This Charles Sanders Peirce bibliography consolidates numerous references to the writings of
Charles Sanders Peirce Charles Sanders Peirce ( ; September 10, 1839 – April 19, 1914) was an American philosopher, logician, mathematician and scientist who is sometimes known as "the father of pragmatism". Educated as a chemist and employed as a scientist for ...
, including letters, manuscripts, publications, and . For an extensive chronological list of Peirce's works (titled in English), see the (Chronological Overview) on the (Writings) page for Charles Sanders Peirce.


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Main editions (posthumous)


Primary literature

Bibliographies and microfilms

Other bibliographies of primary literature

* Burks, Arthur W. (1958). "Bibliography of the Works of Charles Sanders Peirce." CP 8:260–321. * Cohen, Morris R. (1916). "Charles S. Peirce and a Tentative Bibliography of His Published Writings." '' The Journal of Philosophy, Psychology, and Scientific Methods'' 13(26):726–37. *Fisch, Max H. (1964). "A First Supplement to Arthur W. Burks's Bibliography of the Works of Charles Sanders Peirce." In ''Studies in the Philosophy of Charles Sanders Peirce, Second Series.''Also contains a bibliography of secondary literature prior to 1964 (pp. 486–514). *— (1966). "A Second Supplement to Arthur W. Burks's Bibliography of the Works of Charles Sanders Peirce." ''Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society'' 2(1):51–53. *— (1974). "Supplements to the Peirce Bibliographies." ''Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society'' 10(2). * Fisch, Max H., and Daniel C. Haskell (1952). "Some Additions to Morris R. Cohen's Bibliography of Peirce's Published Writings." Pp. 375–81 in ''Studies in the Philosophy of Charles Sanders Peirce''. * Kloesel, Christian J. W. (1982). "Bibliography of Charles Peirce 1976 through 1980," (''The Relevance of Charles Peirce'' 2). ''
The Monist ''The Monist: An International Quarterly Journal of General Philosophical Inquiry'' is a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal in the field of philosophy. It was established in October 1890 by American publisher Edward C. Hegeler. History Ini ...
'' 65(2):246–76. *
NOAA Central Library The NOAA Central Library is the flagship library of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) network of over 20 research libraries. It is also a selective federal depository library for United States federal government publ ...
. 2007. "Charles Sanders Peirce." ''The Coast and Geodetic Survey Annual Reports 1844–1910 Bibliography of Appendices''. * Parker, Kelly A.Shook, John R. (1998), ''Pragmatism. An Annotated Bibliography 1898–1940,'' with contributions by E. P. Colella, L. Friedman, F. X. Ryan, and I. K. Skrupskelis. Amsterdam: Rodopi.
Rodopi catalog page
(2002) 999 "Charles S. Peirce on Esthetics and Ethics: A Bibliography." ''PEP''. * Shook, John R. (1998), ''Pragmatism. An Annotated Bibliography 1898–1940''.

Main editions

Collected Papers ( CP)

''Collected Papers of Charles Sanders Peirce'', vols. 1–6 (1931–1935), vols. 7–8 (1958).Table of contents of each volume: Collected Papers in "Schriften von Charles Sanders Peirce" at the German Wikipedia (contents in English). Review: Ernest, Paul (1997).
Review of the Electronic Edition of 'The Collected Papers of C. S. Peirce'
" '' Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal'' 10.
* Volume 1, ''Principles of Philosophy'', 1931. * Volume 2, ''Elements of Logic'', 1932. * Volume 3, ''Exact Logic (Published Papers)'', 1933. * Volume 4, ''The Simplest Mathematics'', 1933, 601 pages. * Volume 5, ''Pragmatism and Pragmaticism'', 1934. * Volume 6, ''Scientific Metaphysics'', 1935. * Volume 7, ''Science and Philosophy'', 1958. * Volume 8, ''Reviews, Correspondence, and Bibliography'', 1958. *
Belknap Press Harvard University Press (HUP) is a publishing house established on January 13, 1913, as a division of Harvard University, and focused on academic publishing. It is a member of the Association of American University Presses. After the retire ...
, edition with pairs of volumes bound as one
HUP catalog pages
: **vols. 1–2, 962 pages () **vols. 3–4, 1064 pages () **vols. 5–6, 944 pages () **vols. 7–8, 798 pages (). * Much of Volume 1, without editorial note

* Some of Volume 5, without editorial note

* 1998. Volumes 1–8. Reprinted, Thoemmes Continuum. The Writings or the Chronological Edition ( W) * Peirce Edition Project, eds. (1982–). ''Writings of Charles S. Peirce, A Chronological Edition''. de Waal, Cornelis. 2009.
The Writings of Charles S. Peirce
" ''PEP''. "Work on volume 7, which will contain a selection of Peirce's ''Century Dictionary'' definitions, continues steadily, as does work on volumes 9 (1892–1893) and 11 (Peirce's "How to Reason" aka the "Grand Logic")."
**''Volume 1 (1857–1866)'' **''Volume 2 (1867–1871)'' **''Volume 3 (1872–1878)'' **''Volume 4 (1879–1884)'' **''Volume 5 (1884–1886)'' **''Volume 6 (1886–1890)'' **''Volume 8 (1890–1892)'' * Volumes 1–6
Online via InteLex
Contributions to ''The Nation'' ( CN or N) * Peirce, C. S., "Charles Sanders Peirce: Contributions to ''The Nation''", 4 volumes, Kenneth Laine Ketner and James Edward Cook, eds., Texas Technological University Press, Lubbock, TX, 1975–1987. ** ''Part 1 (1869–1893)'', 1975, 208 pages. ** ''Part 2 (1894–1900)'', 1975, 281 pages. ** ''Part 3 (1901–1908)'', 1979, 306 pages. ** ''Part 4 (Index)'', 1987, 252 pages. In print (TT
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. * Volumes 1–4
Online via InteLex
* The Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism (Ketner ''et al.'') is placing ''Contributions'' and the ''Comprehensive Bibliography'' free online:
The Published Works of Charles Sanders Peirce
'. New Elements of Mathematics ( NEM or NE) * Peirce, C. S., ''The New Elements of Mathematics by Charles S. Peirce'', 4 volumes in 5, Carolyn Eisele, ed., Mouton Publishers, The Hague, Netherlands, 1976
De Gruyter catalog page
Humanities Press, Atlantic Highlands, NJ, 1976. cxxxviii + 2478 pages in total. Each volume has a Library of Congress (LoC) 10-digit
ISBN The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a numeric commercial book identifier that is intended to be unique. Publishers purchase ISBNs from an affiliate of the International ISBN Agency. An ISBN is assigned to each separate edition an ...
. Each volume, except for Volume II, has Mouton copyright information accompanied by ''another'' 10-digit ISBN. Now back in print, the catalog pages showing 12-digit ISBNs different from those generable from the 10-digit ISBNs. ** ''Volume I, Arithmetic'', xl + 260 pages. LoC , Mouton . New . ** ''Volume II, Algebra and Geometry'', xxxi + 672 pages. LoC , no Mouton ISBN in volume. New . ** ''Volume III/1, Mathematical Miscellanea'', xxxix + 763 pages (1–763). LoC , Mouton . New . ** ''Volume III/2, Mathematical Miscellanea'', 390 pages (764–1153). LoC , Mouton . New . ** ''Volume IV, Mathematical Philosophy'', xxviii + 393 pages. LoC , Mouton . New . Some online sources incorrectly list the
ISBN The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a numeric commercial book identifier that is intended to be unique. Publishers purchase ISBNs from an affiliate of the International ISBN Agency. An ISBN is assigned to each separate edition an ...
s of these volumes, for example, sometimes interchanging those of volumes II and III(1/2).
Review PDF
Arthur W. Burks Arthur Walter Burks (October 13, 1915 – May 14, 2008) was an American mathematician who worked in the 1940s as a senior engineer on the project that contributed to the design of the ENIAC, the first general-purpose electronic digital computer. ...
in the ''Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society'', vol. 84, no. 5, Sept. 1978. Historical Perspectives on Peirce's Logic of Science ( HP) * Peirce, C. S., ''Historical Perspectives on Peirce's Logic of Science: A History of Science'', 2 vols., Carolyn Eisele, ed., Mouton De Gruyter
catalog page
, Berlin, New York, Amsterdam, 1985, x + 1,131 pages, hardcover (, ). Back in print, new . Has Peirce's "papers, grant applications, and publishers' prospectuses in the history and practice of science," said Auspitz. * Peirce, C.S., ''The Logic of Interdisciplinarity. Charles S. Peirce, The Monist Series'', Elize Bisanz, ed., Akademie Verlag, Berlin, 2009, 455 pages, hardcover (). Semiotic and Significs ( SS or PW) * Peirce, C. S., and Welby-Gregory, Victoria (Lady Welby), ''Semiotic and Significs: The Correspondence between C. S. Peirce and Victoria Lady Welby'', edited by Charles S. Hardwick with the assistance of James Cook, Indiana University Press, Bloomington and Indianapolis, IN, 1977, 201 pages, paperback (, ). 2nd edition (Peirce Studies #8), 2001, the Press of Arisbe Associates, Elsah, IL, 250 pages, (, ). Essential Peirce ( EP) * Peirce, C. S., ''The Essential Peirce, Selected Philosophical Writings, Volume 1 (1867–1893)'', Nathan Houser and Christian J. W. Kloesel, eds., Indiana University Press, Bloomington and Indianapolis, IN, 1992
by Nathan Houser. * Peirce, C. S., ''The Essential Peirce, Selected Philosophical Writings, Volume 2 (1893–1913)'', Peirce Edition Project, eds., Indiana University Press, Bloomington and Indianapolis, IN, 1998

by Nathan Houser. Philosophy of Mathematics ( PMSW) * Peirce, C. S., ''Philosophy of Mathematics: Selected Writings'', Matthew E. Moore, ed., Indiana University Press, Bloomington and Indianapolis, IN, 2010, publishe
catalog page
First in a series ''Selections from the Writings of Charles S. Peirce''. Hardcover (), paper ()
Table of contents
Includes many writings appearing in print for the first time. Excerpts of previously widely published articles ("The Regenerated Logic", "Prolegomena to an Apology for Pragmaticism", "The Law of Mind") are reprinted, with Moore's introductions.)

