''Inspector Gadget 2'', (sometimes called ''Inspector 2 Gadget'' and ''IG2'') is a 2003 American live-action superhero film, superhero comedy film, released direct-to-video on VHS and DVD on March 11, 2003. The film is based on the Inspector Gadget (1983 TV series), 1983 cartoon series created by DIC Entertainment and is a sequel to the 1999 film, ''Inspector Gadget (film), Inspector Gadget''. Unlike the first film (which has a serious and darker tone and received a PG rating), ''Inspector Gadget 2'' received a G rating and is considered a more faithful adaptation of the original animated series; the characters' personalities were altered to be more in line with their cartoon counterparts and Doctor Claw's face is never shown. Gadget and Claw are never referred to as "John Brown" and "Sanford Scolex", their respective civilian names from the first film (though Claw's communicator is still labeled as "Scolex Industries"; Claw also reveals to his minions that all his assets, including his "multi-million-dollar high-rise evil headquarters", were confiscated by the police following his arrest in the previous movie). The film received mixed reviews, although its reception slightly improved over the first movie. With the exception of D. L. Hughley, who returned as the voice of the Gadgetmobile, none of the actors from the 1999 film reprised their roles.


Inspector Gadget and his Gadgetmobile are having problems in their line of work, mostly because of Gadget's overzealous nature and his paranoia about minor crimes committed by citizens. Gadget is put on probation by an angry Chief Quimby after criminally charging Quimby's mother for going slightly above the speed limit on a mostly-deserted highway. At this time, Dr. Claw escapes from prison, seeking to get revenge against Gadget for putting him in prison and to restart his multi-million-dollar empire. Mayor Wilson takes this opportunity to create G2, a female Gadget-type robot that can function normally compared to the original Gadget, who not only was born a human but has been malfunctioning as of late. Gadget begins to fall in love with G2, though G2 does not reciprocate as she prefers to work alone, viewing him as a nuisance but at the same time appreciates his determination to fight crime. Dr. Claw begins a new plan to steal gold from the Federal Reserve. Gadget makes repeated attempts to stop Claw, but is continually foiled by his own bumbling and gadgetry glitches; his antics also prevent G2 from being successful in stopping Claw. Gadget's bumbling allows Dr. Claw's men to steal components for Claw's latest scheme and get away with it. Chief Quimby becomes increasingly frustrated and eventually relieves Gadget of duty after an incident at a science convention involving Claw's men putting an override chip on Gadget, allowing Claw to control Gadget like a puppet and cause all kinds of damage. When Penny realizes that her uncle was fired and asks if there is anything she can do to help, Gadget tells her that she is still too young and to not get involved. Meanwhile, Dr. Claw's henchmen are now free to steal the rest of the components for Claw's scheme. Penny decides to examine the evidence on her own and eventually finds Claw's hideout at an abandoned bowling factory in the outskirts of the city. She infiltrates the hideout, but Claw and his men capture her. After a series of unsuccessful jobs, Gadget gets a job as a limo driver. At Mayor Wilson's fundraiser, Claw infiltrates the event and activates a bowling pin containing laughing gas to keep the people busy as he steals a 50,000-karat ruby, though G2 is immune to the gas. In order to stop the robot, Claw uses a magnet to trap G2. Afterwards, Claw and his minions escape, but Gadget fails to recognize them. After G2's failure, Quimby is ordered by Mayor Wilson to deactivate the robot and terminate the Gadget program. Feeling that G2 was scapegoated, and still in love with her, Gadget goes to Baxter's laboratory to reactivate G2, an act which leaves G2 realizing that Gadget cares for her. Brain (voiced by Jeff Bennett, Jeff Glenn Bennett), having escaped Claw's men, tells them through a dog translation device that Claw has kidnapped Penny and has used the three stolen supplies (ionic fuel cells, a protoid laser, and a ruby) to build a super-weapon. Upon realizing that Claw is based in the bowling factory, Gadget finally connects the evidence Penny previously presented to him (the bowling shoe) and regrets not listening to her. Gadget asks G2 to help him save Penny and foil Claw's scheme, and G2 agrees. The next day, Claw activates his machine, which was hidden in a delivery truck. The weapon is a laser that freezes time in Riverton, allowing Claw and his minions to easily rob the Federal Reserve. Claw has plans to not only use the laser against Riverton, but also the entire world, so he can rob Fort Knox and a variety of other places. Both Gadgets manage to avoid the weapon's blast, and confront Claw and his minions at the Federal Reserve. Claw orders his minions to attack Gadget and G2 so he can get away. Gadget and G2 decide to switch chips in order to make Gadget work perfectly, leaving G2 to deal with the glitches but to still successfully capture Claw's hired goons. Gadget chases after Claw, who is escaping in an ice cream truck, but Claw drops Penny off the truck with explosives attached to her. After saving Penny's life from an explosion, Gadget and Penny reunite with G2 and the Gadgetmobile. At a bridge, Gadget stops Claw's truck with a puddle of bubble gum. Claw's minions try to escape, but get stuck in the smear of bubble gum and are arrested. When Gadget orders Claw to put his hand (and claw) up, Claw gets away in a rocket-like escape pod, proclaiming: "You may have won this round, but I'll get you next time, Gadget!" After Claw escapes, Gadget, Penny and G2 go to Claw's laser to unfreeze Riverton. Both Gadget and G2 are congratulated by Mayor Wilson and Chief Quimby (who happily reinstates Gadget) for their heroic efforts, with Gadget also giving credit to Penny, admitting he is proud to have her as a partner. After the meeting, Gadget and G2 share a kiss outside the city hall. In the process, fireworks emerge from Gadget's hat. A firecracker lands right near Quimby and Wilson and the fuse burns out. After a few seconds, it explodes, causing both Wilson and Quimby to angrily yell out to Gadget.


*French Stewart as Inspector Gadget *Elaine Hendrix as G2 *Tony Martin (Australian actor), Tony Martin as Inspector Gadget (1983 TV series), Dr. Claw *Caitlin Wachs as Penny *Jeff Bennett, Jeff Glenn Bennett as Brain the Dog (voice) *D. L. Hughley as Gadgetmobile (voice) *Mark Mitchell (actor), Mark Mitchell as Chief Quimby *Sigrid Thornton as Mayor Wilson *Bruce Spence as Baxter *Alethea McGrath as Mrs. Quimby (cameo) *Mungo McKay as the Bartender *James Wardlaw as Brick *John Batchelor (actor), John Batchelor as McKible *Nick Lawson as Squint *Mick Roughan as Jungle Bob *Siros Niaros as The Ninja *Brian McDermott as Mr. Morgan


The film was shot entirely in and around Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Filming locations included the Queensland University of Technology Gardens Point Campus, Queensland Parliament House, University of Queensland St Lucia Campus, South Bank Parklands, Brisbane, South Bank Parklands Beach, Toowong, Toowong Village, Anglican Church Grammar School and the William Jolly Bridge.


The film received mixed reviews. Rotten Tomatoes reported that 40% of critics have given the film a positive review based on 5 reviews, with an average rating of 4.40/10. Joe Leydon of ''Variety (magazine), Variety'' gave the film a negative review. ''Radio Times'' gave the film a two out of five stars. Common Sense Media gave the film a three out of five stars, saying, "Silly sequel has cartoonish violence, stereotyping."


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