Abu ’l-ʿAbbās (or Abū Dj̲aʿfar) Aḥmad ibn ʿAbd Allāh ibn Hurayra al-ʿUtbī (or al-Kaysī) () (died 1126), nicknamed al-Aʿmā al-Tuṭīlī or the Blind Poet of Tudela, was an
'' mūwallad'' poet who composed in
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. Although born in
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, he was raised in
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, where he gained talent in poetry. He later lived in
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. He died young. He was one of the best-known strophic poets and songwriters ('' muwas̲h̲s̲h̲aḥ'' and ''zajal'') of the Almoravid period in Al-Andalus (1091–1145) and competed with Ibn Bajjah in witty compositions at the court of Ibn Tifilwit, the Almoravid governor in Saragossa. He wrote panegyrics to both the Almoravids in al-Andalus and the Banu Kasim in Alpuente (Al-Sahla)Emilio Garcia Gómez, ''In praise of boys: Moorish poems from al-Andalus'', 1975, p.25 and was famous for his love poems. Especially well known is the elegy he wrote on the death of his wife, whom he invokes by the name of Amina.



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