Lectures by Peirce

On British Logicians (the 1869–1870 Harvard lectures) * Peirce, C. S. (1869 Dec. – 1870 Jan), lectures at Harvard on the history of logic, focusing on the history of British logic. **"Lecture I. Early nominalism and realism", MS 158: November–December 1869, W 2:310-316, PE

**"Ockam. Lecture 3", MS 160: November–December 1869, W 2:317-336, PE

**"Whewell", MS 162: November–December 1869, W 2:337-347, PE

Reasoning and the Logic of Things ( RLT) (The 1898 Lectures in Cambridge, MA) * Peirce, C. S., ''Reasoning and the Logic of Things, The Cambridge Conference Lectures of 1898'', Kenneth Laine Ketner, ed., intro., and
Hilary Putnam Hilary Whitehall Putnam (; July 31, 1926 – March 13, 2016) was an American philosopher, mathematician, and computer scientist, and a major figure in analytic philosophy in the second half of the 20th century. He made significant contributions ...
, intro., commentary, Harvard, 1992, 312 pages, hardcover (, ), softcover (,
H.U.P. catalog page
Text of the lectures that
William James William James (January 11, 1842 – August 26, 1910) was an American philosopher, historian, and psychologist, and the first educator to offer a psychology course in the United States. James is considered to be a leading thinker of the lat ...
invited Peirce to give in Cambridge, MA. (Extracts variously from drafts and from delivered lectures were earlier published in CP 1.616-677, 6.1-5, 185-213, 214-221, 222-237, 7.468-517.) : Lectures on Pragmatism (LOP) and Pragmatism as a Principle and Method of Right Thinking ( PPM) (the 1903 Harvard lectures) * Peirce, C. S., "Lectures on Pragmatism", Cambridge, MA, March 26 – May 17, 1903. ** Published in part, ''Collected Papers'', CP 5.14–212
Eprint without editorial notes
** Published in full with editor's introduction and commentary, Patricia Ann Turisi, ed., ''Pragmatism as a Principle and Method of Right Thinking: The 1903 Harvard "Lectures on Pragmatism"'' (PPM or HL), State University of New York Press, Albany, NY, 1997
SUNY catalog page
A study edition of Charles Sanders Peirce's lecture manuscripts which had been previously published in abridged form. ** Reprinted, pp. 133–241, Peirce Edition Project (eds.), ''The Essential Peirce, Selected Philosophical Writings, Volume 2 (1893–1913)'', Indiana University Press, Bloomington, IN, 1998. Topics of Logic (the 1903 Lowell lectures and syllabus) * The Syllabus of the 1903 Lowell lectures ** Peirce, C. S. (1903), manuscript materials associated with the Syllabus, C

202, 2.219-226, 2.274-277, 2.283-284, 2.292-294, 2.309-331, CP 3.571-608, CP 4.394-417. ** Peirce, C. S. (1903), "A Syllabus of Certain Topics of Logic" (Syllabus articles selected by the editors), EP 2:258-330 ** Peirce, C. S. (1903), ''A Syllabus of Certain Topics of Logic'', Alfred Mudge & Son, Boston, 23-page pamphlet printed for the lecture audience: p. 1, title & publication, p. 2, Peirce's 104-word preface; pp. 4–9 are headed "An Outline Classification of the Sciences"; pp. 10–14 are headed "The Ethics of Terminology"; and pp. 15–23 are headed "Existential Graphs". * Peirce, C. S. (1903 Nov. 23 – Dec. 17), Lowell lectures on "Some Topics of Logic bearing on Questions now Vexed". ** C

4.510-529, 5.590-604, 6.88-97, 7.110-130, 7.182n7, 8.176

At Robin Catalo

scroll down to "LOWELL LECTURES 1903". ** Lecture I, "What Makes a Reasoning Sound?", EP 2:242-257.

Other collections

Chance, Love, and Logic: Philosophical Essays ( CLL) * Peirce, C. S., ''Chance, Love, and Logic: Philosophical Essays'' edited and introduced by
Morris Raphael Cohen Morris Raphael Cohen ( be, Мо́рыс Рафаэ́ль Ко́эн; July 25, 1880 – January 28, 1947) was an American philosopher, lawyer, and legal scholar who united pragmatism with logical positivism and linguistic analysis. This union coal ...
, with supplementary essay on the pragmatism of Peirce by
John Dewey John Dewey (; October 20, 1859 – June 1, 1952) was an American philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer whose ideas have been influential in education and social reform. He was one of the most prominent American scholars in the f ...
, Harcourt, Brace and Company, Inc., NY, 1923, and Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co., London, 1923. Internet Archiv
Reprinted 1956, George Braziller, hardcover, 318 pages. Reprinted 1998 with additional introduction by Kenneth Laine Ketner, University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, NE
UNP catalog page
318 pages, paperback (, ). Reprinted 2000, under title ''Chance, Love, and Logic'', 386 pages, in series ''D. Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Anglo-American Philosophy'', Routledge, hardcovers (, ). Philosophical Writings of Peirce ( PWP) * Peirce, C. S., ''Philosophical Writings of Peirce'', Justus Buchler, ed., first published as ''The Philosophy of Peirce: Selected Writings'', Harcourt, Brace and Company, NY, 1940, 386 pages, and Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1940, 386 pages. Reprinted, Dover, 1955, 386 pages, paperback (, )
Dover catalog page
Reprinted, 2000 and 2001, under original title, 404 pages, in series ''D. Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Anglo-American Philosophy'', Routledge, hardcovers (, ). :Preface vii :Introduction ix :1. Concerning the Author 1 :2. The Fixation of Belief 5 :3. How to Make Our Ideas Clear 23 :4. The Scientific Attitude and Fallibilism 42 :5. Philosophy and the Sciences: A Classification 60 :6. The Principles of Phenomenology 74 :7. Logic as Semiotic: The Theory of Signs 98 :8. The Criterion of Validity in Reasoning 120 :9. What is a Leading Principle? 129 :10. The Nature of Mathematics 135 :11. Abduction and Induction 150 :12. On the Doctrine of Chances, with Later Reflections 157 :13. The Probability of Induction 174 :14. The General Theory of Probable Inference 190 :15. Uniformity 218 :16. Some Consequences of Four Incapacities 228 :17. The Essentials of Pragmatism 251 :18. Pragmatism in Retrospect: A Last Formulation 269 :19. Critical Common-sensism 290 :20. Perceptual Judgments 302 :21. Two Notes: on Motives, on Percepts 306 :22. The Approach to Metaphysics 310 :23. The Architecture of Theories 315 :24. The Doctrine of Necessity Examined 324 :25. The Law of Mind 339 :26. Synechism, Fallibilism, and Evolution 354 :27. Evolutionary Love 361 :28. The Concept of God 375 :Notes 379 :Index 381 Charles S. Peirce's letters to Lady Welby * Peirce, C. S., ''Charles S. Peirce's letters to Lady Welby'', 55 pages, Whitlock's, Inc. for the Graduate Philosophy Club of Yale University, 1953. Essays in the Philosophy of Science * Peirce, C. S., ''Essays in the Philosophy of Science'', Vincent Tomas, ed., 271 pages, Liberal Arts Press, New York, NY, 1957, and (in a perhaps separate publication) as #17 of the American Heritage Series, Bobbs-Merrill, Indianopolis, IN, 1957. Selected Writings ( SW) * Peirce, C. S., ''Charles S. Peirce: Selected Writings (Values in a Universe of Chance)'', Philip P. Wiener, ed. First published as ''Values in a Universe of Chance: Selected Writings of Charles S. Peirce'', Stanford University Press, Stanford, CA, 1958, hardcover, xxvi + 446 pages, and by Doubleday and Company, 1958, paperback. Reprinted, Dover Publications, New York, NY, 1966, paperback (,
Dover catalog page
Charles S. Peirce: The Essential Writings * Peirce, C. S., ''Charles S. Peirce: The Essential Writings'', Edward C. Moore, ed., Harper & Row, 1972, 317 pages, paperback. Reprinted, with new preface by Richard S. Robin, Prometheus Books, Amherst, NY, 1998, 322 pages, paperback (, )
Prometheus catalog page
Complete T.O.C. is not available online, but book includes "Questions Concerning Certain Faculties Claimed for Man", "The Fixation of Belief", "How to Make Our Ideas Clear", "The Doctrine of Chances", "A Guess at the Riddle", a review of George Berkeley's works, articles by Peirce in Baldwin's dictionary on uniformity, synechism, and his later pragmatism, and other things. Peirce on Signs: Writings on Semiotic ( PSWS) * Peirce, C. S., ''Peirce on Signs: Writings on Semiotic'', James Hoopes, ed., paper, 294 pp., University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, NC, 1991
UNCP catalog page
. Includes, besides the main introduction, separate short introductions also by Hoopes for each of Peirce's writings. :Acknowledgments vii :Introduction 1 :1. An Essay on the Limits of Religious Thought Written to Prove That We Can Reason upon the Nature of God 14 :2. Treatise on Metaphysics16 :3. On a New List of Categories 23 :4. Questions concerning Certain Faculties Claimed for Man 34 :5. Some Consequences of Four Incapacities 54 :6. Grounds of the Validity of the Laws of Logic: Further Consequences of Four Incapacities 85 :7. raser's ''The Works of George Berkeley''116 :8. On the Nature of Signs 141 :9. The Fixation of Belief 144 :10. How to Make Our Ideas Clear 160 :11. One, Two, Three: Fundamental Categories of Thought and of Nature 180 :12. A Guess at the Riddle 186 :13. James's Psychology 203 :14. Mans Glassy Essence 212 :15. Minute Logic 231 :16. Sign 239 :17. Lectures on Pragmatism 241 :18. Pragmatism" Defined246 :19. Prolegomena to an Apology for Pragmaticism 249 :20. The Basis of Pragmatism 253 :21. A Neglected Argument for the Reality of God 260 :Bibliography 279 :Index 281 The Logic of Interdisciplinarity: The Monist-series ( LI) Peirce, C. S. (2009), ''Charles S. Peirce. The Logic of Interdisciplinarity: The Monist-series'', Elize Bisanz, editor. Berlin: Akademie Verlag (now de Gruyter), 2009, 455 pp. Print (). Electronic (). In some places the title is ordered differently, the phrase "The Logic of Interdisciplinarity" coming first. German publication of Peirce's works in English. Bisanz's introduction may be in German. Includes "a short biography" by Kenneth Laine Ketner of Peirce actually entitled "Charles Sanders Peirce: Interdisciplinary Scientist" which includes the entire text of Peirce's 1904 manuscript of his intellectual autobiography. Publisher'
catalog page
(in German). Announcement of the book with table of contents
Google-translated into English
in the original German
(T.O.C. still in English].

