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A training ship is a
ship A ship is a large watercraft that travels the world's oceans and other sufficiently deep Sea lane, waterways, carrying goods or passengers, or in support of specialized missions, such as defense, research, and fishing. Ships are generally disti ...

used to train students as
sailor A sailor, seaman, mariner, or seafarer is a person who works aboard a watercraft as part of its crew, and may work in any one of a number of different fields that are related to the operation and maintenance of a ship. The profession of the sa ...

s. The term is especially used for ships employed by
navies A navy, naval force, or maritime force is the branch of a Nation's armed forces principally designated for naval warfare, naval and amphibious warfare; namely, lake-borne, riverine, littoral zone, littoral, or ocean-borne combat operations and ...

to train future officers. Essentially there are two types: those used for training at sea and old hulks used to house classrooms. The hands-on aspect provided by
sail training From its modern interpretations to its antecedents when maritime nations would send young naval officer candidates to sea (e.g., see Outward Bound), sail training provides an unconventional and effective way of building many useful skills on and ...
has also been used as a platform for everything from semesters at sea for undergraduate oceanography and biology students, marine science and physical science for high school students, and character building for at-risk youths.

Notable training ships

Royal Navy The Royal Navy (RN) is the United Kingdom's naval warfare Naval warfare is human Humans (''Homo sapiens'') are the most populous and widespread species of primates, characterized by bipedality, opposable thumbs, hairlessness, and int ...

* ''Ganges'' * ''Defiance'' * ''Arethusa'' * ''Bristol'' * ''Clio'' * ''Conway'' * ''Cornwall'' * ''Exmouth'' (2) * ''Excellent'' * ''Foudroyant'' * ''Indefatigable'' (1914–) * ''Lion'' (1871–) including adjacent '' Implacable'' * ''Mars'' * ''Mercury'' *
TS Mercury The Training Ship ''Mercury'', or TS ''Mercury'', was a shore-based naval training establishment at Hamble-le-Rice, Hamble in Hampshire. History The Training Ship ''Mercury'' was one of a number of similar, mostly static training ships located roun ...
* ''Mount Edgcumbe'' *
* ''Southampton'' * HMS Waterloo (1833), ''Warspite'' * HMS Hermione (1893), ''Warspite'' * HMS Worcester (1843), ''Worcester'' * HMS Wellesley, ''Wellesley'' * HMS St Vincent (1815), ''St Vincent''

