Helena may refer to:


*Helena (given name), a given name (including a list of people and characters with the name) *Katri Helena (born 1945), Finnish singer *Helena, mother of Constantine I



*Helena (island)

United States

* Helena, Montana, the capital of Montana ** Helena National Forest, Montana ** Helena, Montana micropolitan area ** Lake Helena, Montana * Helena, Alabama * Helena, Arkansas * Helena, California * Helena, Georgia * Helena, Louisiana * Helena Township, Michigan * Helena, Huron County, Michigan * Helena, Marquette County, Michigan * Helena Township, Minnesota * Helena, Mississippi * Helena, Missouri * Helena, New York * Helena, Ohio * Helena, Oklahoma * Helena, Texas * Helena, Wisconsin * Battle of Helena July 4, 1863, at Helena, Arkansas


* Helena Island (Nunavut) * Helena Lake, Saskatchewan


* ''Helena'' (1924 film), a silent German film directed by Manfred Noa * ''Helena'', a 2008 Colombian film * ''Helena'', a 2014 Argentine film


* ''Helena'' (Machado de Assis novel), 1876 novel by Machado de Assis * ''Helena'' (Waugh novel), 1950 novel by Evelyn Waugh * Helena (''A Midsummer Night's Dream''), a character from William Shakespeare's ''A Midsummer Night's Dream''


* "Helena" (Hugo Raspoet song), 1970 * "Helena" (My Chemical Romance song), 2004 * "Helena Beat," a 2011 song by Foster the People * "Helena", a song by The Misfits from the 1999 album ''Famous Monsters'' * "Helena", a song by Nickel Creek from the 2005 album ''Why Should the Fire Die?'' * "Helena", a song by Will Haven from the 2007 album ''The Hierophant'' * "Helena", a 1972 song by Jack de Nijs * "Helena", a 1973 song by Leapy Lee * "Helena", a 1963 instrumental by Ladi Geisler


* HMS ''Helena'', name of various Royal Navy ships * ''Helena'', a packet boat, built in the United States in 1841 * USS ''Helena'', name of various United States Navy ships * USS ''Helena I'' (SP-24), United States Navy patrol boat


* Helena morpho or ''Morpho helena'', a butterfly of the family Nymphalidae * "Helena", theoretical founding ancestor of Haplogroup H * "Helena", name used in ancient Greece for the phenomenon now referred to as St. Elmo's fire * 101 Helena, main belt asteroid

Other uses

* HELENA, the Helmholtz Graduate School Environmental Health * G-AAXF ''Helena'', a named Handley Page H.P.42 airliner

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* Elena (disambiguation) * Eleni (disambiguation) * Helen (disambiguation) * Helene (disambiguation) * Hellen * Saint Helena (disambiguation) {{disambiguation|geo|surname