Lime or Limes primarily refers to: * Lime (fruit), a green citrus fruit * Lime (material), inorganic materials containing calcium, usually calcium oxide or calcium hydroxide * Lime (color), a color between yellow and green Lime or Limes may also refer to:


* Australian lime, species of ''Citrus'' that are native to Australia and Papua New Guinea * Key lime, a citrus hybrid with a spherical fruit * Persian lime, a citrus fruit species of hybrid origin * ''Tilia'', a genus of trees known in Britain as lime trees, lime-wood, basswood, or linden * Wild lime or ''Zanthoxylum fagara'', a green fruit native to the Americas


* Agricultural lime, a soil additive containing calcium carbonate and other ingredients * Birdlime, a sticky substance spread on branches to trap small birds * Calcium hydroxide, a.k.a. slaked lime, slack lime, limewater, pickling lime or hydrated lime ** Hydraulic lime, used to make lime mortar ** Limewater, saturated calcium hydroxide solution * Calcium oxide, a.k.a. burnt lime or quicklime


* Harold Lime (born 1928-2008), American pornographic film director * Harry Lime, character in 1949 film ''The Third Man'' * Rickey Lime (born 1980), American musician * Yvonne Lime (born 1935), American former actress; philanthropist


* Lime, Oregon, United States * Limé, a French commune in the Aisne departments * Lime Lake Township, Minnesota, United States * Lime Township, Blue Earth County, Minnesota, United States * Orio al Serio Airport, ICAO code LIME

Arts, entertainment, and media


* ''Lime'' (magazine), an Asian lifestyle magazine * ''Limes'' (magazine), an Italian geopolitical magazine


* ''Lime'' (Arvingarna album), a 1999 album by Swedish dansband Arvingarna * Lime (band), a Canadian synthpop duo * Lime (Korean singer), Kim Hye-lim (born 1993), South Korean female singer, a member of the girl group Hello Venus


* Lime Pictures, a TV production company * Lime TV, a website and former television network

Other uses in arts, entertainment, and media

* Lime (video game company), a sister brand of the Japanese adult video game company Navel * Lime, a 1996 ''Saber Marionette J'' character

Brands and enterprises

* LIME (telecommunications company), a Caribbean telecommunications company * Lime (transportation company), a company which operates dockless bicycle and scooter sharing systems


* Lime (test framework), a PHP testing framework * LIME, an acronym for "Landline, Internet, Mobile, Entertainment", used in the Internet industry

Other uses

* LIME Sports Club, a cricket club in Barbados * Limes (Roman Empire), a border marking and defense system of the ancient Roman Empire

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