Fifth is the ordinal form of the number five. Fifth or The Fifth may refer to: * Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution, as in the expression "pleading the Fifth" * Fifth column, a political term * Fifth disease, a contagious rash that spreads in school-aged children * Fifth force, a proposed force of nature in addition to the four known fundamental forces * Fifth (Stargate), a robotic character in the television series ''Stargate SG-1'' * Fifth (unit), a unit of volume used for distilled beverages in the U.S. * Fifth-generation programming language * The fifth in a series, or four after the first: see ordinal numbers * 1st Battalion, 5th Marines * A Fraction (mathematics), such as 1/5 * The royal fifth (Spanish and Portuguese), an old royal tax of 20%


* A musical interval (music); specifically, a ** perfect fifth ** diminished fifth ** augmented fifth * Quintal harmony, in which chords concatenate fifth intervals (rather than the third intervals of tertian harmony) * Fifth (chord) ** A chord (music), member separated from the chord's root by one of the above fifth-intervals ** The dominant (music) or fifth diatonic scale degree, and the chord built on it *Musical compositions ** Symphony No. 5 (Beethoven), commonly referred to as Beethoven's Fifth ** ''Fifth'' (Soft Machine album), 1972 ** ''The Fifth'' (Bad Boys Blue album), 1989 ** ''The Fifth'' (Dizzee Rascal album), 2013 ** ''The Fifth'' (Obie Trice album), 2019 ** ''5th'' (Lee Michaels album), 1971 ** ''Fifth'' (The Autumn Defense album), 2014 ** "Fifths" (song), a song by deadmau5 * The Fifth (band), a hard rock band from Fayetteville, North Carolina {{disambiguation