Turl Street is a historic street in central
Oxford Oxford () is a city in England. It is the county town In the United Kingdom The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom (UK) or Britain,Usage is mixed. The Guardian' and Telegraph' u ...

, England.


The street is located in the city centre, linking
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Broad Street
at the north and
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at the south. It intersects with Brasenose Lane to the east, and
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and Ship Street to the west. These streets link Turl Street to the busy Cornmarket, and to the iconic
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. It is colloquially known as The Turl and is home to three of the
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's historic colleges:
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and Lincoln. It meets the High Street by the early 18th century
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church, which has been Lincoln College's library since the 1970s.


Turl Street was called St Mildred's Street in 1363, but was known as Turl Gate Street by the mid-17th century. It acquired this name from a twirling gate (demolished in 1722) which was in a
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in the city wall. The part to the south of Ship Street was known as Lincoln College Lane in 1751. Originally the Turl came to an abrupt halt at its junction with Ship Street, where it reached the city wall and the twirling gate. By 1551, it was extended by a path (known as "The path leading from the Hole in the Wall") to reach what is now Broad Street, and in 1722 the gate was removed altogether. The Turl has been closed to traffic (except for access) since 1985. A rising
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, installed by the
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, cuts it off in the middle.


As well as the three Turl Street colleges, the street houses several shops, including a sports shop, a bar and restaurant (the Turl Street Kitchen), a costume shop, an
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bookshop, two jewellery shops, a café, a stationery shop (Scriptum Fine Stationery), a leather goods shop, a whisky shop, a wine shop (located on the site of the traditional shoe shop Ducker & Son) and the traditional gentleman's tailors, Walters of Oxford. The site now occupied by the Turl Street Kitchen was once the QI Building ("QI Oxford") (associated with the
Quite Interesting
Quite Interesting
television series). The Turl Street colleges also have student housing above and around many of these shops.


Turl Street is the subject of an obscure
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