The ''Belfast Telegraph'' is a daily newspaper published in Belfast, Northern Ireland, by Independent News & Media. Its editor is Eoin Brannigan.unionist tradition, the paper has historically been "favoured by the Protestant population", while also being read within Catholic nationalist communities in Northern Ireland.


It was first published as the ''Belfast Evening Telegraph'' on 1 September 1870 by brothers William and George Baird. Its first edition cost half a penny and ran to four pages covering the Franco-Prussian War and local news. The evening edition of the newspaper was originally called the "Sixth Late", and "Sixth Late Tele" was a familiar cry made by vendors in Belfast city centre in the past. Its competitors are ''The News Letter'' and ''The Irish News'' but local editions of London-based red tops also compete in this market, selling at a cheaper price than the "Tele". Sometimes described as having "unionist leanings", and operating an editorial policy supportive of "moderate unionism", the ''Belfast Telegraph'' was bought by the Dublin-based Independent News & Media group in March 2000. The ''Belfast Telegraph'' was entirely broadsheet until 19 February 2005, when the Saturday morning edition was introduced and all Saturday editions were converted to compact. The weekday morning compact edition was launched on 22 March 2005. In 2015, the ''Telegraph'' launched the magazine supplement ''Family Life''. The paper now publishes two editions daily, ''Belfast Telegraph'' final edition and the ''North West Telegraph'' which is distributed in Derry. Its editor, since April 2020, is Eoin Brannigan.decline in newspaper sales generally, circulation of the ''Belfast Telegraph'' has declined as of the early 21st century, from 109,571 for the period July to December 2002, to 31,340 for the same period in 2019.


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