Stay may refer to:


* Stay, Kentucky, an unincorporated community in the US


* Stay of execution, a ruling to temporarily suspend the enforcement of a court judgment * Stay of proceedings, a ruling halting further legal process in a trial

Structures and mechanics

* Stay, in a cable-stayed bridge * Stay, bone (corsetry), one of the rigid parts of a corset ** Stays, or corset, a garment worn to mold and shape the torso; See History of corsets * Stays (nautical), the heavy ropes, wires, or rods on sailing vessels that run from the masts to the hull * Boiler stay, a part of a boiler or other pressure vessel used to support the structure against the internal pressure * Chain stay, and seat stay, parts of a bicycle frame * Collar stays, small rigid pieces used to maintain the point of a men's dress shirt collar * Guy-wire, or stay, a metal wire used to support tall structures, such as radio masts * Stay cable, used to hold up a weight

Arts, entertainment, and media


* ''Stay'' (2005 film), a 2005 psychological thriller directed by Marc Forster * ''Stay'' (2006 film), also known as ''Sleeping Dogs Lie'', a 2006 romantic comedy directed by Bobcat Goldthwait * ''Stay'' (2013 film), a 2013 Canadian-Irish drama



* ''Stay'' (Jeremy Camp album), and the title song (see below), 2002 * ''Stay'' (Luca Brasi album), and the title song, 2018 * ''Stay'' (Oingo Boingo album), and the title song (see below), 1990 * ''Stay'' (Simply Red album), and the title song, 2007 * ''Stay'' (The Controllers album), and the title song, 1986 * ''Stay'', 1987 album by Lory Bianco (recording as Bonnie Bianco), and the title song *''Stay'', 1981 album by Ray, Goodman & Brown * ''Stay: Yoake no Soul'', a 2009 album by Garnet Crow


