Matthew Jay Hullum (born September 29, 1974) is an American director, producer, writer, actor and visual effects supervisor living in Austin, Texas. He is one of five co-founders and former CEO of production company Rooster Teeth, which specializes in online content, including live-action series, podcasts, animation and machinima, an art using game engines to create films. Alongside longtime business partner Burnie Burns, he was named one of Variety's top Digital Entertainment Execs to Watch in 2018.

Early life

Matthew Jay Hullum was born in Atlanta, Georgia on September 29, 1974, to librarian Cheri Johnston (born 1945) and sports journalist and freelance writer Everett Hullum (1942–2015).


Hullum met his production partner Burnie Burns while working at TSTV at the University of Texas at Austin. He recalled loving the creative freedom due to the lack of "gatekeepers" at the station. He would graduate with a Bachelor of Science in film. Alongside Burns, he would direct, write and produce their directorial debut ''The Schedule'' (1997), starring his roommate Joel Heyman. He would go on to work as the visual effects coordinator for Hollywood films such as ''The Faculty'' and ''Driven''. Hullum voices Sarge in the Rooster Teeth original series ''Red vs. Blue'', of which he also directs, produces and serves as casting director. He directed the science fiction comedy film ''Lazer Team'', the first feature-length film Hullum has directed in over 18 years. Hullum co-wrote the film alongside Burnie Burns, Chris Demarais, and Josh Flanagan. Hullum has directed four music videos for singles by the Barenaked Ladies, "Odds Are", "Did I Say That Out Loud?", "Say What You Want" and "Lookin' Up".

Personal life

Hullum married lawyer and actress Anna (née Hurayt) on August 26, 2000. They live in Austin, Texas with their two children. His father, Everett Hullum, died on July 12, 2015, aged 73.





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