The Shannon River Basin consists of the area containing Ireland, Ireland's longest river, the River Shannon, and all of its tributaries and lakes. The official Ordnance Survey Ireland length of the Shannon from its Shannon Pot source is made up of tidal water flow and freshwater flow.


The Shannon Basin is Ireland's largest basin with an area of . Including the estuary and the River Feale, the total catchment drains a total of .Biology and Management of European Eel (Anguilla anguilla, L) in the Shannon Estuary, Irelan

/ref> It has a Long Term Average Flow of (at Limerick, Limerick City).South Eastern River Basin Management: Page 38
This is double the flow rate of Ireland's second largest river, the River Corrib (). If the discharges from all of the rivers and streams into the Shannon Estuary (including the rivers Feale 34.6 m3/s, Maigue 15.6 m3/s, Fergus 25.7 m3/s, and Deel 7.4 m3/s) are added to the discharge at Limerick, the total discharge of the River Shannon at its mouth at Loop Head reaches . The River Shannon is a traditional freshwater river for just 45% of its total length. Excluding the tidal estuary from its total length of , if one also excludes the lakes (Lough Derg (Shannon), L. Derg 24 mi, Lough Ree, L. Ree 18 mi, Lough Allen, L. Allen 7 mi plus Lough Boderg, L. Boderg, Lough Bofin (River Shannon), L. Bofin, Lough Forbes, L. Forbes, Lough Corry, L. Corry) from the Shannon's freshwater flow of , the Shannon as a freshwater river is only about long. The Shannon River Basin is part of the ''Shannon International River Basin District'' (SHIRBD) administrative area which has an area of in area. In addition to the Shannon Basin, the district also covers coastal parts of County Kerry, Kerry and County Clare, Clare which drain to the sea. The SHIRBD contains of rivers, of coastline including estuaries, and 113 lakes, including 53 over in size. The main land use throughout the SHIRBD area is agriculture (70.7%). Peatlands (11.1%) and forestry (3.2%) are also important. The SHIRBD's population is 618,884 at (Census data 2002).

Furthest sources

There are some tributaries within the River Shannon system which have headwaters that are further in length (from source to mouth) than the Shannon Pot source, such as the Owenmore River (County Cavan) in County Cavan, which flows west for through the valley of Glangevlin before joining the Shannon about below the Shannon Pot at Lugnashinna, thus adding to the Shannon's overall length, bringing it to . Also the Boyle River (Ireland), Boyle River has a similar claim. The river flow from the furthest reaches of the Boyle catchment to Limerick city has a measurement of . When added to the Shannon's estuary this gives a total river flow of , which makes it the longest river within the River Shannon basin (from source to mouth)— longer than the Shannon Pot source. Thus the Boyle-Shannon river can be regarded as having the longest natural river flow in Ireland.


