Abu or ABU may refer to:


* Abu (volcano), a volcano on the island of Honshū in Japan * Abu, Yamaguchi, a town in Japan * Ahmadu Bello University, a university located in Zaria, Nigeria * Atlantic Baptist University, a Christian university located in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada * Elephantine, Egypt, known as Abu to the Ancient Egyptians * A. A. Bere Tallo Airport (IATA: ABU), in Atambua, Indonesia * Mount Abu, the highest mountain in the Indian state of Rajasthan


* for the practice of referring to parents by the names of their children, Teknonymy * Ab (Semitic), a common part of Arabic-derived names, meaning "father of" in Arabic * Abu al-Faraj (disambiguation) * Abu Baker Asvat, a murdered South African activist and medical doctor * Abu Ibrahim (disambiguation) * Abu Mohammed (disambiguation) * Abu Salim (disambiguation) * Raneo Abu, Filipino politician

Other uses

* Abu (god), a minor god of vegetation in Sumerian mythology * ABU Garcia, a Swedish producer of sport fishing equipment * Abu language (disambiguation) * Abure language (ISO 639: ABU), a Tano language of Ivory Coast * African Boxing Union, African boxing organization which awards continental titles * Airman Battle Uniform, a utility uniform of the United States Air Force * Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union * l'Association des Bibliophiles Universels, a digital library project that publishes French works in the public domain * Asymptomatic bacteriuria, bacteria in the urine without signs of a urinary tract infection * A character in the Disney ''Aladdin'' franchise * The fifth month of the Babylonian calendar * ABUniverse, a company which sells products for the AB/DL community

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