Dictionary contributions by Peirce

The Century Dictionary

* Whitney, William Dwight, ed., (1889–1891) ''
Century Dictionary ''The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia'' is one of the largest encyclopedic dictionaries of the English language. In its day it was compared favorably with the ''Oxford English Dictionary,'' and frequently consulted for more factual informati ...
'' (1st ed.), assisted by B. E. Smith. New York:
The Century Company The Century Company was an American publishing company, founded in 1881. History It was originally a subsidiary of Charles Scribner's Sons, named Scribners and Company, but was bought by Roswell Smith and renamed by him after the Century Associa ...
.The ''Century Dictionary'' itself is available both online (at no charge) and on CD at http://www.global-language.com/century/ **See the Peirce Edition Project (PEP; ) o
Peirce's contributions to the Century Dictionary

(Baldwin) Dictionary of Philosophy and Psychology

* Baldwin, James Mark (1901) ''Dictionary of Philosophy and Psychology'' 1-3. **Peirce contributed numerous definitions, attributed to him as "C. S. P.". For list of Peirce entries in A-O, see (under "External links" on this page) #Peirce's definitions in the Baldwin, where there are also links for viewing the dictionary at online mass archives.

Books authored or edited by Peirce, published in his lifetime

* Peirce, C. S. (1878), ''Photometric Researches Made in the Years 1872–1875'', Wilhelm Engelmann, Leipzig, Germany, 181 pages. (Additional title page says "Annals of the Astronomical Observatory of Harvard College. Vol. IX. Observations Made under the Direction of the Late Joseph Winlock, A. M., Phillips Professor of Astronomy and Director of the Observatory". Google Book Searc
users outside the US may not yet be able to gain full access.'' x'' See official Google ''Inside Google Book Search'' blog post "From the mail bag: Public domain books and downloads", November 9, 2006, 11:19 AM, posted by Ryan Sands, Google Book Search Support Team
''Internet Archive'
* Peirce, C. S. (1883, ed.), ''Studies in Logic by Members of the Johns Hopkins University'' ( SIL), Little, Brown, and Company, Boston, MA, 1883. Reprinted: ''Foundations of Semiotics, Volume 1'', Achim Eschbach (series ed. & pref.), Max H. Fisch (intro.), Johns Benjamins, Amsterdam, 1983, 203 pages, hardcover (,
JB catalog page
Google Book Searc
users outside the US may not yet be able to gain full access. ''Internet Archive'
;Extractions and pamphlets * Peirce, C. S. (1867), ''Three papers on logic: Read before the American Academy of Arts and Sciences'', 49 pp. (?), containing "On an Improvement in Boole's Calculus of Logic", "On the Natural Classification of Arguments", and "On a New List of Categories", published as an extraction from ''Proceedings of the American Academy of the Arts and Sciences'' v. 7, which in turn was published in 1868. * Peirce, C. S. (1870), ''Description of a Notation for the Logic of Relatives, Resulting from an Amplification of the Conceptions of Boole's Calculus of Logic'', published as an extraction
via Google Book Search: users outside the US may not yet be able to gain full access to the book), Welch, Bigelow, and Company for Harvard University (1870), from ''Memoirs of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences'', v. 9, pp. 317–378. Reprinted (CP 3.45–149), (W 2:359–429). * Peirce, C. S. (1903), ''A Syllabus of Certain Topics of Logic'', Alfred Mudge & Son, Boston, 23-page pamphlet printed for the audience at his 1903 Lowell lecture series. See under " Topics of Logic".

Articles by Peirce, published in his lifetime

This list includes mainly published philosophical and logical works of some note. Papers by Peirce in many fields were published and he wrote over 300 reviews for ''The Nation''. Sometimes an article below is shown after a special series, but was published during the series. Also note a complicating fact of Peirce scholarship, that Peirce sometimes made significant later corrections, modifications, and comments, for which one needs to consult such works as CP, W, EP, and the (online) '' Dictionary of Peirce's Terms''. NB: Links in this section embedded in page numbers and edition numbers are through ''Google Book Search''. Users outside the US may not yet be able to gain full access to those linked editions. The other links such as to PEP and ''Arisbe'' do not go to ''Google Book Search''. ''Internet Archive'' links generally go to book's relevant page; once there, click on book's title at pane's top for other formats (pdf, plaintext, and so forth; unfortunately, ''Internet Archive'' fails to inform reader about that). Publishers of journals with multiple articles by Peirce (when not too varied in name or fact): * ''
American Journal of Mathematics The ''American Journal of Mathematics'' is a bimonthly mathematics journal published by the Johns Hopkins University Press. History The ''American Journal of Mathematics'' is the oldest continuously published mathematical journal in the Unite ...
''. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins Press. * ''
Popular Science ''Popular Science'' (also known as ''PopSci'') is an American digital magazine carrying popular science content, which refers to articles for the general reader on science and technology subjects. ''Popular Science'' has won over 58 awards, incl ...
Monthly''. Before 1900, New York: D. Appleton & Company. 1901, New York and London: McClure, Philips and Company. * ''
The Monist ''The Monist: An International Quarterly Journal of General Philosophical Inquiry'' is a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal in the field of philosophy. It was established in October 1890 by American publisher Edward C. Hegeler. History Ini ...
''. Chicago: The
Open Court Publishing Company The Open Court Publishing Company is a publisher with offices in Chicago and LaSalle, Illinois. It is part of the Carus Publishing Company of Peru, Illinois. History Open Court was founded in 1887 by Edward C. Hegeler of the Matthiessen-Hege ...
, for the Hegeler Institute. * ''The Open Court''. Chicago: The Open Court Publishing Company, for the Hegeler Institute.


