Asia News Network (ANN) is a news coalition of 24 news organisations from South, Southeast and Northeast Asia, founded in 1999.


Asia News Network members consist of The Korea Herald, China Daily, The China Post (Taiwan), Gogo Mongolia, The Japan News, Dawn (Pakistan), The Statesman (India), The Statesman (India), The Island (Sri Lanka), The Island (Sri Lanka), Kuensel (Bhutan), Kathmandu Post (Nepal), The Daily Star (Bangladesh), Daily Star (Bangladesh), Eleven Media (Myanmar), The Nation (Thailand), The Nation (Thailand), The Jakarta Post (Indonesia), The Star (Malaysia), The Star and Sin Chew Daily (Malaysia), the Phnom Penh Post and Rasmei Kampuchea (Cambodia), The Borneo Bulletin (Brunei), The Straits Times (Singapore), Vietnam News, Philippine Daily Inquirer and Vientiane Times (Laos).

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