Year 989 (Roman numerals, CMLXXXIX) was a common year starting on Tuesday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.


By place

Byzantine Empire

* Emperor Basil II uses his contingent of 6,000 Varangians to help him defeat Bardas Phokas the Younger, Bardas Phokas (the Younger), who suffers a seizure during the siege of Abydos (Hellespont), Abydos (threatening to blockade the Dardanelles). Phokas dies, ending the revolt and threat to Constantinople. Upon Phokas' death, the other rebel leader Bardas Skleros (who is captured and Political mutilation in Byzantine culture, blinded) yields to Basil's superior forces.


* Summer – Charles, Duke of Lower Lorraine, Charles, Duke of Lower Lorraine, captures the city of Reims by treachery of its new archbishop, Arnulf (archbishop of Reims), Arnulf (the Legitimacy (family law), illegitimate son of the late King Lothair of France, Lothair III). King Hugh Capet, Hugh I (Capet), demands that Pope Pope John XV, John XV disciplines Arnulf. But John XV, not wishing to defy Empress Theophanu refuses. * Winter – Theophanu arrives with her son, King Otto III in Rome to meet John XV. Crescentius the Younger, Crescentius II (the Younger) offers his submission to the Holy Roman Empire, in return for which she confirms his title as Patrician (post-Roman Europe), patrician of Rome.

By topic


* Charroux Abbey, Council of Charroux: French bishops under the patronage of William IV, Duke of Aquitaine, William IV, duke of Duchy of Aquitaine, Aquitaine, declare the first Peace and Truce of God#Peace of God, Peace of God (or Pax Dei). This agreement grants immunity from violence to noncombatants (peasants and clergy) who can not defend themselves.


* October 25 – The Hagia Sophia at Constantinople is struck by a great earthquake, causing the collapse of the western dome arch. Basil II asks the Armenian architect Trdat the Architect, Trdat, the creator of the Cathedral of Ani, to direct the repairs.


* Sankore Madrasah is founded by Al-Qadi Aqib ibn Mahmud ibn Umar, the Supreme Judge of Timbuktu (modern-day Mali).


* September – Halley's Comet is at Perihelion and aphelion, perihelion.


* September 5 – Fan Zhongyan, chancellor of the Song dynasty, Song Dynasty (d. 1052) * Adémar de Chabannes, French monk and historian (d. 1034) * Al-Jayyānī, Arab scholar and Mathematics in medieval Islam, mathematician (d. 1079) * Chaghri Beg, co-ruler of the Seljuk Empire (d. 1060) * Regelinda, margravine of Margravate of Meissen, Meissen (approximate date)


* January 23 – Adalbero (archbishop of Reims), Adalbero, archbishop of Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Reims, Reims * April 13 – Bardas Phokas the Younger, Bardas Phokas, Byzantine general * October 5 – Henry III, Duke of Bavaria, Henry III, duke of Duchy of Bavaria, Bavaria (b. 940) * Chavundaraya, Indian general, architect and Indian poetry, poet * Chen Tuan, Chinese Taoism, Taoist monk and philosopher * Choe Seungno, Korean politician and poet (b. 927) * Fujiwara no Korenari, Japanese courtier (b. 953) * Fujiwara no Yoritada, Japanese Nobility, nobleman (b. 924) * Glúniairn, Norse-Gael king of Kingdom of Dublin, Dublin (approximate date) * Gofraid mac Arailt, Norse-Gael king of the Kingdom of the Isles, Isles (Hebrides) * Kalokyros Delphinas, Byzantine general (or 988) * Kiurike I, king of Kingdom of Tashir-Dzoraget, Tashir-Dzoraget (Armenia) * Princess Pan, Pan, Chinese princess and wife of Emperor Zhenzong, Zhen Zong (b. 968) * Sharaf al-Dawla, Buyid emir of Kerman and Fars Province, Fars (b. 960)


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