Other navies

'' at Venice, 2006 File:TV 3508 - JDS Kashima BB 2.jpg, The JDS Kashima (TV-3508), JDS ''Kashima'' at Portsmouth, in 2008 * Algerian Navy ** ''El-Mellah'' of the Algerian Navy * Argentine Navy ** ARA Presidente Sarmiento, ARA ''Presidente Sarmiento'' (Tall ship, now a museum ship) ** ARA Libertad (Q-2), ARA ''Libertad'' (Sailing ship) * Bangladesh Navy ** BNS_Shaheed_Ruhul_Amin_(1994)#Career_in_Bangladesh, BNS ''Shaheed Ruhul Amin'' of the Bangladesh Navy * Brazilian Navy ** ''Cisne Branco'' of the Brazilian Navy (Tall ship) * Bulgarian Navy ** Kaliakra (ship), ''Kaliakra'' of the Bulgarian Navy (Barquentine) * Canadian Navy ** HMCS Oriole, HMCS ''Oriole'' of the Royal Canadian Navy (Sail training) ** HMCS Grisle (SS-71) was originally USS Burrfish (SS/SSR-312) a Balao-class submarine and transferred to Canada as submarine training (to prepare for commission of the Oberon-class subs) from 1961 to 1969 * Chilean Navy ** Esmeralda (BE-43), ''Esmeralda'' of the Chilean Navy (Barquentine) (Tall ship) * China's People's Liberation Army Navy **''Type 679 training ship, Zheng He'' ** Brave the Wave-class sail training ship, Brave the Wave-class ** ''Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning, Liaoning'', until 2019 * Colombian Navy ** ARC Gloria, ARC ''Gloria'' of the Colombian Navy (Barque) * Dominican Navy ** Dominican training ship Juan Bautista Cambiaso, ARD ''Juan Bautista Cambiaso'' of the Dominican Navy (Barquentine)(Tall ship) * Finnish Navy ** ''Suomen Joutsen'' of the Finnish Navy (Tall ship) ** ''Finnish minelayer Pohjanmaa, Pohjanmaa'' of the Finnish Navy (Modern minelayer) * Germany ** The first Gorch Fock (1933), ''Gorch Fock'' of Germany's Kriegsmarine (Barque, now a museum ship) ** The second Gorch Fock (1958), ''Gorch Fock'' of Germany's Bundesmarine (Tall ship) * Indian Navy ** INS Tir (A86), INS ''Tir'' of the Indian Navy * Indonesian Navy ** KRI Dewaruci, navy tall sail ship ** :id:KRI Ki Hajar Dewantara (364), Yugoslavian made frigate for training purpose. *Irish Naval Service **LÉ Setanta (A15), LÉ ''Setanta'' (A15), lighthouse tender converted into an auxiliary ship * Italian Navy ** Italian training ship Amerigo Vespucci, ''Amerigo Vespucci'' of the Italian Navy (Tall ship) ** Italian training ship Palinuro, ''Palinuro'' of the Italian Navy (Tall ship) * Japan ** JDS Kashima (TV-3508), JDS ''Kashima'' of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force * Mexican Navy ** ARM Cuauhtémoc (BE01), ARM ''Cuauhtémoc'' of the Mexican Navy (Tall ship) * Royal Dutch Navy ** HrMs. van Kingsbergen, Hrms. ''van Kingsbergen'' of the Royal Netherlands Navy ** Hr.Ms. Urania (1928)), Hr. Ms. Urania of the Royal Netherlands Navy (Tall ship) * New Zealand Navy ** HMNZS Philomel, HMNZS ''Philomel'' of the Royal New Zealand Navy * Peruvian Navy ** BAP Unión (BEV-161), BAP ''Unión'' of the Peruvian Navy (Barque) * Polish Navy ** ORP Iskra (1982), ORP ''Iskra'' of the Polish Navy * Portuguese Navy ** The second Rickmer Rickmers, NRP ''Sagres'' ** The third NRP Sagres (1937), NRP ''Sagres'' * Romanian Navy ** Mircea (ship), ''Mircea'' of the Romanian Navy (Barque) * Spanish Navy ** Fernando Villaamil#Around the world aboard the Nautilus, ''Nautilus'' ** ''Glenlee (ship), Galatea'' (Barque, now a museum ship) ** Spanish ship Juan Sebastián Elcano (1927), ''Juan Sebastián Elcano'' (Barquentine) * Sri Lankan Navy ** SLNS Gajabahu, SLNS ''Gajabahu'' of the Sri Lankan Navy * United States of America ** USCGC Eagle (WIX-327), USCGC ''Eagle'' of the United States Coast Guard (ex-SSS ''Horst Wessel'' of the Kriegsmarine) ** USS Sable (IX-81), USS ''Sable'' and USS Wolverine (IX-64), USS ''Wolverine'' of the United States Navy, the only examples of dedicated training freshwater aircraft carriers, which were used for training naval aviators and landing signal officers rather than sailors * Uruguayan Navy ** Capitan Miranda (ROU schooner), ROU ''Capitán Miranda'' of the Uruguayan Navy (Staysail schooner) * Venezuelan Navy ** Simón Bolívar (barque), ARBV ''Simón Bolívar'' (BE-11) of the Venezuelan Navy (Barque)

