The Tokyo Anime Awards started in 2002, but was named in 2005. The first, second and third award ceremonies were simply named 'Competition'. The award ceremonies were held at the Tokyo International Anime Fair (TAF) until 2013. In 2014, after the merger of the Tokyo International Anime Fair with the Anime Contents Expo and the formation of the AnimeJapan convention, the Tokyo Anime Awards was changed into a separate festival called Tokyo Anime Awards Festival (TAAF). Notably, there are ''Open Entry Awards'' for amateur creators (the Grand Prize winner is awarded with one million yen).Information about the awards
at the 6th event (2007)
Though there are ten main judges, the total number of judges is over one hundred people.
at the fourth event (2005). There was 197 judges. See the comment of Joe Hisaishi Various groups participate in judging the festival, such as anime studio staff members, professors of universities, as well as producers and chief editors of various magazines. (''See also'': Animation Kobe).

Animation of the Year

All anime released from December 1 of the year before the festival to November 30 of the current year in Japan become candidates. The anime that best represents the category it was nominated in is chosen as the winner of that category. In the first year of the celebration, the award was given to ''Spirited Away'' as 'Grand Prix'. In the second year, there was no Animation of the Year award; therefore, the 'Best Entry Awards' in the 'Notable Entries' are often recognized as 'Grand Prix', they were: ''Millennium Actress'' (film), ''Hanada Shōnen-shi'' (TV) and ''Sentō Yōsei Yukikaze'' (OVA) Since 2014, Tokyo Anime Award Festival has given an Anime of the Year Grand Prize in two categories, Film and Television. ;Notes :a. Anime of the Year Grand Prize

Open Entries / Competition Grand Prize

The awards for the creator of the non-commercialized work for TV, movie and OVA, to find new talents and to provide support for subsequent commercialization. The work must be an animation longer than 15 seconds, and no longer than 30 minutes. If the work was not commercialized before, professional creator also can enter this Grand Prize.about open entry
at the 6th event (2007)
The 2007 winner, ''Flutter'', was the first work from a non-Asian country to win this award. ;Notes :b. Best Entry Award in Amateur Category :c. Best Entry Award in Student Category :d. Competition Winning Programs

Notable Entry

The excellent works of the year are chosen according to each section.

Individual awards

The individual awards for the activities of the previous year.

Best Director

The awards for directors. Though this award does not limit to the directors of films, it has a tendency to be given to film directors.

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