Edwards may refer to:


* Edwards (surname) * Edwards family, a prominent family from Chile * Edwards Barham (1937-2014), a former member of the Louisiana State Senate * Edwards Pierrepont (1817–1892), an American attorney, jurist, and orator


*Edwards County (disambiguation) (multiple) *Edwards Islet (Ducie Island), in the Pitcairn Islands


*Edwards Beach, site of one Sydney artists' camps, New South Wales *Edwards Islet (Tasmania)

United States

*Edwards, Arkansas, in Prairie County *Edwards, California *Edwards, Colorado *Edwards, Illinois *Edwards, Kentucky, in Logan County (see April 2, 2006 tornado outbreak) *Edwards Dam, a former dam on the Kennebec River in Maine *Edwards, Michigan *Edwards, Mississippi *Edwards, Missouri *Edwards (town), New York *Edwards (village), New York *Edwards, Wisconsin *Edwards Air Force Base, in California *Edwards Plateau region of Texas **Edwards Aquifer, an aquifer in that region *Edwards County, Illinois *Edwards County, Kansas *Edwards County, Texas *Edwards Township, Michigan *Edwards Township, Minnesota

Corporations and products

*Edwards (company), a fire protection and signaling systems corporation *A. G. Edwards, a full-service US securities broker-dealer *Edwards Lifesciences, a manufacturer of cardiovascular disease treatment equipment *Edwards (Vacuum), a vacuum engineering company *Edwards Theaters, a movie theatre chain owned by Regal Entertainment Group *ESP Edwards Series, an electric guitar brand produced by the ESP company in Japan *''Edwards'', a brand name of frozen pies owned by the Schwan Food Company *''Edwards Super Food Store'', a former supermarket chain in the United States *Edwards Personal Preference Schedule, a non-projective personality inventory *JD Edwards, a computer software company


*USS ''Edwards'', the name of various United States Navy ships

Court cases

* Edwards v. Aguillard, a 1987 U.S. Supreme Court ruling on teaching Creationism in Louisiana * Edwards v. Arizona, a 1981 U.S. Supreme Court ruling on police interrogation and the fifth amendment * Edwards v. California, a 1941 U.S. Supreme Court ruling on interstate migration * Edwards v. Habib, a 1968 D.C. Circuit (United States) decision on retaliatory eviction * Edwards v. Habib, a 1953 U.S. Supreme Court ruling on demonstrations at a state house * Indiana v. Edwards, a 2008 U.S. Supreme Court ruling on competency to stand trial * Edwards v. Canada (Attorney General), also known as the Persons Case, a 1930 case in the Judicial Committee of the Imperial Privy Council on women's eligibility to be members of the Canadian federal Senate * Edwards v National Coal Board, a 1949 English Court of Appeal ruling on the meaning of "reasonably practicable" * Grant v Edwards, a 1986 English Court of Appeal case on common intention

Other uses

*Edwards River (disambiguation) *Edwards syndrome, a genetic disorder

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