Rem, REM or Remu may refer to:


* R.E.M., an American rock band * R.E.M. (EP), ''R.E.M.'' (EP), by Green * R.E.M. (song), "R.E.M." (song), by Ariana Grande


* La République En Marche!, a French centrist political party * Reichserziehungsministerium, in Nazi Germany, unofficially known as the Reich Education Ministry * Reiss Engelhorn Museum, Germany * Resource Extraction Monitoring, a UK-based non-profit organisation * Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, California, United States * REM Island, an offshore platform and home of the pirate stations Radio and TV Noordzee

Science and technology

* Roentgen equivalent man (rem), a unit of radiation dose equivalent * REM (BASIC), an inline comment (REMark) in BASIC and some other computer languages * Rapid eye movement sleep, a phase of sleep * Rare-earth metal * Reflection electron microscope * Reticular erythematous mucinosis, a skin disease * Root em, a font-size measurement used with Cascading Style Sheets * Real ear measurement, measurement of sound pressure level in a patient's ear canal developed when a hearing aid is worn


* Jakob Rem (1546–1618), Austrian Jesuit * Rem Koolhaas (born 1944), Dutch architect * Rem Vyakhirev (1934–2013), Russian manager * Priscilla Hamby, illustrator and comic book artist using the pen name Rem * Rem - Names of Soviet origin, Soviet name * Remu Aaltonen (born 1948), Finnish musician

Fictional characters

* Rem, an android in ''Logan's Run (TV series), Logan's Run'' * Rem, in ''Dream Hunter Rem'' * List of Trigun characters#Rem Saverem, Rem Saverem, in ''Trigun'' * Rem, in ''Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo'' * List of Death Note characters#Rem, Rem, a Shinigami in ''Death Note'' * Rem Kaginuki, a devil in ''Dance with Devils'' * List of Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World characters#Rem, Rem, a character in the light novel/anime series ''Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World'' * Rem Galleu, in ''How Not to Summon a Demon Lord''

Other uses

* Rém, a village in Hungary * Réseau express métropolitain, Greater Montreal rapid transit system * ''REM (Real Estate Magazine)'', Canada * Roentgen equivalent man * In rem jurisdiction, a power of a court to grant a remedy against an object * Rem (mythology), an Egyptian fish god

See also

* ''REM World'', a fantasy/science fiction novel by Rodman Philbrick * Rems (disambiguation) {{disambiguation