The nic.at GmbH, based in Salzburg, is the domain name registry for the top-level domain .at. "AT" is the ISO 3166 country code for Austria. Nic.at is owned by the Internet Foundation Austria and has 30 employees. From 1988 until 1998, the University of Vienna was the domain name registry for .at domains. Tasks of nic.at include: * Providing information about the domain registration and management, for example, WHOIS queries * Central registration and administration of Austria-wide domain names ending in .at, .co.at (company). .or.at (organizational) The ''Zentraler Informatikdienst'' entral Computer Science Serviceof the University of Vienna administers the academic domain ''.ac.at'' which is exclusively reserved for the academic and school environment. The Federal Chancellery of Austria administers the governmental domain, .gv.at. ">

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