''Vaucheria'' is a genus of Xanthophyceae or yellow-green algae. It is one of only two genera in the family Vaucheriaceae. The type species of the genus is ''Vaucheria disperma''. ''Vaucheria'' exhibits apical growth from the tip of filaments forming mats in either terrestrial or freshwater environments. Its filaments form coenocytes with a large central vacuole pushing against the surrounding cytoplasm; the vacuole extends along the entire filament except for the growing tip. The chloroplasts are located on the periphery of the cytoplasm with the nuclei aggregating toward the center near the vacuole. It has a diplontic life cycle,van den Hoek, C., D.G. Mann, and H.M. Jahns 1995. Algae: an introduction to phycology, pp. 124, 129. Cambridge University Press (623 pp). previously thought to be haplontic.

Selected species

*''Vaucheria borealis'' * ''Vaucheria disperma'' *''Vaucheria geminata'' *''Vaucheria hercyniana'' *''Vaucheria litorea'' *''Vaucheria sessilis'' *''Vaucheria terrestris'' *''Vaucheria woroniniana'' *Vaucheria jonsai *Vaucheria hemata


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