* "Stay" (2-4 Family song), 1998 * "Stay" (Anna Odobescu song), 2019 song that represented Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 * "Stay" (Bernard Butler song), 1998 * "Stay" (Blackpink song), 2016 * "Stay" (Black Stone Cherry song), 2011 * "Stay" (David Bowie song), 1976 * "Stay" (David Guetta song), 2004 * "Stay" (Destine song), 2011 * "Stay" (Elisa song), 2007, a song by Elisa Toffoli * "Stay" (Eternal song), 1993 * "Stay" (Fayray song), 2002 * "Stay" (Hurts song), 2010 * "Stay" (Jay Sean song), 2008 * "Stay" (Jeremy Camp song), 2002 * "Stay" (Jodeci song), 1991 * "Stay" (Kygo song), 2015 * "Stay" (Maurice Williams song), 1960 song by Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs, also covered by The Four Seasons, Jackson Browne, Cyndi Lauper, The Dave Clark Five, Andrew Gold, The Hollies, Jan and Dean, Bruce Springsteen, and others * "Stay" (Ne-Yo song), 2006, featuring Peedi Peedi * "Stay" (Nick Jonas & the Administration song), 2010 * "Stay" (No Devotion song), 2014 * "Stay" (Post Malone song), 2018 * "Stay" (Rihanna song), 2013, covered by Adam Lambert, Jonas Brothers, Fatin Shidqia Lubis, Demi Lovato, Patti Smith, and others * "Stay" (SafetySuit song), 2009 * "Stay" (Sash! song), 1997 * "Stay" (Shakespears Sister song), 1992 * "Stay" (Stephen Gately song), 2001 * "Stay" (Sigma song), 2015 * "Stay" (Sugarland song), 2007 * "Stay" (Tooji song), 2012 * "Stay" (Zedd and Alessia Cara song), 2017 * "Stay?", by the Rogue Traders, 2003 * "Stay (Faraway, So Close!)", by U2, 1993 * "Stay (I Missed You)", by Lisa Loeb, 1994 * "Stay (Wasting Time)", by Dave Matthews Band, 1998 * "Stay (While the Night Is Still Young)", by Ol' 55, 1997 * "Stay: Now I'm Here", by Dream, 2001 * "Stay", by Agnetha Faltskog, from the album ''Wrap Your Arms Around Me'' * "Stay", by Alison Krauss, from the album ''Forget About It'' * "Stay", by Alkaline Trio from ''Is This Thing Cursed?'' * "Stay", by Barry Manilow, from the album ''Barry Live in Britain'' * "Stay", by Bellefire, from the album ''Spin the Wheel'' * "Stay", by Belly, from the album ''Star'' * "Stay", by Beulah * "Stay", by The Blue Nile, from the album ''A Walk Across the Rooftops'' * "Stay", by BTS, from the album ''Be'' * "Stay", by Cher Lloyd, featured on some editions of ''Sticks + Stones'' album * "Stay", by Coldrain, from the album ''Fateless'' * "Stay", by Cradle of Filth, from the album ''Thornography'' * "Stay", by The Crash, from the album ''Pony Ride'' * "Stay", by Cueshé, from the album ''Half Empty Half Full'' * "Stay", by Daryl Ong, the opening theme from the television series ''On the Wings of Love'' * "Stay", by Dave Gahan, from the album ''Paper Monsters'' * "Stay", by Delta Goodrem, B-side to the single "Love... Thy Will Be Done" * "Stay", by Destiny's Child, from the album ''The Writing's on the Wall'' * "Stay", by Down to Earth Approach, from the compilation album ''A Santa Cause: It's a Punk Rock Christmas'' * "Stay", by EXO from the EP ''Universe'' * "Stay", by Florida Georgia Line, from the album ''Here's to the Good Times'' * "Stay", by Gavin DeGraw, from the album ''Free'' * "Stay", by Giant, from the album ''Time to Burn'' * "Stay", by Goldfinger, from the album ''Goldfinger'' * "Stay", by Gregori Lukas * "Stay", by Hans Zimmer, from the soundtrack for the film ''Interstellar'' * "Stay", by Hillsong Music Australia, from the album ''By Your Side'' * "Stay", by Jimmy Needham, from the album ''Clear the Stage'' * "Stay", by Jimmy Somerville, from the album ''Home Again'' * "Stay", by Joy Williams, from the album ''Genesis'' * "Stay", by Little Big Town, from the album ''Little Big Town'' * "Stay", by Madonna, from the album ''Like a Virgin'' * "Stay", by Marcella Detroit, from the album ''The Vehicle'' * "Stay", by Mayday Parade, from the album ''Mayday Parade'' * "Stay", by Miley Cyrus, from the album ''Can't Be Tamed'' * "Stay", by No Devotion, from the album ''Permanence'' * "Stay", by Oingo Boingo, from the album ''Dead Man's Party'' * "Stay", by Pierre Cosso and Bonnie Bianco, from the soundtrack of ''Cinderella 80'' movie. * "Stay", by Pink Floyd, from the album ''Obscured by Clouds'' * "Stay", by Poets of the Fall, from the album ''Signs of Life'' * "Stay", by Prism, from the album ''Small Change'' * "Stay", by Robbie Seay Band, from the album ''Give Yourself Away'' * "Stay", by Ronan Keating, from the album ''Winter Songs'' * "Stay", by Rufus featuring Chaka Khan, from the album ''Street Player'' * "Stay", by Sara Bareilles, from the album ''Once Upon Another Time'' * "Stay", by Saves the Day, from the album ''Under the Boards'' * "Stay", by Simply Red, from the album ''Stay'' * "Stay", by Steve Angello, from the album ''Wild Youth'' * "Stay", by Steve Grand, from the album ''All-American Boy'' * "Stay", by The Tragically Hip, from the album ''Music @ Work'' * "Stay", by Toni Braxton, from the deluxe edition of the album ''Pulse'' * "Stay", by Two Steps From Hell, from the album ''Miracles'' * "Stay", by Tyrese; See Tyrese discography * "Stay", by Victoria Justice * "Stay", by Vixen, from the album ''Tangerine'' * "Stay", by The Waifs, from the album ''Sun Dirt Water'' * "Stay", by Wendy and Lisa, from the album ''Wendy and Lisa'' * "Stay", by Will Oldham; See Will Oldham discography (recorded as Bonnie 'Prince' Billy) * "Stay", composed by Ernest Gold and Norman Gimbel for the 1969 film ''The Secret of Santa Vittoria'' * "Stay (The Black Rose and the Universal Wheel)", by OMD, from the album ''The Pacific Age'' * "Stay (Ven a Mi)", by Il Divo, from the album ''Wicked Game''

Other uses in arts, entertainment, and media

* "Stay" (''Haven''), an episode of ''Haven'' * ''Stay'' (novel), a 2002 crime novel by Nicola Griffith * ''Stay'' (sculptures), two artworks in Christchurch, New Zealand

See also

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