* (1863 January), "The Chemical Theory of Interpenetration", ''American Journal of Sciences and Arts'', Second Series, v. XXXV (published May), No. CIII (January), New Haven: Editors, pp
Reprinted (W 1:95–100). Article dated December 1862. Combines chemical and philosophical considerations. Peirce's first published professional paper, according to the bibliography by Burks in CP 8. * (1864 April), with Noyes, John Buttrick, "Shakespearian Pronunciation", ''North American Review'' v. 98, n. 203, Boston: Crosby & Nichols, pp
369. Brent (1998) called it instrumental in Peirce's developing theory of signs. A review of works by George P. Marsh, Richard Grant White, and George L. Craik. Reprinted (W 1:117-143, for some reaso

though the title appears in th
N.A.R. table of contents
and atop the article's pages). See CP 8 bibliography about the authorship of the unsigned article. * (1867), The ''Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences'' (PAAAS) series. Peirce delivered these papers (the first three orally) in 1867 to the Academy, which published them in 1868; their date is usually given as 1867. Peirce got offprints of the first three bound together as ''Three Papers on Logic'' in 1867 and distributed them.See Fisch, Max

in Introduction to W 2. Many early references to ''Three Papers on Logic'' can b
found online
v. 7
''Internet Archive'
** (1867), "On an Improvement in Boole's Calculus of Logic", PAAAS 7, pp
261. Presented March 12, 1867. Reprinted (CP 3.1–19), (W 2:12–23). ** (1867), "On the Natural Classification of Arguments", PAAAS 7, pp
287. Presented April 9, 1867. Reprinted (CP 2.461–516), (W 2:23–49). ** (1867), "On a New List of Categories", PAAAS 7, pp
Presented May 14, 1867. Reprinted (CP 1.545–559), (W 2:49–59, PE

, (EP 1:1–10), (PSWS 23–33). ''Arisbe'

Peirce's seminal philosophical work. ** (1867), "Upon the Logic of Mathematics", PAAAS 7, pp
Presented September 10, 1867. Reprinted (CP 3.20–44), (W 2:59–69). ** (1867), "Upon Logical Comprehension and Extension", PAAAS 7, pp
432. Presented November 13, 1867. Reprinted (CP 2.391–426), (W 2:70–86, PE

. * (1867 July), Review of
John Venn John Venn, FRS, FSA (4 August 1834 – 4 April 1923) was an English mathematician, logician and philosopher noted for introducing Venn diagrams, which are used in logic, set theory, probability, statistics, and computer science. In 1 ...
's ''The Logic of Chance'', ''North American Review'' 105, Boston: Ticknor & Fields, pp
21. Reprinted (CP 8.1–6), (W 2:98–203, PE

. ''Internet Archive'
* (1868–1869), The ''Journal of Speculative Philosophy'' (JSP) series i
v. II
St. Louis, Mo.: George Knapp & Co., printers and binders. ** (1868), "Nominalism versus Realism", JSP v. II, n. 1, pp
61. Reprinted (CP 6.619-624), (W 2:144-153, PE

. ** (1868), "Questions concerning certain Faculties claimed for Man", JSP v. II, n. 2, pp
114. Reprinted (CP 5.213-263 ), (SW 15–38), (W 2:193–211), (EP 2:11–27), (PSWS 34–53). ''Arisbe'

** (1868), "Some Consequences of Four Incapacities", JSP v. II, n. 3, pp
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title page
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PDF Eprint
(goes to 1870 Report's p. 200, PDF's p. 215). Reprinted (W 3:140-160). * (1871 October), Review of Fraser's ''The Works of George Berkeley'', ''North American Review'' 113, Boston: James R. Osgood & Co., pp
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goes to 1876 Report's p. 197, PDF's p. 222

Reprinted (CP 7.139–157) and in
Operations Research
'' v. 15, n. 4, July–August 1967, pp. 643–648
abstract at JSTOR
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—Article first published December 1879, ''American Journal of Mathematics'' v. 2, n. 4, pp. 394–397 (without the sketches except final map), Google Book
(Google version of map is partly botched)
JSTOR Eprint (free)
''AJM'' version reprinted in W 4:68–71.
—Article reprinted 1880 including publication of all sketches, in the full ''Report'', by the U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C
link goes to Peirce's article on ''Reports p. 191, PDF's p. 215. NOAA's PDF lacks the sketches and map and include
broken link
to their planned online location, NOAA'
Historical Map and Chart Collection
where they do not seem to be as of 7/19/2010. Google Book
(Google botched the sketches and partly botched th
illustration (the map itself)
) Note: Other Googl
edition of 1877 Coast Survey Report
completely omits the pages of sketches including the illustration (the map).
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Presented at least in part, National Academy of Sciences, Newport, RI, 14–17 Oct 1884.See EP 1, headnote 16

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76, which was reprinted as "Science and Immortality" (CP 6.548–556). See CP 8 bibliography. Max Fisch said (1986, p. 229) that it includes Peirce's first argument in print against necessitarianism. * (1887 November), "Logical Machines", ''The American Journal of Psychology'' v. 1, n. 1, Baltimore: N. Murray, pp
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—Peirce wrote the above in support of Abbot, Francis E. (1891), ''Professor Royce's libel'', public letter dated October 1, 1891, published as book, Boston: G. H. Ellis, ''Internet Archive'
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Word-doc Eprint
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Peirce's "modestly suggested" treatment of criminals: in the Christian spirit, transform all prisons into lavish rehabilitation facilities full of kindness and cultural resources, but, since rehabilitation of habitual criminals is a cause with little hope, make their confinement generally permanent. ** (1892 October 13), "The Critic of Arguments. II. The Reader is Introduced to Relatives", ''The Open Court'', v. VI—41, n. 268, pp
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Henry Holt and Company Henry Holt and Company is an American book-publishing company based in New York City. One of the oldest publishers in the United States, it was founded in 1866 by Henry Holt and Frederick Leypoldt. Currently, the company publishes in the field ...
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p. 248
Information supplied by Peirce on his degrees and his fields of research, possibly first written in 1903 (cf

. Second Edition (sometimes called Volume 2) 1910, p
"Peirce, C(harles) S(antiago Sanders)", with a few variations in the text; this is the version quoted by Ketner in 1995 and 2009. * (1906 January), "Mr. Peterson's Proposed Discussion", ''The Monist''
v. XVI, n. 1
151. Oxfor
Reprinted (CP 5.610-614), (LI 287-290). Corrections published in v. XVI n. 2, p
("... on page 149, line 25, the last word should read "definitive" instead of 'definite.' ") * (1906 October), "Prolegomena To an Apology For Pragmaticism", ''The Monist''
v. XVI, n. 4
546; Oxfor
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Reprinted (CP 4.585-593), (LI 394-403). ''Monist'' editor Paul Carus asked Francis C. Russell to write a "popular digest" of Peirce's article, so Russell wrote "Hints for the Elucidation of Mr. Peirce's Logical Work", ''The Monist'' v. XVIII, n. 3, 1908 July, pp
415. Oxfor
* (1908 May), "A Letter from Mr. Peirce", ''The Open Court'', v. XXII, (No. 5), May, NO. 624, p
in response to "Problems of Modern Theology" in v. XXII, n. 4, pp
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p. 45
in Carus, Paul, "On the Nature of Logical and Mathematical Thought", pp
75. Oxfor
''Internet Archive'
p. 45
** Added explanatory note (about passage from letter to Francis C. Russell), quoted on pp
159 in Carus, Paul, "Non-Aristotelian Logic", pp. 158–159. Oxfor
''Internet Archive'

Drafts and manuscripts subsequently published

* (1867), From Peirce's logic notebook, MS 140: March–December 1867, W 2:1–11, PE

* (1867), "Chapter I. One, Two, and Three" (fragment), MS 144: summer-fall 1867, W 2:103–104, PE

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* (1868), "Potentia ex Impotentia", MS 149: Summer 1868, W 2:187-191, PE

* (1868), Letter, Peirce to W. T. Harris, Cambridge MA 1868 Nov. 30. L 183: W. T. Harris Collection. W 2:192, PE

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** (1869–70) "Chapter 2", MS 166, W 2:356–358, PE

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** (1870 spring) "Notes for Lectures on Logic to be given 1st term 1870–71", MS 171, W 2:439–440, PE

* (1872 fall), " n Reality, MS 194, W 3:28ff, ''Arisbe'
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* (1893), "The Categories" MS 403, a later version of most of the 1867 paper "On a New List of Categories". ''Arisbe''   interleaved with the 1867 "New List" for comparison. * (c. 1894), "What Is a Sign?", MS 404; partly in CP 2.281, 285, 297-302; EP 2:4–10. PE

. * (c. 1896), "The Logic of Mathematics; An Attempt to Develop My Categories from Within". CP 1.417–519

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* (1899), "F. R. L." irst Rule of Logic unpaginated manuscript, c. 1899, CP 1.135–140
* (1901) "On the Logic of Drawing History from Ancient Documents, Especially from Testimonies". CP 7.164–231, HP 2:705–762, and (first half) EP 2:75–114. * (1902), "Application of C. S. Peirce to the Executive Committee of the Carnegie Institution" (1902 July 15), partly published in "Parts of Carnegie Application" (L75), NEM 4:13–73. * (1902), "MS L75: Logic, Regarded As Semeiotic (The Carnegie application of 1902): Version 1: An Integrated Reconstruction", Joseph Ransdell, ed., ''Arisbe'

Includes entirety of Manuscript L75, with labeled draft versions interpolated into the final submission of July 1902. Version 1 completed, 1998. * (1902), "The Simplest Mathematics", MS dated January–February 1902, intended as Chapter 3 of the projected ''Minute Logic'', CP 4.227–323. * (c. 1904), "" ("New Elements"), MS 517, NEM 4:235–263. Cf. "New Elements", EP 2:300–324. ''Arisbe'

* (1904), Intellectual autobiography in draft letter L 107 (se

) to Matthew Mattoon Curtis. Published 1983 in "A Brief Intellectual Autobiography by Charles Sanders Peirce" by Kenneth Laine Ketner in ''American Journal of Semiotics'' v. 2, nos. 1–2 (1983), 61–83. Some or all of it is in pp. 26–31 in ''Classical American Philosophy: Essential Readings and Interpretive Essays'', John J. Stuhr, ed., Oxford University Press, US, 1987. L 107 and MS 914 are in "Charles Sanders Peirce: Interdisciplinary Scientist"
first page at Oldenbourg
by Kenneth Laine Ketner in the 2009 Peirce collection '' Logic of Interdisciplinarity''. * (1909), "Existential Graphs", MS 514
of "Existential Graphs MS 514 by Charles Sanders Peirce with commentary by John F. Sowa", that page last modified 23 Jul 2005.