Merchant fleet

* ''Christian Radich (ship), Christian Radich'' of Oslo, Norway * ''Herzogin Cecilie'' Germany * ''Belem (ship), Belem'' France * ''Kruzenshtern (ship), Kruzenshtern'' of Kaliningrad, Russia * ''Khersones (ship), Khersones'' Ukrainia * ''Kraljica Mora'' Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure of Croatia * ''Pamir (ship), Pamir'' (Four-masted barque, 1905), sunk 1957, Germany * ''Passat (ship), Passat'' (Four-masted barque1911), decommissioned 1957, Germany * STS Mir, ''Mir'' of Saint Petersburg, Russia * ''STS Sedov'' of Murmansk, Russia * ''Sørlandet (ship), Sørlandet'' of Kristiansand * (1946– 1982) of New York, New York Board of Education (Liberty Ship) * (1972– 1982) as the of New York, New York Board of Education (Victory Ship) * ''Statsraad Lemkuhl'' of Bergen, Norway * Thames Nautical Training College, ''Worcester'' * Danmark (ship) of Copenhagen, Denmark * T.S. ''Dolphin Leith'' (1924–1977) of Scotland * T.S. ''Dufferin (IMMTS Dufferin'', 1927) of Bombay, British-India * T.S. ''Rajendra'' (1972) of Bombay, India * Training Ship Chanakya, T.S. ''Chanakya'' (1994) of Navi Mumbai, India * TS Kapitan Felix Oca, T/S Kapitan Felix Oca of the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific

United States Maritime Administration Owned Training Ships

* Texas Maritime Academy#Texas Clipper, TS ''General Rudder'' of the Texas Maritime Academy * TS Empire State VI, TS ''Empire State VI'' of the State University of New York Maritime College, SUNY Maritime College * Golden Bear (ship), TS ''Golden Bear'' of the California Maritime Academy * TS Kennedy, TS ''Kennedy'' of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy * TS State of Maine, TS ''State of Maine'' of the Maine Maritime Academy * USNS Persistent (T-AGOS-6), TS ''State of Michigan'' of the Great Lakes Maritime Academy * T/V Kings Pointer, T/V ''Kings Pointer'' of the United States Merchant Marine Academy * T/V Liberator, T/V ''Liberator'' of the United States Merchant Marine Academy * MV Freedom Star, T/V ''Freedom Star'' of the Paul Hall Center for Maritime Training and Education

Sail training vessels

* Argo (yacht), Argo * ''Tall Ship Atyla, Atyla International Training Ship'' * ''BAP Unión (BEV-161)'' * ''Californian (schooner), Californian'' * ''Dar Młodzieży'' * ''Harvey Gamage'' * ''Irving and Exy Johnson'' * ''INS Tarangini (A75), INS Tarangini'' * ''INS Sudarshini (A77), INS Sudarshini'' * ''INS Varuna'' * Kaiwo Maru (1989), ''Kaiwo Maru'' * ''Kruzenshtern (ship), Kruzenshtern'' * Nippon Maru (1984), ''Nippon Maru'' * Ocean Star (schooner), Ocean Star * ''Pacific Swift (ship), Pacific Swift'' * Tall Ship Pelican, Tall Ship ''Pelican'' * ''Picton Castle (ship), Picton Castle'' * ''Pilgrim (brig), Pilgrim'' * * * ''Stavros S Niarchos (ship), Stavros S Niarchos'' * * ''Tole Mour'' * ''Lady Washington'' * ''Christian Radich'' * ''SSV Tabor Boy''

In fiction

* PRS ''James Randolph'', an interplanetary spacecraft parked in Earth orbit in Robert A. Heinlein's novel, ''Space Cadet'' * ''Betty Jeanne'', in the novel ''Fergus Crane'' by Paul Stewart (writer), Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell *The anime series ''Girls und Panzer'' makes use of an overblown application of the term "school ship" by introducing Aircraft carrier, carrier-type vessels supporting federal schools and accompanying living communities.

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