Taiwanese Hakka is a language group consisting of Hakka dialects spoken in Taiwan, and mainly used by people of Hakka ancestry. Taiwanese Hakka is divided into five main dialects: Sixian (), Hailu (), Dabu (), Raoping (), and (). The most widely spoken of the five Hakka dialects in Taiwan are Sixian and Hailu. The former, possessing 6 tones, originates from Meizhou, Guangdong, and is mainly spoken in Miaoli, Pingtung and Kaohsiung, while the latter, possessing 7 tones, originates from Haifeng and Lufeng, Guangdong, and is concentrated around Hsinchu. Taiwanese Hakka is also officially listed as one of the national languages of Taiwan. In addition to the five main dialects, there are the northern Xihai dialect and the patchily-distributed Yongding, Fengshun, Wuping, Wuhua, and Jiexi dialects.

Hakka-related tourist attractions in Taiwan

* Dongshih Hakka Cultural Park * Hakka Round House * Kaohsiung Hakka Cultural Museum * Liudui Hakka Cultural Park * Meinong Hakka Culture Museum * Miaoli Park * New Taipei City Hakka Museum * Pingtung Hakka Cultural Museum * Taipei Hakka Culture Hall * Taoyuan Hakka Culture Hall * Tuniu Hakka Cultural Museum

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