Secondary literature

The ''Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society'', quarterly since spring 1965, contains many Peirce-related articles, most of them ''not'' listed anywhere below, and their Website has a grand table of contents for all issues

Bibliographic resources for secondary literature

* Fisch, Max ** (1964), "A Draft of a bibliography of Writings about C. S. Peirce" in ''Studies in the Philosophy of C. S. Peirce, Second Series'', E. Moore and R. S. Robin, eds., University of Massachusetts Press, Amherst, MA, 1964, pp. 486–514. ** (1966), "A First Supplement to 'A Draft of a bibliography of Writings about C. S. Peirce'", ''Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society'', v. 2, n. 1, spring. ** (1974), "Supplements to the Peirce Bibliographies", ''Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society'', v. 10, n. 2, spring. * Grupo de Estudios Peirceanos (GEP) (2006), "Bibliografía Peirceana (2006)", GEP (Jaime Nubiola, dir.), University of Navarra, Spain. Huge, and plenty both in English and in other languages
* Kloesel, Christian J. W. and Ransdell, Joseph (1977), "Secondary Bibliography" in ''A Comprehensive Bibliography and Index of the Published Works of Charles Sanders Peirce, with a Bibliography of Secondary Studies'', Ketner, Kenneth Laine ''et al.'', eds. Second edition ''A Comprehensive Bibliography of the Published Works of Charles Sanders Peirce'', revised by Ketner ''et al.'', Philosophy Documentation Center, Bowling Green, OH, 1986, 337 pages, hardcover (, )
Online via InteLex
Very extensive secondary bibliography for up till some time in 1977. ( See above for more information.) * Peirce Edition Project Editors
Booknotes ** Vol. 2, No. 1, summer 199

** Vol. 2, No. 2, winter 1995–199

. ** Vol. 3, No. 1, winter 1999  . ** Vol. 3, No. 2, fall 2000  . ** Vol. 4, No. 1, spring 200

* Philpapers: Charles Sanders Peirce
* Ransdell, Joseph (ongoing) "Dissertations On Peirce: with abstracts (when available)", ''Arisbe'', Joseph Ransdell, site owner, Lubbock, TX, ''Arisbe'
* Shook, John R. (ongoing), the
Pragmatism Cybrary
' **"Dissertations on Pragmatism" Eprint

_(often_with_tables_of_contents_from_anthologies_and_journal_issues). *_Shook,_John_R._(1998),_''Pragmatism._An_Annotated_Bibliography_1898–1940.'',_Rodopi,_Amsterdam,_The_Netherlands_and_Atlanta,_GA,_1998,_617_pp._With_contributions_by_E._Paul_Colella,_Lesley_Friedman,_Frank_X._Ryan_and_Ignas_K._Skrupskelis._Hardcover,_(,_)


*_''Transactions_of_the_Charles_S._Peirce_Society.''_(#Abbreviations.html" ;"title="rom 1896 onward
**Books and Journal Issues about Pragmatism

(often with tables of contents from anthologies and journal issues). * Shook, John R. (1998), ''Pragmatism. An Annotated Bibliography 1898–1940.'', Rodopi, Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Atlanta, GA, 1998, 617 pp. With contributions by E. Paul Colella, Lesley Friedman, Frank X. Ryan and Ignas K. Skrupskelis. Hardcover, (, )
Rodopi catalog page


* ''Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society.'' (#Abbreviations">TCSPS) Quarterly since spring 1965
Articles, essays, notes, and book reviews. Most of the contents are ''not'' listed in the sections below. Their Website has a grand Table of Contents for all issues

. (For book reviews before fall 1997 one must download their spreadsheet).


American Journal of Semiotics
', André de Tienne, Editor, & Jamin Pelkey, Managing Editor—from th

Applied Semiotics / Sémiotique appliquée (AS/SA)
', Peter G. Marteinson & Pascal G. Michelucci, Editors. *
Approaches to Applied Semiotics
' (2000–2009 book series), Thomas Sebeok ''et al.'', Editors. *
Approaches to Semiotics
' (1969–97 book series), Thomas A. Sebeok, Alain Rey, Roland Posner, ''et al.'', Editors. *
', Marcello Barbieri, Editor-in-Chief—from th
International Society for Biosemiotic Studies

Center for Semiotics
Aarhus University, Denmark. *
Cognitive Semiotics
', Per Aage Brandt & Todd Oakley, Editors-in-Chief. *
Cybernetics and Human Knowing
', Søren Brier, Chief Editor. *
International Journal of Signs and Semiotic Systems (IJSSS)
', Angelo Loula & João Queiroz, Editors.
Open Semiotics Resource Center
Journals, lecture courses, etc. *
The Public Journal of Semiotics
', Paul Bouissac, Editor in Chief; Alan Cienki, Associate Editor; René Jorna, Winfried Nöth. *

' (2001–7), Edwina Taborsky, Editor—fro


', Gary Genosko, General Editor; Paul Bouissac, Founding Editor. *
', Stéphanie Walsh-Matthews, Chief Editor—from th
International Association for Semiotic Studies
', Gian Paolo Caprettini, Managing Director; Andrea Valle & Miriam Visalli, Editors. Some articles in English. Home site seems gone from Web, old ur

no longer good, and Wayback Machine cannot retrieve. *
Semiotics, Communication and Cognition
' (book series), Paul Cobley & Kalevi Kull, Editors. *
SemiotiX New Series: A Global Information Bulletin
', Paul Bouissac et al. *

', Kalevi Kull, Kati Lindstrom, Mihhail Lotman, Timo Maran, Silvi Salupere, Peeter Torop, Editors—from th
Dept. of Semiotics, U. of Tartu
Estonia. *

', Richard J. Parmentier, Editor. *
Signs: International Journal of Semiotics
'. Martin Thellefsen, Torkild Thellefsen, & Bent Sørensen, chief eds. *

' (book series), Peeter Torop, Kalevi Kull, Silvi Salupere, Editors. *
Versus: Quaderni di studi semiotici
', founded by Umberto Eco.


* '' Contemporary Pragmatism'', journal of th
International Pragmatism Society
Mitchell Aboulafia and John Shook, eds. Editions Rodopi. *
European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy
'. Rosa M. Calcaterra, Roberto Frega, and Giovanni Maddalena, main editors. Connected with the . *
Nordic Studies in Pragmatism
', & , General Editors. Journal of th
Nordic Pragmatism Network

Overviews and biographies

Articles 1914–1934

* Anonymous (1914 April 23), "Charles S. S. Peirce", '' The Nation'' v. 98, n. 2547, p. 473. Obituary. ''Google Books'
* Franklin, Fabian (1914 April 30), "The Lonely Heights of Science", ''The Nation'' v. 98, n. 2548, pp. 489–490. ''Google Books'
Attributed to Franklin by the ''Comprehensive Bibliography''. * Jastrow, Joseph (1914 May 14), "The Passing of a Master Mind", ''The Nation'' v. 98, n. 2550, p. 571. Letter dated May 6. ''Google Books'
* Peirce, Herbert Henry David and Ellis, Helen Huntington Peirce (1914 May 16), "Charles Sanders Peirce", ''Boston Evening Transcript'', Part 3, p. 3, May 16, 1914. Obituary. ''Google News'
Originally published without attribution. The ''Comprehensive Bibliography'' (p. 157) attributes it to Peirce's youngest brother Herbert; ''His Glassy Essence'' (p. 25) to both Herbert and their sister Helen. (Kenneth Laine Ketner was chief editor of the former and later authored the latter). * Becker, George F. (1914 May 27), "Charles Santiago Sanders Peirce '59", ''Harvard Alumni Bulletin'', v. XVI, n. 4, May 27, pp. 549–550. Google Book
search for the text
* Russell, Francis C. (1914 July), "In Memoriam Charles S. Peirce" in ''The Monist'' v. 24, n. 3. July, 469–472
Google books
search for the text
* Davis, Ellery W. (1914 October), "Charles Peirce at Johns Hopkins" in ''The Mid-West Quarterly'' v. 2, n. 1, pp. 48–56. University of Nebraska – Lincoln. U of N Digital Common
PDF Eprint
''Google Books'
* Woodbridge, J. E. Frederick and Bush, Wendell T., eds. (1916 December 21), Peirce memorial issue, ''The Journal of Philosophy, Psychology, and Scientific Methods'', v. XIII, n. 26. ''Google Books'
(has title page, but some other pages are botched. Links below are to another Google edition which lacks the title page). ** Royce, Josiah, and Kernan, W. Fergus, "Charles Sanders Peirce", pp. 701–709. ''Google Books'

