cases, workers would follow a cook to the camp where they were working each season. The cookhouse was one of the key buildings at any work site, along with the bunkhouse and . The use of a cookhouse was not limited to resource extraction industries. es also use a style of cookhouse to feed their workers and performers. In the 1930s, the worked in many remote areas, like the in the of eastern . The was expanded with two ranger residences, a fire warehouse, a gas house, a garage, a generator shed, and a cookhouse. Large institutions, like Ireland's , also had a cookhouse to serve the needs of the institution.

Residential usage

In the , antebellum , like the or the , had a cookhouse separate from the main house to keep the main house from overheating. An example is the in New Jersey which had an unattached cookhouse. In , a common feature in homes prior to the 20th century was to have a cookhouse separate from the residence. With time and newer technologies this has changed with the kitchen being brought into the house.

Military usage

A military version of the cookhouse is the , the compartment of a , , or where food is cooked and prepared for consumption in the . In the province of , north of , the town of may have gotten its name from a small stone house used for shelter and cooking by troops camping on the bank of the .


File:Cookhouse interior, unidentified logging camp, Pacific Northwest, ca 1900 (INDOCC 192).jpg, Cookhouse interior, unidentified , , circa 1900 File:Totara Estate, Mens Quarters & Cookhouse.jpg, Men's quarters and cookhouse at File:The Ordnance Chief Officer's Cookhouse, Henriville, Boulogne (24703850058).jpg, The Ordnance Chief Officer's Cookhouse, Henriville, Boulogne, circa 1917 File:NJ Cumberland County Captain Edward Compton House 0005.jpg, Reconstructed cookhouse at the File:Lumber jacks, 1917 - 15664637774.jpg, Canadian lumberjacks in 1917, photo by

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