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Mong may refer to:


*A proposed original name for the Hmong people, based on the main group, the Mong admittances *Bob Mong (), American journalist and academic administrator *Henry Mong (), American surgeon and Presbyterian missionary *Mong Monichariya (), Cambodian judge *Morrison Mong (born 1986), Cambodian rugby union player *Mong Thongdee (born ), Thai origami artist *William Mong (1927–2010), Hong Kong businessman *William V. Mong (1875–1940), American film actor, screenwriter and director *MC Mong, stage name of South Korean hip hop artist Shin Dong-hyun (born 1979)


*Mong, Punjab, a town and Union Council in Pakistan *Mong, Azad Kashmir, a town in Kashmir, Pakistan *Mong Circle, a hereditary chiefdom in Bangladesh

Other uses

* mong (derogatory) and mongoloid, a term for Down syndrome * Mong or Hmong language * Mong, the ISO 15924 code for Mongolian script

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