** Dewey, John, "The Pragmatism of Peirce", pp. 709–715. ''Google Books'
Reprinted or adapted in CLL. ** Ladd-Franklin, Christine, "Charles Peirce at the Johns Hopkins", pp. 715–723. ''Google Books'
search for the text
** Jastrow, Joseph, "Charles Peirce as a Teacher", pp. 723–726. ''Google Books'
search for the text
** Cohen, Morris Raphael, "Charles S. Peirce and a Tentative Bibliography of His Published Writings", pp. 726–737. Essay plus bibliography. ''Google Books'
Adapted in part as Introduction in CLL. * Weiss, Paul (1934), "Peirce, Charles Sanders" in the ''Dictionary of American Biography'', pp. 389–403. ''Internet Archive'

* Jastrow, Joseph (1934 November 16 Friday). "The Widow of Charles Peirce", ''Science'', new series 80, pp. 440–441. Obituary of
Juliette Peirce Juliette Peirce (; d. October 4, 1934) was the second wife of the mathematician and philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce. History Almost nothing is known about Juliette Peirce's life before she met Charles—not even her name, which is variously ...

Later articles

* Answers.com, aggregator (accessed January 1, 2011), "Charles Sanders Peirce", reproduces six mostly brief "Charles Sanders Peirce" articles, from ''Britannica Concise Encyclopedia'', ''Gale Encyclopedia of Biography'', ''Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy'', ''Columbia Encyclopedia'', ''Oxford Companion to the Mind'' (credited to J. E. Tiles), and ''Wikipedia''
* Atkin, Albert **(2006), "Charles Sanders Peirce (1839–1914)" in the ''Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy''
**(2006), "C.S. Peirce's Architectonic Philosophy" in the ''Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy''
**(2006), "C.S. Peirce's Pragmatism" in the ''Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy''
**(2006), "Peirce's Theory of Signs" in the ''Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy''
* Auspitz, Josiah Lee **(1983), "The Greatest Living American Philosopher", ''Commentary'' v. 76 n. 6, pp. 51–64. That is, Peirce's ideas live
**(1994), "The Wasp Leaves the Bottle: Charles Sanders Peirce", ''The American Scholar'', v. 63, n. 4, Autumn, 1994, pp. 602–618. ''Arisbe'

* Bloom, Pamela Taylor (2001), "Genius: Charles Sanders Peirce was a genius ahead of his time, a man who will continue to affect science into the 21st century", ''Vistas Magazine'', v. 9, n. 1, winter. Texas Tec
via Internet Archive. On Peirce, also on the Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism, Kenneth Layne Ketner, Charles Hardwick, and Gentry Harris. * Burch, Robert (2001, 2006), "Charles Sanders Peirce", ''Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy'', Jun 22, 2001, substantive revision Jul 26, 2006
* Didion, Keith (1998–2003), "Charles Peirce", ''The Philosophy Guide''

* Halton, Eugene (1995?), "Charles Sanders Peirce 1839–1914: A Brief Outline of His Philosophy: with some relations to linguistics"

(similar to a passage in Halton's 1995 critique of contemporary social theory ''Bereft of Reason''). Most of it also appears, without credit, in the biography section of th
Charles Sanders Peirce
article at ''Philosophy Professor''. * Houser, Nathan ** (1992), "Introduction", EP 1 (1867–1893). PE

(General introduction for both volumes.) ** (1998), "Introduction", EP 2 (1893–1913). PE

(Introduction focusing on Peirce's last two decades). * Kemerling, Garth (undated), "Charles Sanders Peirce (1839–1914)", ''Philosophy Pages'

* Kiryushchenko, Vitaly (2008), "In the Net of Abductions"
PDF Eprint
(University of Helsinki

, a 2008 translation of Chapter 9, which focuses on Peirce's second wife Juliette, in a Russian biography of Peirce (''Charles Sanders Peirce, or the Wasp in the Bottle: An Introduction to the Intellectual History of America''), Territorija buduschego Publishing House, Moscow, March 2009. *
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (abbreviated as NOAA ) is an United States scientific and regulatory agency within the United States Department of Commerce that forecasts weather, monitors oceanic and atmospheric conditio ...
(2006 last update), "Charles Sanders Peirce", ''NOAA History: Giants of Science''
* Oakes, Edward T. (1993), "Discovering the American Aristotle", ''First Things: The Journal of Religion, Culture, and Public Life'', December 1993
* O'Connor, J.J. and Robertson, E.F. (2005), "Charles Sanders Peirce" in the ''MacTutor History of Mathematics''

* Peirce Edition Project editor(s) ** (undated), "Chronology" (of Peirce's life), the Peirce Edition Project, PE

** Houser, Nathan (undated), "Charles S. Peirce". Extract on Peirce' life from unpublished paper. PE

** Fisch, Max H. (1981), "Introduction", W 1, 1857–1866

** Fisch, Max H. (1984), "Introduction", W 2, 1867–1871

** Fisch, Max H. (1986), "Introduction", W 3, 1872–1878

** Houser, Nathan (1989), "Introduction", W 4, 1879–1884

** Houser, Nathan (1993), "Introduction", W 5, 1884–1886

** Houser, Nathan (2000), "Introduction", W 6, 1886–1890

** Houser, Nathan (2009), "Introduction", W 8, 1890–1892
PDF Eprint
* Ransdell, Joseph ** (1986), "Charles Sanders Peirce (1839–1914)" (Entry on Peirce in the ''Encyclopedic Dictionary of Semiotics''), edited by Thomas Sebeok (with Umberto Eco), Mouton de Gruyter, 1986, The Hague), pp. 673–695. Subsequently revised, ''Arisbe'
** (c. 1998), "Who Is Charles Peirce?", ''Arisbe: the Peirce Gateway'' FAQ on Peirce. ''Arisbe'

* Searle, Leroy F. (1994), "Charles Sanders Peirce", ''The Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Criticism and Theory''. Internet Archiv

U of Washingto
* Shin, Sun-Joo and Hammer, Eric (2011), "Peirce's Logic" in the ''Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy''
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hardcover (, ), paperback (, ). * Brent, Joseph L. (1993, 1998), ''Charles Sanders Peirce: A Life'', Indiana University Press, Bloomington, IN, first edition 1993, , . Revised and enlarged edition, 1998, 432 pages
I.U.P. catalog page
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WPG/Cengage catalog page
Electronic editions available only to faculty and students. Systematic exposition of Peirce, organized along the lines of Peirce's own classification of the sciences. * Feibleman, James Kern (1970), ''Introduction to the Philosophy of Charles Peirce'', The MIT Press, 501 pages, hardcover (, ), paperback (, ). * Hogan, Edward R. (2008 January), ''Of the Human Heart: A Biography of Benjamin Peirce'', Lehigh University Pres
catalog page
Bethlehem, PA, paperback (, ). * Hookway, Christopher (1985), ''Peirce'', Routledge and Kegan Paul, London, UK, 1985, 328 pages, hardcover (, ), paper (, ). * Knight, Thomas Stanley (1958? / 1965), ''Charles Peirce'', Washington Square Press(and/or Twayne Publishers?), hardcover, 200 pages. (Online info seems a bit sketchy). * Murphey, Murray G., (1961), ''The Development of Peirce's Philosophy'', Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, 1961 and Oxford University Press, London, UK, 1961. Reprinted, Hackett Publishing Company, Indianapolis, IN, 1993, 448 pages
HPC catalog page
cloth (, ), paper (, ). * Parker, Kelly, A. (1998), ''The Continuity of Peirce's Thought'', Vanderbilt University Press, Nashville, TN, 288 pages
V.U.P. catalog page
cloth (, ). * Peirce, Charles S. and Ketner, Kenneth Laine (1998), ''His Glassy Essence: An Autobiography of Charles Sanders Peirce'', Vanderbilt University Press, Nashville, TN, 416 pages, hardcover (, ). (Draws from Peirce's writings and uses fictional elements). Book's Internet homepage: http://www.wyttynys.net/ * Walther, Elizabeth (1989), ''C. S. Peirce : '', Agis-Verlag, Baden-Baden, Germany.

