Siam is the former name of Thailand, and is used to refer to the historical region of Central Thailand, usually including Southern Thailand. Siam or SIAM may also refer to:


*Siam, Ohio, an unincorporated community in the United States *Siam area, area in the Pathum Wan district of Bangkok, Thailand **Siam BTS Station, rail station which serves this area *Rue de Siam or Siam Street, a street in Brest, France

Historical kingdoms

*Sukhothai Kingdom (1238-1438), a kingdom in what is now north central Thailand that eventually merged with Ayutthaya *Ayutthaya Kingdom (1350-1767), a Siamese kingdom centered on the city of Ayutthaya *Thonburi Kingdom (1767-1782), a kingdom with its capital in Thonburi, which is now part of Bangkok *Rattanakosin Kingdom (1782–1932), a kingdom in Thailand until the Siamese revolution


*Salón Internacional del Automóvil México, an annual auto show in Mexico City *Service integration and management, an information technology management framework *Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), an academic society

Other uses

*Siam (name), a surname and given name, including notable people with the name *Siam (duo), a Colombian musical duo **''Siam'' (album), their debut album

See also

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