The Commonwealth Broadcasting Association (CBA) is a representative body for public service broadcasters throughout the
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, founded in 1945. A
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non-government organisation, the CBA is funded by subscriptions from 102 members and affiliates from 54 countries. The stated goal of the CBA is to promote best practices in public service broadcasting and to foster freedom of expression. It also serves to provide support and assistance to its members through training, bursaries, consultancies, networking opportunities and materials for broadcast. The CBA holds a biennial general conference, with the last one held in
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, Scotland, United Kingdom in 2014. It also aims to provide consultancy to member organisations in areas of management and finance and help local organisers who need specialised help in running broadcast-related workshops. In addition it offers a number of bursaries to full-time employees of its member organisations to enhance their skills and knowledge.


The CBA traces its roots to a broadcasting conference on 15 February 1945 between
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and the
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. This brought together representatives of the broadcasting organisations that had co-operated closely in reporting the
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and was held in the council chamber of
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in London. The title "Commonwealth Broadcasting Association" was adopted in
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in 1974 as well as the CBA charter. It stipulates that membership "shall be open to publicly owned national public service broadcasting organisations, or groups of such organisations, which are responsible for the planning, production and presentation of broadcast programmes in Commonwealth countries". This was modified in 1995 to allow for membership of commercial companies with a commitment to public service broadcasting and to allow for affiliate membership.


CBA Full Members

Australian Broadcasting Corporation The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is Australia's national broadcaster. It is principally funded by the direct grants from the Australian government, and is administered by a board appointed by the government of the day. The ABC p ...
Special Broadcasting Service The Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) is a hybrid-funded Australian public broadcasting, public service broadcaster. About 80 per cent of funding for the company is derived from the Australian Government. SBS operates five TV channels (SBS (Aus ...
* Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas ( ZNS-TV/ ZNS-1) *
Bangladesh Betar Bangladesh Betar ( bn, বাংলাদেশ বেতার) or BB is the national public broadcaster of Bangladesh Bangladesh (, bn, :bn:বাংলাদেশ, বাংলাদেশ, ), officially the People's Republic of Banglad ...
(Radio) * Bangladesh Television * Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation * Starcom Network * Botswana Department of Broadcasting Services * Radio Television Brunei * Cameroon Radio Television * Canadian Broadcasting Corporation * TV Ontario * Radio Cayman 1 * Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation * Eswatini Broadcasting and Information Service * Eswatini Television Authority * Ghana Broadcasting Corporation * Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation * Grenada Broadcasting Network *National Communications Network * All India Radio * Doordarshan * Lok Sabha Television * New Delhi Television * CVM Communications Group * RJR Communications Group * Kenya Broadcasting Corporation * Nation Broadcasting Division * Lesotho National Broadcasting Service * Malawi Broadcasting Corporation * Radio Television Malaysia * MNBC (MNBC One (TV Channel), MNBC One/Voice of Maldives) * Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation * Radio Montserrat * Independent Television of Mozambique * Rádio Moçambique * Soico Television * Televisão de Moçambique * Namibian Broadcasting Corporation * Māori Television * Radio New Zealand * Television New Zealand * Channels TV * Daar Communications * Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria * Gateway Radio, Ogun State Broadcasting * Nigerian Television Authority * Voice of Nigeria * Eye Television Network Limited (renamed as Hum Network) * Geo TV * Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation * Pakistan Television Corporation * EM TV * Rwanda Bureau of Information and Broadcasting * ZIZ-TV, Ziz Broadcasting Corporation * National Broadcasting Corporation * Samoa Quality Broadcasting Corporation * Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation * Mediacorp * Sierra Leone Broadcasting Services * One News Limited * e.tv * South African Broadcasting Corporation * Capital Maharaja, The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited
(MBC Networks and MTV Channel) * ITV Independent Television Tanzania * Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation * Tonga Broadcasting Commission * Caribbean New Media Group * CCN TV6 * Uganda Broadcasting Corporation * BBC, British Broadcasting Corporation * Islam Channel * Manx Radio *Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation

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