The River Shannon Basin touches more than half (17) of Ireland's counties:- County Limerick, Limerick, Clare, County Tipperary, Tipperary, County Offaly, Offaly, County Westmeath, Westmeath, County Longford, Longford, County Roscommon, Roscommon, Kerry, County Galway, Galway, County Leitrim, Leitrim, Cavan, County Sligo, Sligo, County Mayo, Mayo, County Cork, Cork, County Laois, Laois, County Meath, Meath and County Fermanagh, Fermanagh. There are many towns situated in the Shannon Basin. Towns and Villages (with 2011 populations) within the Shannon River Basin and the rivers and riverbanks on which they stand: River Shannon, Shannon River: (going downstream) *Dowra *Drumshanbo (Lough Allen Canal - Left Bank) 857 *Leitrim, County Leitrim, Leitrim Village (L. Bank) 485 *Carrick-on-Shannon 3,980 *Jamestown, County Leitrim, Jamestown (L. Bank) *Drumsna (L. Bank) 247 *Drumod (Lough Boderg - L. Bank) 356 *Roosky (Right Bank) 188 *Termonbarry (R. Bank) 366 *Cloondara (L. Bank) *Lanesborough–Ballyleague, Lanesborough 1,388 *Athlone 20,153 *Clonmacnoise (L. Bank) *Shannonbridge (L. Bank) 206 *Banagher (L. Bank) 1,653 *Portumna (R. Bank) 1,530 *Terryglass (Lough Derg - L. Bank) *Mountshannon (Lough Derg - R. Bank) 152 *Dromineer (Lough Derg - L. Bank) 113 *Ballina, Tipperary, Ballina (L. Bank) 2,442 *Killaloe, County Clare, Killaloe (R. Bank) 1,292 *O'Briensbridge 235 *Castleconnell (L. Bank) 1,917 *Ardnacrusha (village), Ardnacrusha *Limerick City 87,081 *Shannon, County Clare, Shannon (S. Estuary - R. Bank) 9,673 *Kilrush (S. Estuary - R. Bank) 2,695 *Carrigaholt (S. Estuary - R. Bank) *Foynes (S. Estuary - L. Bank) 543 *Glin, County Limerick, Glin (S. Estuary - L. Bank) 577 *Tarbert, County Kerry, Tarbert (S. Estuary - L. Bank) 551 *Ballylongford (S. Estuary - L. Bank) 418 *Ballybunion (S. Estuary - L. Bank) 1,354 Shannon River tributaries: * ''Boyle River (Ireland), Boyle river'': Boyle, County Roscommon, Boyle 2,588 * ''Lung river'': Ballaghaderreen (outskirts) 1,822 * ''River Camlin, Camlin river'': Longford 9,601 * ''Hind river'': Roscommon (outskirts) 5,693 * ''River Inny (Leinster)'': Mullingar 20,103 * ''River Brosna'': Ballymahon 1,563, Ferbane 1,165, Tullamore (Tullamore river) 14,361 * ''River Suck'': Castlerea 1,985, Athleague 241, Ballinasloe 6,577 * ''Little Brosna River, Little Brosna river'': Birr, County Offaly, Birr 5,452 * ''Ballyfinboy River'': Borrisokane 1,145, Cloughjordan 511 * ''Nenagh River, Nenagh river'': Nenagh 8,439 * ''River Graney'': Scariff 798 * ''Bunratty river'': Sixmilebridge 1,839, Bunratty 219 * ''River Fergus'': Ennis 25,360, Newmarket-on-Fergus 1,773 * ''River Maigue'': Adare 1,106 * ''River Deel'': Rathkeale 1,550, Askeaton 1,149 * ''River Feale'': Listowel 4,338, Abbeyfeale 2,007

Tributary Sub Catchments

Freshwater Catchments (With Areas - km2) Going downstream Left Bank: *L Allen (upstream from L. Allen outlet) 415 km2 *Eslin River 73 km2 *River Rinn 311 km2 *Camlin River 352 km2 *River Inny (Leinster) 1,254 km2 *River Brosna 1,248 km2 *Little Brosna River 662 km2 *Ballyfinboy River 182 km2 *Nenagh River 321 km2 *Mulkear River 660 km2http://europeaneel.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/chapter-2-study-area.pdf Right Bank: *Boyle River (Ireland), Boyle River 725 km2 *Hind River 78 km2 *River Suck 1,600 km2Dublin Marine Institute 1998: ''Studies of Irish Rivers and Lakes: Moriarty, Christopher - Table 10.1.'' *Cappagh/Kilcrow 414 km2 *River Graney 295 km2 Estuarine Catchments Areas Left Bank: *River Maigue 1,0002 *River Deel 426 km2 *River Feale 1,170 km2 Right Bank: *Bunratty River 233 km2 *River Fergus 1,043 km2 There are many other smaller tributaries which join the Shannon along its journey.


There are a multitude of lakes within the Shannon River Basin, both on the main river and throughout the sub-catchments. Here is a table showing the major lakes:

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