Arisbe, Peirce House

* Batcheler, Penelope Hartshorne (1983), ''Historic structure report: Architectural data section, Charles S. Peirce house, Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, Pennsylvania (NPS)'', Denver Service Center, Mid-Atlantic/North Atlantic Team, Branch of Cultural Resources, National Park Service, U. S. Dept. of the Interior, 189 pages. * O'Malley, Megan (2000), "Philosopher Charles Peirce", ''Spanning the Gap'' (Newsletter of Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area), v. 22, n. 3, fall. National Park Servic
PDF Eprint
''Internet Archive'

some with sharper photo-images than the PDF has. * Pike County Historical Society at the Columns (undated), "Charles Sanders Peirce"

The Society has a collection of Peirce-related biographical material, books, and correspondence. Milford (Pennsylvania) is in Pike County. ''Internet Archive'

* Ransdell, Joseph (1998), "Why is this Site called Arisbe?", ''Arisbe'
Information on Peirce's home Arisbe. * Solon, Thomas E. (1999), "A Pragmatic Rehabilitation – The Continuing Use of Arisbe, Home of C.S. Peirce", ''Cultural Resource Management'' v. 22, n. 5, National Park Servic
PDF Eprint

Anthologies and journals' special issues

* Anderson, Douglas, ed., Hausman, Carl, ed., and Rosenthal, Sandra, ed. (1999), ''Classical American Philosophy: Its Contemporary Vitality'', University of Illinois Press, Urbana, IL, 280 pages, hardcover (, ), paperback (

* Bernstein, Richard J., Ed., (1965), ''Perspectives on Peirce: Critical Essays on Charles Sanders Peirce'', Yale University Press, 148 pages (), reprinted, Greenwood Press, Westport, CT, 148 pages, hardcover (, ). Amazon lists Peirce as author and Bernstein as editor, but it appears to be an anthology of essays ''about'' Peirce. Google Book Search mentions "Contributor Paul Weiss" for the Greenwood edition. * and (1998), ''C. S. Peirce Categories to Constantinople: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Peirce Leuven 1997'', Leuven University Press, 154 pages, paperback (, )
LUP catalog page
* Brunning, Jacqueline, and Forster, Paul, eds. (1997), ''The Rule of Reason: The Philosophy of C. S. Peirce'', University of Toronto Press, Toronto, ON, 316 pages, hardcover (, ), paperback (,

* Colapietro, Vincent, and M. Olshewsky, Thomas, eds., and Charles S. Peirce Sesquicentennial International Congress, ed. and corporate author (1996), ''Peirce's Doctrine of Signs: Theory, Applications, and Connections'', Mouton de Gruyter, 463 pages, hardcover (, ). * Colapietro, Vincent M., ed. (1998), "C. S. Peirce", ''American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly'', v. 72 n. 2 (Spring 1998): pp. 143–312
ACPQ page
* Debrock, Guy ** and Hulswit, Menno, eds. (1994), ''Living Doubt: Essays concerning the Epistemology of Charles Sanders Peirce (Synthese Library)'', Springer (July 31, 1994), 336 pages, hardcover (, ). ** ed. (2003), ''Process Pragmatism: Essays on a Quiet Philosophical Revolution'', Rodopi, Amsterdam and New York, 199 pages, paperback (, )
Rodopi catalog page
* Eco, Umberto and Sebeok, Thomas Albert, eds. (1984), ''The Sign of Three: Dupin, Holmes, Peirce'', 236 pages, Indiana University Press, hardcover (, ), 1st Midland Book Edition 1988 paperback (,
IUP catalog page
Ten essays on methods of abductive inference in Poe's Dupin, Doyle's Holmes, and Peirce. * Fabbrichesi, Rossella and Marietti, Susanna, Eds. (2006), ''Semiotics and Philosophy in Charles Sanders Peirce'', Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 241 pp., new edition, collects the papers presented to the International Conference Semiotics and Philosophy in C.S. Peirce (Milan, April 2005) with additional contributions, hardcover
CSP catalog page
(, ) and, in 2008, paperback

(, ). * Freeman, Eugene, ed. (1999), ''Relevance of Charles Peirce (Monist Library of Philosophy)'', Open Court, 412 pages, hardcover (, ). Includes "Bibliography of Charles Peirce. 1976 through 1981", by Christian J. W. Kloesel. * Hilpinen, Risto, ed. (1996), ''The Philosophy of C. S. Peirce'', ''Synthese'' v. 106, n. 3, March 1996, pp. 299–455, Springer
Springer catalog page
print , online . Special Peirce issue. * Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism, ed. (1979), ''Studies in Peirce's Semiotic: A Symposium'', essays which Institute members presented at an annual meeting of the Semiotic Society of America in Denver in October 1977. Texas Tech University Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism, Lubbock, TX. * ICCS 1997, Lukose, Dickson, ed., Delugach, Harry S., ed., Keeler, Mary, ed., Searle, Leroy, ed., and Sowa, John F., ed. (1997), ''Conceptual Structures: Fulfilling Peirce's Dream'', Fifth International Conference on Conceptual Structures, ICCS'97, Seattle, Washington, US, August 3–8, 1997. Proceedings. Springer, 621 pages
Springer catalog page
paperback (, ). * Houser, Nathan, Roberts, Don D., and Van Evra, James (eds., 1997), ''Studies in the Logic of Charles Sanders Peirce'', Indiana University Press, Bloomington, IN, 1997
IUP catalog page
653 pages, hardcover (, ). * Kauffman, Louis and Brier, Søren, eds. (2001), ''Peirce and Spencer-Brown: History and Synergies in Cybersemiotics'', special double issue of ''Cybernetics and Human Knowing'', v. 8, n. 1-2, 2001. 2007 edition, Imprint Academic, 225 pages (Amazon entry claims 159 pages), paperback (, )
IA catalog page
* Ketner, Kenneth Laine; Ransdell, Joseph; Eisele, Carolyn; Fisch, Max; and Hardwick, Charles: eds. (1982), ''Proceedings of C. S. Peirce Bicentennial International Congress'' (in Amsterdam), Texas Tech University Press, 399 pages, hardcover (, ). * Ketner, Kenneth Laine, ed., (1995), ''Peirce and Contemporary Thought: Philosophical Inquiries'', Fordham University Press, New York, 444 pages

hardcover (, ). * Kevelson, Roberta, ed. (1991), ''Peirce and Law: Issues in Pragmatism, Legal Realism, and Semiotics'', Peter Lang Publishing Group, 225 pages, hardcover ()
Peter Lang catalog page
* Misak, Cheryl J. (ed., 2004), ''The Cambridge Companion to Peirce'', Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK
C.U.P. catalog page
hardback (, ), paper (, ). Articles by Christopher Hookway, Peter Skagestad, Isaac Levi, C.J. Misak, Douglas Anderson, Sandra B. Rosenthal, Randall R. Dipert, Sami Pihlstrom, John Boler, T.L. Short. * ''
Monist Monism attributes oneness or singleness (Greek: μόνος) to a concept e.g., existence. Various kinds of monism can be distinguished: * Priority monism states that all existing things go back to a source that is distinct from them; e.g., i ...
'' editors ** (1980), ''The Relevance of Charles Peirce, Part I'', ''The Monist'', v. 63 n. 3, July 1980, The Hegeler Institute, ''Monist'
catalog page
** (1982), ''The Relevance of Charles Peirce, Part II'', ''The Monist'', v. 65 n. 2, April 1982, The Hegeler Institute, ''Monist'
catalog page
Includes in pp. 246–276 a 648-item Peirce bibliography by Christian J. W. Kloesel for years 1976–1980. * Moore, Edward C., and Robin, Richard S., eds., ** (1964), ''Studies in the Philosophy of C. S. Peirce, Second Series'', University of Massachusetts Press, Amherst, MA, 1964. Contains a bibliography of secondary literature prior to 1964, pp. 486–514. ** (1992), ''From Time & Chance to Consciousness: Studies in the Metaphysics of Charles Peirce'', Berg Publishers, 256 pages, hardcover (, ). Selected papers, devoted primarily to Peirce's metaphysics, from the Harvard Congress commemorating the 150th anniversary of the birth of Charles Peirce. * Moore, Edward C., ed. (1993), ''Charles S. Peirce and the Philosophy of Science: Papers from the Harvard Sesquicentennial Congress'', University of Alabama Press, Tuscaloosa, AL, 512 pages, hardcover (, ), paperback 2007 ( )
UAP catalog page
* Moore, Matthew E. (2010 November 1?) ''New Essays on Peirce's Mathematical Philosophy'', Open Court

, 384 pages, trade paper (, ). Includes new essays by Christopher Hookway, Sun-Joo Shin, Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen, Daniel Campos, Susanna Marietti, Claudine Tiercelin, Elizabeth Cooke, Fernando Zalamea, Philip Ehrlich, Jérôme Havenel, and Matthew E. Moore. * Muller, John P. and Brent, Joseph L., eds. (2000), ''Peirce, Semiotics, and Psychoanalysis'', The Johns Hopkins University Press, 200 pages, hardcover (, ). * Parret, Herman, ed. (1994), ''Peirce and Value Theory: On Peircean Ethics and Aesthetics'', John Benjamins Publishing Co (June 1994), 381 pages, hardcover (, )
JB catalog page
Most of the essays were presented at the Sesquicentennial Congress (Harvard University, September 1989. * ''Peirce Studies'' editors (#8 in this series is '' Semiotic and Significs'' 2nd edition, and #2-5 & 7 in the series are single-author books; see under authors' names under "Other Works" below or use browser's "Find" feature to find instances of "Peirce Studies #" on this page. Full lis
(once there, scroll down), and #1-6 with fuller informatio

