Portora Royal School located in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, was one of the Public Schools founded by the Royal Charter in 1608, by James I, making it one of the oldest schools in Ireland at the time of its closure. Originally called Enniskillen Royal School, the school was established some ten years after the Royal Decree, in 1618, 15 miles outside Enniskillen at Ballybalfour, before moving to Enniskillen in 1661. It was not until 1778 that the school moved to its final location on Portora Hill, Enniskillen, where the nucleus of the later all boys school was built. The school admitted a mixture of boarders and day pupils for much of its history, but became a day school in the 1990s. On 28 June 2016, Portora Royal School closed. Portora Royal School amalgamated with Enniskillen Collegiate Grammar School which launched the mixed Enniskillen Royal Grammar School on 1 September 2016, which is partially based on the original site of Portora Hill and the site of Enniskillen Collegiate Grammar School.

Notable headmasters

*1935–1945: I. M. B. Stuart, Ireland rugby footballer.

Old Portorans

::See also :Category:People educated at Portora Royal School *Desmond Arthur, early 20th century pilot *Samuel Beckett, winner of Nobel Prize in Literature and the only winner of the Nobel Prize to have played first-class cricket. *James David Bourchier, journalist and Bulgarian confidantJames Quinn. 2009. ''Bourchier, James David. In James McGuire, James Quinn (ed.), Dictionary of Irish Biography''. Cambridge, United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press. *Denis Parsons Burkitt, surgeon. *Sir Andrew Clarke, Governor of the Straits Settlements *Edward Cooney, Cooneyite founder *Nigel Dodds, politician – MLA and Member of Parliament, Deputy Leader of the Democratic Unionist Party *Gordon Dunne, MLA *Cyril Falls, World War 1 military historian. *Ken Fleming, civil engineer and foundations specialist *James Gamble, founder of Procter & Gamble. *Neil Hannon, singer and songwriter *William Hearn, legal academic. *George Hegarty, World War 1 flying ace. *Michael Jackson, Church of Ireland Lord Archbishop of Dublin (and formerly Lord Bishop of Clogher) *Sir Jim Kilfedder, former Unionist MPPatrick Maume. 2011. ''Kilfedder, Sir James. In James McGuire, James Quinn (ed.), Dictionary of Irish Biography''. Cambridge, United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press. *Dickie Lloyd, cricketer and rugby union player. *Rev Henry Francis Lyte, Anglican minister and Hymn writerPatrick M. Geoghegan. 2009. ''Lyte, Henry Francis. In James McGuire, James Quinn (ed.), Dictionary of Irish Biography''. Cambridge, United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press. *Billy McComb, world famed entertainer and magician *Leo McKinstry, journalist and author *Donald Burgess McNeill, physics academic, transport author, keen rower, and first Esquire Bedale of Southampton University *Sir Roy McNulty CBE, businessman. *Vivian Mercier, literary critic *Dr E. Charles Nelson, botanist. *Sir Edward Sullivan, 1st Baronet, Lord Chancellor of Ireland. *Blessed Fr. John Sullivan S.J. - Jesuit priest.Loobey, John. (2017). ''Blessed John Sullivan: A Man Sent By God''. Dublin: Messenger Publications. . *Sir Charles Tegart, Commissioner of the Indian Police and Palestine fort builder. * Emily Valentine - 1st known woman to play rugby *Leslie Waddington, art dealer *Peter Webb, cricketer and business executive *Harry West, politician (Ulster Unionist Party leader and Stormont Minister) *Oscar Wilde, playwrightRobinson, James. 2005. ''Pentecostal Origins: Early Pentecostalism in Ireland in the Context of the British Isles: Studies in Evangelical History and Thought''. Milton Keynes, United Kingdom: Paternoster, pp. 34–35.. *H.M. French, artist and latinist

Oscar Wilde

Former pupil Oscar Wilde won a scholarship to Trinity College Dublin, and his name appears on the school's Honours board. There is also an Ulster History Circle Blue Plaque on the school building commemorating him. Wilde's name was painted over in 1895 following his imprisonment. Additionally, initials he had carved into the window casement of a classroom as a student there were removed. His name was later reinstated on the Honours board.

Formation of Enniskillen Royal Grammar School

A proposal by the Department of Education to merge Portora Royal School with the Enniskillen Collegiate Grammar School to form "Enniskillen Royal Grammar School" was approved by the Minister of Education, John O'Dowd, in June 2015 but the matter was taken to the High Court in October 2015 due to a lot of local opposition. The High Court bid to stop the amalgamation of the two Enniskillen grammar schools failed.

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*Portora Castle


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