Chancery may refer to: * Chancery (diplomacy), the building that houses a diplomatic mission, such as an embassy * Chancery (medieval office), a medieval writing office * Chancery (Scotland) (also called The office of Director of Chancery, or Chancellory), the keeper of the Quarter Seal of Scotland, a senior position within the legal system of Scotland until 1928 * Chancery (village), in Ceredigion, Wales * Apostolic Chancery, a former office of the Roman Curia * Chancery Standard of 15th century Middle English * Central Chancery of the Orders of Knighthood, British office that deals with administration of Orders of Chivalry * Diocesan chancery, which houses a diocese's curia * Court of Chancery (disambiguation) ** Court of Chancery, the chief court of equity in England and Wales until its abolition in 1873 * Court of equity, also called a chancery court

Wrestling holds

*Front chancery *Rear chancery *Reverse chancery *Side head chancery, or three-quarter chancery

Writing and typeface styles

* Chancery hand, a name for multiple styles of historic writing * ITC Zapf Chancery, a class of typefaces

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* Chancellery (disambiguation) {{Disambiguation