(once there, scroll down). ** (1979), ''Studies in Peirce's Semiotic: A Symposium by Members of the Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism'' (''Peirce Studies'' #1) (1979), Texas Tech University, Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism, 100 pages, hardcover ( ). ** (1999), ''Charles Sanders Peirce Memorial Appreciation'' (''Peirce Studies'' #6), presented at the memorial meeting of the Charles Sanders Peirce Sesquicentennial International Congress, Harvard University, 10 September 1989. Press of Arisbe Associates, Elsah, IL, 48 pages, hardcover ( ). * Rosenbaum, Stuart E., ed. (2003), ''Pragmatism and Religion: Classical Sources and Original Essays'', University of Illinois Press, 336 pages

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gives "1995" as publication date. ** (1998), ''The Peirce Seminar Papers: Essays in Semiotic Analysis'', Peter Lang Publishing, 123 pages, hardcover (,
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Bergahn catalog page
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Blackwell catalog page
(Incl. Peirce articles by Colapietro, Haack, and D. Anderson.) * Tomaselli, Keyan, ed. (2008), ''Peirce Logic and Mining Safety'' (Arnold Shepperson memorial issue)
Critical Arts: A Journal of South-North Cultural and Media Studies
', v. 22, n. 2, November 2008, special issue, Routledge, University of South Africa Press
catalog page
* ''Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society'' editors (1965–present), quarterly since spring 1965. Table of contents, all issue

Articles, essays, notes, and, since fall 1997, book reviews. * Wiener, Philip P., and Young, Frederick (eds., 1952), ''Studies in the Philosophy of Charles Sanders Peirce'', Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, 396 pages. Includes "Some Additions to Morris R. Cohen's Bibliography of Peirce's Published Writings", by Max H. Fisch and Daniel C. Haskell, pp. 375–381.

Other works

* Aliseda, Atocha (2006), ''Abductive Reasoning: Logical Investigations into Discovery and Explanation'', Springer
catalog page
225 pages, hardcover (, ). * Anderson, D. R. (1987), ''Creativity and the Philosophy of C. S. Peirce'', Springer
catalog page
192 pages, hardcover (, ). * Anellis, Irving H. ** (1993), "Review of ''A Peircean Reduction Thesis: The Foundations of Topological Logic'' by Robert Burch" in ''Modern Logic'' v. 3, n. 4, 401-406, Project Euclid Open Acces
PDF 697 KB
Criticism and some suggestions for improvements. ** (1995), "Peirce Rustled, Russell Pierced: How Charles Peirce and Bertrand Russell Viewed Each Other's Work in Logic, and an Assessment of Russell's Accuracy and Role in the Historiography of Logic", ''Modern Logic'', 5, 270–328. ''Arisbe'

** (1997), "Tarski's Development of Peirce's Logic of Relations" (''Google Books'
, in ''Studies in the Logic of Charles Sanders Peirce'', Indiana University Press
catalog page
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* Batke, Peter, ed., ttps://web.archive.org/web/20060105093138/http://www.princeton.edu/~batke/peirce/ Eprint 31 by Peirce online as of February 17, 2009. * Bergman, Mats and Paavola, Sami, eds. ** '' ttp://www.helsinki.fi/science/commens/peircetexts.html Peirce's Writings Online', links to various works and collections of works by Peirce. ** '' ttp://www.helsinki.fi/science/commens/dictionary.html Dictionary of Peirce's Terms', Peirce's own definitions and characterizations, often many per term across the decades. * Kariger, Brian, ed., ttp://www.peirce.org/writings.html ''Charles S. Peirce: Writings'' six classics online by Peirce. * Marty, Robert and Lang, Alfred, eds., " ttp://perso.numericable.fr/robert.marty/semiotique/access.htm 76 Definitions of The Sign by C. S. Peircecollected and analyzed by Robert Marty, with 12 further definitions or equivalents proposed by Alfred Lang. * PEP editors, ttp://www.iupui.edu/~peirce/writings/v2/toc2.htm Volume 2of ''Writings of Charles S. Peirce: A Chronological Edition'', 42 online from Volume 2's 52 by Peirce. * Ransdell, Joseph, ed. ** '' ttp://www.cspeirce.com/menu/library/bycsp/bycsp.htm Works of Charles Sanders Peirce', 95 by Peirce online as of February 17, 2009. ** " ttp://www.cspeirce.com/menu/library/rsources/quotes/iconrole.htm Role of Icons in Predication, passages from Peirce, chronologically ordered. * * . Five by Peirce as of June 17, 2009. * Zeman, Jay J., ed., '' ttps://web.archive.org/web/20050901083355/http://www.existentialgraphs.com/#table2 Peirce on Existential Graphs'. Four online by Peirce.

Collections of Peirce-related articles on the Internet

* Bergman, Mats and Paavola, Sami (eds.), ''Papers'' (at '' Virtual Centre for Peirce Studies at the University of Helsinki''), University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland. 24 papers, 10 authors, as of 1/31/2009. ttp://www.helsinki.fi/science/commens/papers.html Eprint* Queiroz, João and Gudwin, Ricardo (eds.), ''Digital Encyclopedia of Charles S. Peirce'', (unattributed), Brazil. 84 authors listed, links to 51 papers, more papers listed, as of 1/31/2009. ttp://www.digitalpeirce.fee.unicamp.br/ Eprint * Ransdell, Joseph (ed.), ''Interpretants of the Works of Charles Sanders Peirce'' at ''Arisbe: The Peirce Gateway'' (Joseph Ransdell, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy from Texas Tech University). 196 authors, links to 421 papers, as of 1/31/2009. ttp://www.cspeirce.com/menu/library/aboutcsp/aboutcsp.htm Eprint

Bibliographies on the Internet

* "Bibliografía Peirceana (2006)". Grupo de Estudios Peirceanos. Secondary works. Huge, and plenty in English and in Spanish. ttp://www.unav.es/gep/bibliopeirceana.html Eprint * "Bibliography of Finnish Peirce Studies" ('), some in English, some in Finnish. Some links. ttp://www.helsinki.fi/science/commens/finnbibalph.html Eprint* "Charles S. Peirce: Ontology and Semiotics. The Theory of Categories", ''Theory and History of Ontology. A Resource Guide for Philosophers''. Primary and secondary. ttps://archive.today/20130116081907/http://www.ontology.co/peircecs.htm Eprint * "Charles Sanders Peirce". ''Philpapers''. Mostly secondary including some recent articles. ttp://philpapers.org/browse/charles-sanders-peirce Eprint * "C. S. Peirce & Process Thought". The Center for Process Studies. Secondary works. ttp://www.ctr4process.org/publications/Biblio/Thematic/C.S.%20Peirce%20and%20Process%20Thought.html Eprint* Frithjof Dau's page of readings and links on existential graphs includes lists of: books exclusively on existential graphs; books containing existential graphs; articles; and some links and downloadables. ttp://dr-dau.net/eg_readings.shtml Eprint * "The literature of C.S. Peirce's Existential Graphs", Xin-Wen Liu, Institute of Philosophy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, PRC. A whole lot there. ''Internet Archive'' ttps://web.archive.org/web/20081022205810/http://philosophy.cass.cn/facu/liuxinwen/01.htm Eprint * ''Pragmatism Cybrary''. John R. Shook, ed. Many bibliographies. ttp://www.pragmatism.org/ Eprint * "Recommended Books', Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism. Primary and secondary. ttp://www.pragmaticism.net/recommended_books.html Eprint * "Selected Bibliography of Secondary Literature on Charles Peirce", Robert Lane, ed., U. of West Georgia. ttps://archive.today/20120523230754/http://www.westga.edu/~rlane/senior/bibliography-peirce-selected-secondary.html Eprint

Peirce's definitions in the Baldwin

''Classics in the History of Psychology'' (Christopher D. Green) has A-O viewable in HTML format ( ttp://psychclassics.yorku.ca/Baldwin/Dictionary/ Eprint, with indexes of words linked to their definitions. Listed and linked below are Peirce's entries in A-O. Entries shown here without attribution are Peirce's. Mixed attributions are shown here. Boldfaces and parentheses in definition titles are as in the original. Present article's annotations in brackets. Each link is to the relevant page in Christopher D. Green's online HTML version. Peirce also wrote definitions in P-Z, for instance much of the definition of " Pragmatic (1) and (2) Pragmatism", much of that of "Predication", the whole "Matter and Form" (over 4,060 words), and the long main entry on "Uniformity". {{DEFAULTSORT:Peirce, Charles Sanders Bibliographies by writer Cognitive science literature Charles Sanders Peirce Bibliographies of American writers Philosophy bibliographies es:Charles Sanders Peirce#Bibliografía fr:Charles Sanders Peirce#Bibliographie