Type may refer to:

Science and technology


* Typing, producing text via a keyboard, typewriter, etc. * Data type, collection of values used for computations. * File type * TYPE (DOS command), a command to display contents of a file. * Type (Unix), a command in POSIX shells that gives information about commands. * Type safety, the extent to which a programming language discourages or prevents type errors. * Type system, defines a programming language's response to data types.


* Type (model theory) * Type theory, basis for the study of type systems * Arity or type, the number of operands a function takes * Type, any proposition or set in the intuitionistic type theory * Type, of an entire function#Order and type, entire function ** Exponential type


* Type (biology), which fixes a scientific name to a taxon * Dog type, categorization by use or function of domestic dogs


* Type is a design concept for lettering used in typography which helped bring about modern textual printing in the publishing industry * Type can refer to a font style, e.g., "italic type" * Movable type, in letterpress printing * Sort (typesetting), in letterpress printing * Typesetting, the composition of text by means of arranging types * Typeface, the overall design of lettering used in a collection of related fonts * Type design, the art and process of designing typefaces * Type foundry, a company that designs or distributes typefaces * Typewriter, a mechanical or electromechanical machine for writing characters similar to those produced by a printer's movable type


* Ideal type * Normal type * Typification

Other uses

* Type (acting), a way of characterizing an actor by the sort of role they are well-suited for or fit into easily, or by their performance style * Type & antitype, in Typology (theology), Typology, in Christian theology and Biblical exegesis * Type (song), "Type" (song), a 1990 song by the band Living Colour * Type (designation), a model numbering system used for vehicles or military equipment ** Type Museum, museum about the above * Architectural type, classification of architecture by functional types (houses, institutions), morphological types or historical types Architectural style subcategories * U.S. Navy type commands, senior commands for the specific "type" of weapon system (i.e., naval aviation, submarine warfare, surface warships) employed * Type of Constans, a 648 edict issued by Byzantine Emperor Constans II * Type (metaphysics), in philosophy * Type-token distinction, in logic, linguistics, and computer programming

See also

* Typology (disambiguation), the study of types * Categorization * Kind (disambiguation) {{disambiguation